Stephen Fry - In America Blu-ray (Complete Series) £8.87 (with voucher) @ Zavvi

Stephen Fry - In America Blu-ray (Complete Series) £8.87 (with voucher) @ Zavvi

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Britain's comic genius, Stephen Fry, travels around each of Americas states in his London taxi in order to discover, in his own inimitable style, what makes the country unique and to get under the skin of American life.

His journey across the vast country takes him to a whiskey distillery in Kentucky; lava fields in Hawaii; an Amish community in Wisconsin and a brothel in Nevada, as well as hunting in New York State; sailing on an Americas Cup boat in Rhode Island; basket weaving with Navajo Indians and meeting environmental activists in Oregon.

Stephen is shown the country by its proud citizens as he drives across the continent uncovering the idiosyncrasies that makes each state individual and the similarities that make America distinct.

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a good deal only a shame the entire series was naff as he managed to sum up 3-4 states in an hour...

3-4 is actually an understatement, he packed about 10 into some eps, missing out the best parts.
No doubt this is a great series, it just feels a little rushed and unfinished. Would've been better had he done 1 episode per state or maybe even 2. Doesnt feel like he explored much of most states. Still, gotta love Stephen Fry and at this price for Blu-Ray (although it doesnt look very high-def to me) is a hot deal in my book.

I am a huge Stephen Fry fan but felt that this series was a huge disappointment. As per DK668's comments the timing was all off and felt quite amateurish. The 3 most interesting people he met were Jimmy Wales, Jonathon Ive and Peter Gomes, all of whom were shoehorned into about 3 or 4 minutes combined. Contrast that with 10 minutes on a disused nuclear facility, 8 minutes on a family in the ****-end of no-where with a wolf problem etc and you have an unbalanced experience.

It could have been great without too much change, but frankly it isn't.

Its gone back up in price
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