Sterling Silver Childs George and Dragon Medallion Ring ARGOS £2.89

Sterling Silver Childs George and Dragon Medallion Ring ARGOS £2.89

Found 19th Feb 2009
Saw this in a new Argos leaflet yesterday

Not sure if little kids wear rings ...??

Size A to M.

For ages 3 years and over.
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Even your small child can look like a fully fledged Chav :-S
You can't buy class, but fortunately you can buy this thing....
Mini Chav tastic:thumbsup:
Nice bit of bling to go with the other 50 rings on the fingers. Will also show off the Mum & Dad or Stab & Kill letters tattooed on the knuckles.
Wouldn't like any young children wearing rings or jewellery.
dear oh dear!
Anyone who wears this ring could be the father of that baby
That's the most awful piece of tat I have ever seen! :whistling: Thanks for the laugh! ;-)
This would be funny if it wasn't so tragic :x

Looking for deals on one way tickets to Australia :whistling:
- shudder -
didn't know the chavs knew about hotukdeals:w00t:
I don't see why the cold votes and rude comments, I think this would set off the silver pierced ears, nose and belly button on any northern 3 year old.

Actually would match the silver shell suits quite well too.

And before anyone starts, yes I am joking and I am a northerner too.
Thanks OP ordered 96, one for each of my 12 kids fingers ;-) £277.44 well spent. I'll use this weeks child benefit to cover that no bother .............................. Class :roll:
What beautiful caftsmanship,the detail is staggering,lunar silver platinum polished finish with authentic 1910 issue date,wow.
Man i should be working on that gem tv channel they sell the same pap on there.
Shouldnt they have matching ear rings and mini knuckle dusters included, start as they mean to go on, wheres Jeremy Kyle when you need him!!!
Someones been to Argos today...
Makes a mother proud

Makes a mother proud

wow minus 392 :w00t:

wow minus 392 :w00t:

Sadly all the chavvers have stocked up !!!! :x No longer available :thumbsup:

Expired @-434 :whistling:
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