Steptoe & Son: Complete BBC Series & Specials: 13dvd: Box Set - £25.14 delivered ! - Now £27.93
Steptoe & Son: Complete BBC Series & Specials: 13dvd: Box Set - £25.14 delivered ! - Now £27.93

Steptoe & Son: Complete BBC Series & Specials: 13dvd: Box Set - £25.14 delivered ! - Now £27.93

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The Complete Steptoe and Son Collection.
Series One - Eight Including Two Christmas Specials.

In 1962 a rag and bone cart set out from a junkyard in Shepards Bush and started on a journey that was to last 14 years. Here in one boxset are documented all the stops along the way. The irony was that we didn't want to do a series in the first place. It was meant purely as a 'one off'. It wasn't even called Steptoe and Son. It was called The Offer and was intended as a single episode of a series we were writing called Comedy Playhouse. We were persuaded to turn it into a series by Tom Sloan the then Head of Light Entertainment. Despite his military background and bearing he had remarkable love of and feeling for show business. And he had clout. No focus groups or committees then, If he wanted it, it was done there and then and not in two years time. the deciding factor was the two actors. Having had all our reasons for not doing a series dismissed by Captain Tom we said that if Harry and Willy, two very distinguished straight actors, wished to demean themselves by doing a mere comedy series for the hoi-polloi then we would do it. They bit his hand off. How little did we know about actors. That by the simple act of being in a light entertainment show they would earn ten times that of a drama engagement. Goodbye The Two Gentlemen of Verona, welcome The Two Scruffbags of Shepards Bush.


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Aww brilliant!

I've paid a fortune for the individual series' over the years and it just goes to show you shouldn't bother - just wait for the the series package.:x

Great series... blah, blah, blah.

Buy it if you haven't already done so.:thumbsup:

I'm sooo tempted!, I have every episode on the individual DVD's which takes up space, I bought the Hancock one last year and sold the individuals on ebay, I'm glad they included the xmas specials on this...voted hot!..thanks Edi

Lol they didn't spell Shepherds Bush Correctly


You Dirty Old Man!!!!!
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Code is now invalid...was valid until midnight last night (I tried to use it at 00:21 and it wouldn't let me!).

Price is now £27.93, which is damn good still.
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