Stella Artois 48 x 440ml cans for £20
Stella Artois 48 x 440ml cans for £20

Stella Artois 48 x 440ml cans for £20

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If you're tipple is Stella Artois, then I think this is the best deal currently on offer..... advertised in the tabloids today - 2 cases of 20 cans for £20.

It's 2 cases x 24 cans......
- orlando08


cant you change it in edit

plenty of wife beater - chavtastic :-D

I am almost tempted to drive to town now so I can get wasted for cheap tonight, lol.
Nice one OP


oh ,the headache i`m gonna get now ,i love the beer just hate the hangover stella gives me

I thought the fosters deal was good

this is better lol:thumbsup:

yeah good deal got some earlier and was gonna put it on but you beat me too it!


I got some aswell - good deal, just seen this on here now

morrissons the kings of binge drinking lol

Saw this yesterday and picked up 4 cases, very nice...

Got myself 2 cases yesterday.

Cant find deal in Newport or Cradiff :-(

Really annoyed last night!!!

I went to Morrison's loaded the trolley up with 4 crates of Stella, got to the till, expecting it to cost to £40 and the total came to £60.

I told the checkout assistant they were supposed to be £20 for two crates but she said that offer had finished.

I argued the toss with her supervisor and could have sworn the offer stated "Valid to Dec 24th" last week - just like it states on the top of this thread, but they were addament the offer had finished on Sunday?

Has anyone got any proof this offer was supposed to be on until the 24th as the link only takes me to the Morrisons home page. :x
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