Steptoe and Son - Complete Series 1-8 + Christmas Specials £20.99 @ Choices UK

Steptoe and Son - Complete Series 1-8 + Christmas Specials £20.99 @ Choices UK

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All 57 episodes of the classic BBC comedy series starring Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H. Corbett as the father and son running a a junkyard and scrap metal business. Includes every episode from Series 1-8, plus the two Christmas specials from 1973 and 1974.


Good deal for a classic show.

Superb show..

Good old classic comedy, heat added

Hot,one of the best British tv comedy programes ever made !

What can one say but HOT

Just like the gun in the picture Smokin'.

probably the best sitcom ever . just my humble opinion.i paid a bit more than £21 for it three or so years ago for this. HOT

Excellent - been waiting for this as a good price. Heat added...(5% Quidco too)

One of the very best of all time im only 34 but i remember catching the odd repeat in the late eighties and the 2 guys Wilfred Bramble and Harry H Corbett where just amazing and sometimes they could be serious too and make you sad . If i had 20 bucks spare id get this for me and my dad !

i remember when i first watched these to my delight there was a few that i had not seen before. e.g when harold fits central heating in the house.brill i think i might watch it now

A steal at this price, hours of entertainment. One of my favourite sitcoms, classic series this. Brilliant characters. Poor Harold, my heart goes out to the guy every time!

It's a shame the BBC junked a lot of the episodes back in the 70s, along with many other programmes. A couple of the series were shot in colour in the early 70s, only to be wiped and replaced with dreadful looking 16mm Monochrome films. A few of the colour ones survive, and are on the DVDs and look absolutely gorgeous. Some of the episodes are barely watchable as Monochrome replacements. Kudos to the people who found them. At least they survive, but it's still a real shame the colour ones were wiped!
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A steal for this much brilliant classic comedy. Bought this for ~£25 a few years back where it regularly turns up new on eBay and more than happy.

Classic comedy therefore hot,hot & hot.

Stock on order - probably means that you will not get it.

Watched a great episode last week when the Steptoes went to buy a house in a posh street & the residents clubbed together to pay them so they wouldn't move in. The end of the episode showed the Steptoes going up a private road in their horse & cart to view a really expensive house, to repeat the scam.

Watched this when I was young - many moons ago. My dad loved this and watched it all the time. Have some heat

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Now £24.48
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