Steven Seagal Legacy: 8 dvd: Box Set only £14.99 delivered + 10% Quidco!
Steven Seagal Legacy: 8 dvd: Box Set only £14.99 delivered + 10% Quidco!

Steven Seagal Legacy: 8 dvd: Box Set only £14.99 delivered + 10% Quidco!

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Not a fan BUT for those that are this set is quite a bit cheaper than elsewhere!

This bumper Legacy box set gives you the unparalleled opportunity to own eight movies starring that master of walking away from explosions in slo-mo, Steven Seagal.

Invariably cast as a cop, soldier or former Special Forces operative, Seagal spends these movies achieving a truly heroic body count as he seeks vengeance, protects the country, or clears the streets of drugs. Early classics such as Nico and Out For Justice showcase the action guru's police dimension, as he takes down any and all who stand in his way.

Later, things become more sophisticated, as the Under Siege epics show us a new, culinary side to the former CIA agent and bluesman; as he tells us, he's "just a cook". That doesn't stop him taking out such devilish masterminds as Tommy Lee Jones and Eric Bogosian, who plan to do horrid, terrorist-like things to his beloved country.

Die-hard fans may be disappointed with the complex narrative of Executive Decision, given that Seagal actually dies halfway through; never fear, though, second stringer Kurt Russell's around to save the day!

Green Party voters will be delighted to see Seagal protecting the environment in the classic Fire Down Below - protecting it with a bloody great gun! And coming full circle at last, he brings closure to his cycle of cop roles by teaming up with rapper DMX to clear the streets of drugs and dirty cops in the sardonic masterpiece Exit Wounds.

Eight classic Seagal movies in one set. A worthy legacy indeed. How could you ask for more?

Simon Fernandes, HMV Cambridge

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DVD Information
Contains The Following Films
Out For Justice
Under Siege
Under Siege 2
The Glimmer Man
Executive Decision
Fire Down Below
Exit Wounds


Could I ask for more?

Um, only that the films weren't cut to ribbons?

Still around.. thanks amibees
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