STEINS;GATE - Steam - 50% off - Week long deal - £13.49

STEINS;GATE - Steam - 50% off - Week long deal - £13.49

Found 11th Sep 2017
Not sure how this one is going to go, I've never played anything in this series but have seen it popping up on this site occasionally, reviews look insanely positive too.

Question is, do I buy? Is this even a good place to start?

Developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus, STEINS;GATE was awarded Famitsu magazine's coveted annual Game of Excellence award and was voted one of the most emotionally charged “tear-inducing games” ever made, in a Famitsu poll. It is a gripping and moving Visual Novel, which has already spawned manga and anime adaptations.


“An exemplary visual novel with a thrilling premise, memorable characters, and a fantastic "true" ending that may very well move you to tears.”
8/10 – Destructoid

“In the end, Steins;Gate is simply a fantastic visual novel. It has great characters which you can't help but come to care about and a complex and interesting time travel system which draws you in and never lets go. Add to these elements a plot that is equal parts tense and heartwarming and you have a modern classic. If you call yourself a sci-fi or time travel fan, you must play Steins;Gate.”

User reviews:

RECENT: Very Positive - 94% of the 79 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
OVERALL: Overwhelmingly Positive - 97% of the 1,281 user reviews for this game are positive.
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Does this have English voice acting?
Cyberphobia12 m ago

Does this have English voice acting?

I've played a lot of visual novels and this is the best I've ever played. I can't recommend it enough.

El Psy Kongroo.
So, this is one of the best stories I've ever experienced - bit slow to get started, but that pays off massively. Especially if time travel stories appeal to you. I didn't find the lack of English voice acting a problem at all.

After getting your first ending, you will certainly want to Google a spoiler free guide to getting the endings, including the 'true ending' (you can skip text already read).

There's also a fan patch which fixes some issues at:…tml
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Amazing story and characters, one of my favourite visual novels.
Is it worth getting if you've watched the anime?
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topsup12th Sep 2017

Is it worth getting if you've watched the anime?

tough question, game is much more nuanced but at same time seems to drag on while you know where it's going. some bits are a kick in the nuts though


hard to get your head around how answering your phone changes plot unless you read a guide too - as someone mentioned play it through and enjoy more depth to the characters as it takes quite a long time to ramp up to the drama then find a guide 2nd go.

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Might actually bite and get it
Although historically this is the lowest price (, there is supposed to be an updated version with new plot coming out next year in Japan. No announcement for PC for it though. siliconera
Anime was pretty good, will pick this up
Would be tempted if it had an English audio dub. Reading makes me drowsy then loose interest
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