STERI BOTTLES - Box of 4 pre-sterilised disposable baby bottles 99p Home Bargains (usually £2-£2.50)

STERI BOTTLES - Box of 4 pre-sterilised disposable baby bottles 99p Home Bargains (usually £2-£2.50)

Found 9th May 2009
These were a Godsend with both of my babies as I breast fed and couldn't be bothered with the hassle of sterilising for the occasional bottle. They normally cost a fortune, but I noticed a load in Home Bargains in Retford this afternoon. Most of them were 0-3months, but there were some 3m+ as well. Standard boxes of 4.

Best bargain I've seen all week, if you're in the family way!
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very good price, but rubbish product they always leak, ok for an emergency
Ive had to buy these as my local maternity unit no longer supplies the bottles of milk for when baby is born, so a very good saving for those of us who need them:-D
My kid woudln't touch them - even in an emergency - waste of time.
Only my experience though!
I found that the lids would screw on very badly and would get locked in place- consequently milk would leak out of the edges. Another bad thing was that you couldnt undo the lids after they had been closed so meaning you couldnt re-use the bottle.
I used them loads when I was still breastfeeding, probably got through a dozen a week or so (yes, very lazy!). The problem with the lids is definitely an issue, but after you've done a few you get used to screwing them on so that they don't leak - if you don't thread it up properly that's how the problem arises.

Also, a benefit of these is that they're the thin plastic stuff, so don't have those chemicals in them that are supposedly bad, which are found in the 'good' makes of baby bottle.
These are rubbish more milk went down by babies neck!!! Would never buy again
Just a heads up, these seem to be back in in Home Bargains at 99p.

Contrary to some of the other comments, I find them to be fine. Just make sure you give the lid one more turn even when you think you have already screwed it on.

Obviously not eco friendly, but great to have handy for emergencies when out and about.
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