Stephen Fry in America DVD £6.98 delivered @ Amazon

Stephen Fry in America DVD £6.98 delivered @ Amazon

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Seems like a good price for a very interesting series.

DVD Description
Britain's comic genius, Stephen Fry, travels around each of America's states in his black London cab in order to discover, in his own inimitable style, what makes the country unique and to get under the skin of American life. His journey across the vast country takes him to a whiskey distillery in Kentucky, lava fields in Hawaii, an Amish community in Wisconsin and a brothel in Nevada, as well as hunting in New York State, sailing on an America's Cup boat in Rhode Island, basket weaving with Navajo Indians and meeting environmental activists in Oregon. Stephen is shown the country by its proud citizens as he drives across the continent uncovering the idiosyncrasies that makes each state individual and the similarities that make America distinct.


So This Is Why He Praised The Us On Top Gear

I didn’t enjoy this when it was on TV Not voted

I thought the series could have been better - it was too rushed. He should have spent a show in each state rather than rush the whole country into 6 episodes or whatever it was.

I agree that is would have been nice if they had done more episodes and had a fuller look at each state.
- but enjoyed it anyway and Stephen Fry is always entertaining and charming and this is definitely a good price for the whole series!

I thought it was dull and a waste of his talents and the licence payers money.

£4.99 instore at 'The Works'

Rubbish series, I certainly wouldn't buy it..! Not voted.
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