Steganos Online Shield VPN
Steganos Online Shield VPN

Steganos Online Shield VPN

Free 1 year license - allows torrents - there is a download limit per month, only set it up this morning appears to be OK (I am no expert so check it out yourself) you can turn on 4 different ways just
VPN - tracking prevention - automatic cookie erasing - anonymize browser type.

Steganos Online Shield VPN is a VPN service that focuses on protecting your privacy and preventing you from being infected by malware and viruses while surfing the web. Features include 256-bit AES encryption, protecting you from being tracked by Facebook and Twitter, automatically deleting cookies, and anonymous surfing.

What Steganos Online Shield VPN offers

Your digital life will be more convenient and secure.

Protects internet connection with 256-bit AES encryption

Encrypt your entire data traffic with one click

Prevents social tracking by Facebook and Twitter

Stops the creation of your surf history profile by nosy social networks

Blocks ads

Annoying banners will be blocked

Automatically deletes cookies after surfing

Cookies are automatically erased when the browser is closed


Thanks mate..will try it

You need to let people know it's only 2gb a month to stop wasting people's time as it is not really a good deal.
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