Steelworks gunna ginger cola 19p per can at Poundstretcher

Steelworks gunna ginger cola 19p per can at Poundstretcher

LocalFound 14th Mar
Gonna Steelworks is an intriguingly refreshing blend of natural gingers, sparking water and natural cola flavour.


felt that soft drinks had lost a little of their pizazz. So we created

Gunna, a new soft drink that bring back true character and style. This

delicious recipe was inspired by our visit to cape town, where

Steelworks is famed for it's uniquely refreshing taste. We have no idea

why they call it Steelworks or why it is so intensely refreshing. It

just it.
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Must be new in SA - never heard of it but Ill give it a try!
They sometimes sell it in Heron foods, it's nice
They keep on closing Poundstrecher shops in London. Very few left now.
Also in Home Bargains. Tried one, it was rather nice.
I’m gunna get some
will keep eyes peeled next time I'm in a home bargains thank you
Lovely stuff I got a few cans at 10p last month as the bbd was up. Dry tasting cola with natural sweetness followed though with tasty ginger kick! Nice to have something that doesn't taste artificial or full of deathly sweeteners.
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