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Posted 20 May 2023

Steven Seagal Legacy (8-Film) Collection (DVD) £2.87 used with code @ World of Books

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Exit Wounds, Out for Justice, Fire Down Below, Nico, Under Siege 1 & 2, Executive Decision and The Glimmer Man..

In 'Exit Wounds' (2000) gangster Latrell Walker (DMX) is faced with a potential loss of income when 50 kilos of heroin is stolen from the property vaults of a top security Detroit prison, so he quickly determines to track down the culprits. But cop Orin Boyd (Seagal) is also on the case, and after some initial confrontations, the two form an unlikely alliance, pooling their resources to find those responsible.

In 'Out for Justice' (1991) Seagal plays Gino Felino, a martial-artist cop who vows to kill the man who murdered his best friend. During his investigation, Gino encounters numerous small-time hoodlums and kicks his way through the lot of them. In 'Under Siege' (1992) a battleship is captured by a disgruntled CIA agent and his small private army, who pose as a rock band. The only man who can save the vessel, which has nuclear capability, is Casey Ryback (Seagal), the ship's cook and former Navy SEAL.

In 'Fire Down Below' (1997) Seagal plays Jack Taggert, an EPA Marshall out to avenge the murder of a colleague. When he is appointed to investigate the dumping of toxins in the hills of Jackson, Kentucky, he enters an atmosphere of enforced silence, and realises that he must go undercover to complete his mission.

In 'Nico' (1988) Seagal plays Nico Toscani, a martial arts detective who discovers that a group of drug barons are about to bring chaos to the streets of Chicago. With the help of his partner (Pam Grier) he soon discovers that the drugs cartel is run by Zagon (Henry Silva), a CIA official with whom Nico had worked with during the Vietnam war.

In 'Under Siege' (1992) a CIA agent (Tommy Lee Jones) and his mercenaries seize a Marine battleship to obtain the nuclear warheads. However, the only person aboard who can save the ship is a former Navy SEAL turned cook.

In 'Under Siege 2' (1995) a passenger train gets hijacked by an electronics expert and turned into a command centre for a rogue weapons satellite. The hijacker plans to blow up Washington DC and only one man can stop him, former Navy SEAL Casey Ryback (Seagal).

In 'Executive Decision' (1996) a hijacked 747 stacked full of dangerous chemical weapons is heading straight for Washington DC. Pentagon defence analyst David Grant (Kurt Russell) realises that attempts at negotiation will be fruitless and consequently resolves to board the 747 himself. But the mission, led by Special Operations expert Austin Travis (Seagal), gets off to a bad start when the experimental aircraft they are using to board the 747 goes wildly out of control during the docking procedure.

Finally, in 'The Glimmer Man'(1996), Seagal plays Jack Cole, a determined detective on the trail of a Los Angeles psychopath. When he gets teamed with homicide detective Jim Campbell (Keenan Ivory Wayans), the pair stumble upon a conspiracy that leads back to Cole's past - as a top secret government agent known as the 'Glimmer Man'.
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  1. sausager_'s avatar
    Show some respect. This man was a Gravy Seal.
    The Sensei of the buffet. He won the Buttered Croissant for bravery. He took out an entire battalion of Szechuan shrimp with his bare hands. He is a black belt in the fine art of, "Are you gonna finish that?".
  2. aseddon130's avatar
    He’s a massive ball bag but there’s some crackers in this collection, just missing Hard To Kill.
    warren321's avatar
    the training montage when he's running up that hill like Barry Goldberg
  3. DaddyPig's avatar
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  5. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    some great classics!
  6. namGB's avatar
    The older films were class the rest lol , loads of story’s about segal on utube really funny especially when he got choked by a stunt man  
    Winterborn's avatar
    you left out the best bit
  7. MrKrabs's avatar
    Search for John Thick on YouTube, it's brilliant
    TrolleyDolly18's avatar
  8. Cm_Down's avatar
    Sensei Seagal
  9. majadamaj's avatar
    His early stuff was really good but recent stuff is naff. I have Nico, Exit Wounds (DMX was good I thought in this one too) and Under Siege
    namGB's avatar
    I’d say exit wounds was his last good film 
  10. kidrock123's avatar
    His peak was under siege, nico & hard to kill...
    namGB's avatar
    Definitely and out for justice that bar scene lol
  11. Winterborn's avatar
    Probably just easier to watch Space Ice on youtube now. Multiple highly scientific and in no way biased comparisons between Seagal and Van Damme
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