SteelSeries Bundle Box £64.99 (OverclockersUK)

SteelSeries Bundle Box £64.99 (OverclockersUK)

Found 20th Jun 2014
Great deal on this bundle!! They also have the orange version at the same price. Most places I've seen this is costs well over £100.

Headphones alone are worth £90 so definitely a bargain.

Doesn't include delivery price which is £7.25, but if you're a forum member and have over 100 posts you get free delivery with OcUK.

Frost blue bundle:…-ST

Heat orange bundle:…-ST


they're actually quality wee bundles those

I would get this myself if I wasn't already sorted.

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I bought one for myself couldn't decide between blue or orange but went blue. Also forgot to mention that it doesn't include delivery price which is £7.25 but I have free delivery with OcUK

why hasnt this got 10000000+ heat? the headphones alone cost about £60, the mouse £35 and the mousemat around £10. this is a big deal no?
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