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Posted 10 November 2022

Step One Boxers - Mystery Pair (50% off) - One Pair Per Order - £9 @ Step One

£9£1850% off
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I've heard great things about these boxers, but always thought they were a bit too pricey at £18 per pair.

I have finally taken the plunge to give them a go at this price. Even if you can't choose a specific style.

Limited to one pair per person.

Strangely enough my partner, cat, and houseplant all wear the same size as me!
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    They are the most comfortable I've ever owned, but they wear terribly, some have lasted over 12 months, others wore through within couple of months. For the price they didn't last long enough for my liking but couldn't argue with comfort
    Username checks out 😁
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    Unless they magically clean themselves I fail to see how a set of underwear is worth that.
    Yea I don't get it either.....
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    So annoying they don’t do a 34-36 , so may have to go for the next one Down , but at last I’m glad someone actually makes undies for us cycling guys  (edited)
    If it helps, I am usually a 34 or 36 in jeans or shorts etc and I opted for a Large in these pants. Great fit and highly recommend. They really don’t ride up your legs as they claim. I opt for the longer leg version.
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    I know they sound a lot , I made my first purchase of these maybe a year ago since then it’s all I wear , Miles better than standard boxers , just have to buy em when they put deals and sales on , or get deals like this and get rest of your family to buy em and just give em the money ( as one per person )
    Snap. My latest pair were the Halloween set which makes it about 15 pairs of these. Keeping an eye out for Xmas ones
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    They wear out SO fast. They're comfortable for sure but most of mine start to tear within 2-3 months time. Won't buy again as they're just too expensive to constantly replace quarterly.
    The exact same experience here, usually wear the seams meet in the middle
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    Best boxers you’ll ever own if you’re of the thick leg variety
    Yup soon find out , I’m on 26”” leg & so far the under armour boxers have been least tight on the leg 
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    Step ones are the best pair of pants I have ever worn

    Being a bigger guy my legs rub (I call it chub rub) and unlike all other underwear, these step one long trucks stop the chub rub in its path.

    Blooming glorious!

    Thanks op!
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    Link don’t seem to work 
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  10. Avatar
    Sitey no loady so it’s step none
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    I bet you'll end up with a white pair!
    Yep and no free returns
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    Is it possible to get these boxers with a fly? Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks, OP. Got my TCB £2 bonus transaction.....
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    Worn these for around a year now. Nothing else is as comfortable. Sizes are accurate too. Got myself a half-price pair. Get yourselves a free pair if you recommend to a friend too !!
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    Link also not working for me.
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    I buy these “lazy panda” boxers and I think they might be similar really good boxers and they help with chafe. They some times do 3 for 2.


    Edit: These are also 2 packs for £30 on Amazon.

    SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda Mens Bamboo Boxer Shorts Pack of 3 amzn.eu/d/4…yrh (edited)
    How do they compare. They are a lot cheaper and work out £5 a pair 
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    This deal don’t exist 
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    I'll bite - cheaper than CK's, Levis etc.
    Might be better? £9 worth a gamble.
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    Most comfortable pants I've owned. We'll worth the money imo
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    I tried a pair, then purchased 12 pairs in total cannot recall the price per item, cracking shorts, but I find they restrict your tackle and I end up adjusting allot, finding after a year I am swapping back to my standard CK boxers more often, but still rate the step ones.
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    Anyone know how these compare to the under armour boxerjocks?
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    Anyone know when this offer ends?
    The offer don’t exist. Not sure why it’s still live 
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    Pretty much all I wear now. I got one pair to try at the start of the year and now I have about 12 pairs. Love them.
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    Got a pair back in the summer Skid mark ones . Very comfortable but looked a bit rubbish after one wash though . Have tried this but offer was two mystery pairs for £18 free delivery 
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    There are a few comments saying the link doesn't work. I have tested the link again now and seems to work fine. I also tested this in incognito mode. Maybe UK only?

    Current website image and order confirmation attached
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    Buy some on Black Friday when they put better offers out, can be had for just under a tenner a pair if you buy a few pairs, and you can pick the design.

    had some of these for 24 months now, and if they don’t go in the tumble dryer they hold up pretty well.

    imo they are worth the cash, but I can see why people take issue with the cost, be warned though, once you have had them it’s pretty hard to wear anything else.
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    These or the boxerjock from Under Armour? Recently got a new pair of those and the material is really soft now vs a more tech fabric they used before
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    Ugghh the size is a little miss leading I reckon 
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    Got white ones :/
    Both my orders were the white ones too (not that I mind white, just lifts the probability that they just had a bunch of white ones to clear.
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    Good customer service though as they are sending out a different size free of charge 
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    Got my free pair & also just to compare I got the trunk ones and i have found they are both almost the same length & the boxer brief that are meant for a wide leg weirdly are tighter than the trunk ones how strange , however both are comfortable indeed . Looks like the £9 has finished now