Steven Seagal - Box Set DVD (6discs)£4.85 or £3.85 with sign up code @ The Hut

Steven Seagal - Box Set DVD (6discs)£4.85 or £3.85 with sign up code @ The Hut

Found 23rd Feb 2010
Product Review
Release Date: 27 October 2008 Pistol Whipped:
Steven Seagal stars in this gritty, no-holds barred action film as an elite ex-cop with a gambling problem and a mountain of debt.

Flight of Fury:
Steven Seagal is sent to recover a stolen stealth bomber with explosive results.

Attack Force:
When Marshall Lawson loses his son to a cold-blooded and seemingly random attack, he takes it upon himself to investigate the suspicious circumstances of the brutal killings.

Shadow Man:
When rogue operatives within the C.I.A. smuggle a lethal virus out of the U.S. and use ex-intelligence officer Jack Foster (Seagal) as their unwitting courier, they have no idea the fury that they're about to unleash!

BlacK Dawn:
Steven Seagal returns as Jonathan Cold, a former CIA agent who goes undercover when a dangerous group of terrorists plan to bomb Los Angeles for revenge.

Today You Die:
A former thief who is trying to go straight seeks vengeance on those who framed him.


"tits to die for".... anyone...... oh just me then:oops:

cheap and cheesy.
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