Step Up DVD £3 plus many others on sale instore at Woolworths

Step Up DVD £3 plus many others on sale instore at Woolworths

Found 3rd Jul 2008
Just saw this in The Sun newspaper today, says CD and DVD clearout at Woolworths.

The kingdom £3
Step Up £3
Atonement £6
War of the worlds £3
Independance day £2

Billy Fury 2 disc £2
Amy Macdonald -This is the life £5
Spice Girls- Greatest Hits £4
timbaland-Shock Value £5
Sugababes -Change £5

It states prices may vary online (which they do Step Up shows over £10! so def go instore!) subject to availabilty. So basically once their gone their gone- gta be quick.

Also says 100s more DVDs and CDs at low prices in store now.

I will def have a look on the wkend and hopefully buy Step Up and maybe The Kingdom


Step Up is £4.68 at The Hut, so £3 is good.

Atonement is £4.99 at HMV, so not so good.

War of the Worlds is £3.99 at HMV, so good.

Independence Day is £2.97 at Woolworths online, so also good!

Definitely only worth doing instore, by the looks of things. The online prices are awful.

Are these in proper cases or those tacky looking WOOLIES VALUE ones?

Some good prices there, but I have given up on buying DVDs, and I'm not one for downloading, and use the lovefilm 3 month free trial gets me the dvds i want delivered to my door for free! But if you're looking to buy, you've done a great list there!
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