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SteelSeries Arctis 9X – Built-in Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity - £99.99 at Amazon

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Seems a great price for this headset at 44% off RRP and good reviews. Have ordered myself.
Hope it helps someone.

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Note: It is recommended that the firmware is updated regularly using SteelSeries Engine and that proper care and attention is used when operating/cleaning the headset as per the product guide.

Works on Xbox Series X
Integrated Xbox Wireless connectivity - Connect directly to your Xbox just like a wireless controller and start gaming in seconds with no cable or dongle required
Simultaneous Bluetooth wireless audio - Connect to both Bluetooth and the Xbox to mix in music and take calls while gaming or use wirelessly on the go with your mobile device

ClearCast noise-cancelling microphone - The Arctis ClearCast microphone uses a bidirectional design, the same used by aircraft carrier deck crews, for superior noise cancellation so that your voice sounds clear and natural
Signature Arctis sound - The award-winning soundscape of Arctis emphasises subtle, yet critical sounds to give you an audio advantage

20+ hour battery life - A brand new chipset designed specifically for the Xbox with superior audio quality and dual wireless support and optimised for ultra-low power consumption
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    Any Xbox users used these with the Atmos or dts apps? Thoughts?
    I use Atmos and find it very good especially if you want to hear footsteps.
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    Just seen the 10% voucher ! Didn’t notice it when I ordered…
    Even better for you 🏻
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    These have been this price for a short while now, surprised I've not seen them posted here already.

    Cracking price for a really good headset. To get better your looking at the likes of Astro A50 and just check the price of them! There were initial connectivity issues when the Series X was released (part of the reason I went for the 7X myself) which were fixed (dang that was 2 years ago) but make no mistake, these are still up there as one of the best wireless headsets you can get. I mean, at this price they compete directly with the xbox headset and while good, is not at the same level compared to these or the 7X.

    I suspect they may be phasing out the model hence the sustained price drop and it's replacement will likely be closer to £200 but I can't fathom how those will be worth £100 more than these.
    Yes you're spot on - the arctis range is being replaced by the nova range.
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    Brilliant headset. Comfortable and battery capacity that can handle long sessions. Best I’ve owned in a while.

    Just wish they’d ditch the crummy micro-USB, for USB-C like SteelSeries have done on their PS5-equivalent headsets. (edited)
    2 years old? Soon to be replaced. Hence price
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    Thanks for posting and a belated welcome to hotukdeals @biker1234
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    Good deal

    Thanks for posting
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    Do these work on switch?
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    Great headphones although, very quiet sound wise
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    Got these a few weeks ago, primarily for Warzone. They’re fantastic for the money. Great sound, volume. Can hear footsteps well and the direction they’re in. A game change for me from a basic cheap pair of TBs
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    These or corsair virtuoso for same price?
    The steel series has the better battery life whereas the virtuoso has a better mic. Both are good headsets.
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    These over Corsair - better battery life in these if they're close to Nova. Much more comfortable too.
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    I’ve been looking at these recently a fair bit. If you are on a tighter budget check out the Mpow Airs. They can be had on eBay for £20! Also the mic is really good on them. I’ve got a pair in the post.
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    Currently use Logic G Pro X for my gaming (mainly Warzone when it works!! Lol) however the wire is now getting a bit annoying to be honest and quite fancying going wireless!

    Can’t really fault the Logics however and think the sound is pretty good. Anyone know if these are a major improvement (bar the wireless capability)?
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    Steelseries headsets are great, can't go wrong at this price
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    Had these for years and owned many different headphones in same time. These are solid headphones and sound is excellent. Highly recommended.
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    Is the 20-hour battery life legit? How fast does it charge back to full?
    The battery lasts all day. I’ve played for about 18 hrs and its not run out. A full charge takes about two hours
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    I wish I could afford these