Steep (PS4/XB1) £22.99 @ playtime

Steep (PS4/XB1) £22.99 @ playtime

Found 12th Feb 2017
Seems like a good price for this for those who cant get the tesco deal.
Xb1 link: HERE
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I actually like this game , always find it good for a pick up and Play quick game
​Absolutely. It's a great game to chill out with in between the usual bunch of shooters and rpgs. I'm a bit of a Steep Apologist because people seem to be really down on this game for some reason. The Paragliding is a bit boring but the other 3 activities are all really fun and it looks great, plays great, go anywhere.
£21 tesco
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£21 tesco

Only in certain tesco stores.
playtime... are these guys legit?

playtime... are these guys legit?

Been legit since 2004. Great place to get games.
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