Stephen King's The Mist DVD and book £5 delivered @ Play.com
Stephen King's The Mist DVD and book £5 delivered @ Play.com

Stephen King's The Mist DVD and book £5 delivered @ Play.com

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Stephen King's The Mist DVD - £5 delivered - @ Play.com , with free eclusive 'The Mist' book.

Also of note : I ordered this when it was £6.99 and I got the 2 disk version, not the 1 disk version as pictured on the site.

Three-time Oscar®-nominee Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption) reunites with horror-master Stephen King to write and direct this chilling adaptation of the author's original short story, The Mist.

Following a violent thunderstorm, artist David Drayton and a small town community come under vicious attack from creatures prowling in a thick and unnatural mist. Local rumors point to an experiment called the 'The Arrowhead Project' conducted at a nearby top-secret military base, but questions as to the origins of the deadly vapor are secondary to the group's overall chances for survival.

Don't forget Quidco!


Have ordered, hot :thumbsup:


Have ordered, hot :thumbsup:

Hope you remembered the 5% discount code ]here. & Quidco.

If you haven't seen this it definately worth a watch, I usually think many of the Stephen King movies are a lot of strung out fluff, but this one was rather spooky with the lights off.

Loved this movie. Nice price.

Great film, really surprised me, I was expecting a cheapo special effects B movie, but this turned out great


I enjoyed this film too, good price for the dvd and the book :thumbsup:

Thanks will make a great present. Ordered hot!

yeah, i was surprised by how good this film was!

HOT!!! Great film, great price, but the end....OMG Dont watch if your feeling a bit down LOL

Worth shelling out for the 2 disc version tho with (amongst other things) the option of watching The Mist as Darabont initially intended in black and white- just like a fifties monster movie. The film hasn’t just been grey scaled here, it’s been painstakingly colour corrected. It is quite literally the only way you will ever want to watch this film again - For one thing the documentary feel of the film is ramped up several notches. For another all the efforts of the movie to appeal to a fifties monster movie aestethic get a hefty boost.

Still though...how did they get that end agreed by the studio - absolutely un-hollywood and all the better for it!

In one of the interviews Darabont said that part of the deal he did to get it made included having that ending. And that hed rejected offers of more money where he didnt have full control over it...

Great film but the ending...:whistling: shocking

Worst ending ever.

Excellent deal


Didn't think the film was very good. The short story was much better. I was quite sad when I finished reading it. Not because of the ending but because it was not a proper story

haha! the end was so wrong! very enjoyable film

the sound of that b&w version sounds very interesting!

great film!

The book's great too, I read it as a short story in Skeleton Crew when I was a kid, it's been a favourite ever since.
I prefer the ending in the film though... it's pretty damn twisted


Worst ending ever.


Bad ending. Absolutely fantastic film. I am very intrigued by the B&W version.

Felt like I was watching a low-budget TV movie from start to finish - Thomas Jane can't act for toffee, and the special effects were laughably bad. Only worth a fiver if you're easily pleased...:whistling:

loved the ending!! hot deal!

Good movie. The ending was a shock to say the least, not sure it was a bad ending as such.

Best Ending Ever!!

What a fascinating thread.......

I wasn't going to mention the ending since there's the 'spoiler' risk, but yep, so tragic, so gut-punched by it.

I can't watch this film again just because I felt such deep sadness leaving the cinema with that ending messing my head up. If you're a father like me, it'll really tear your heart out.


Best Ending Ever!!

Have to agree. These days 99% of Hollywood dross seems to have a happy ending. If the suits in Hollywood had their way every movie would probably be a rom-com and involve a cute animal at the end. Yuk :-(. So when a movie, like The Mist, with a dark gritty ending comes along it should be appreciated.

Great film,Great price.HOT

this film really shocked me, I was expecting as some said a cheap B-movie, but I just love the way people in the film reacted to him when they said there was a monster in the back... it was just like real life, no one believed him and they had a war between themselves, the only thing I hated was the religious women in it, I think the director took it to far with her, but Christ what an ending... I could go as far as saying it was as good an ending as sixth sense!!

Brilliant.. HOT

Awesome book and the film is great (superb ending)... need the film. Might get this.


Best Ending Ever!!


Just got my order delivered and they have sent me the 2 disc special edition which includes the black and white version and the colour version and the book

All for £5

Well pleased

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