Steven Spielberg's Taken 6 Disc DVD Complete Boxset only £10.99 Delivered @ HMV
Steven Spielberg's Taken 6 Disc DVD Complete Boxset only £10.99 Delivered @ HMV

Steven Spielberg's Taken 6 Disc DVD Complete Boxset only £10.99 Delivered @ HMV

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This is a fantastic Boxset and rightly so it has very good reviews.

The next cheapest is £25.34 @ Amazon.

Beginning with the most notorious alien cover-up in US history, the 1947 "crash" at Roswell, New Mexico, Taken introduces the "Greys" and the families they routinely abduct, probe and, in a couple of cases, impregnate over the course of the ten hour-and-a-half-long episodes. The three families are: the Keys, from which first Russell, then his son Jessie, then grandson Danny, are all abducted; the Clarkes, who are descended from a liaison between lonely put-upon housewife Sally Clarke and one of the Roswell crash survivors; and the Crawfords, the ruthless G-men who are committed to uncovering the purpose behind the alien visitations at any cost.

But even though the Greys' actions are at best ambiguous and at worst hostile, Taken is basically a soap opera, lacking the sinister undercurrent of either Dark Skies or The X-Files despite its science-fiction trappings. Nevertheless, this is an engaging series which has decent performances--most notably Joel Gretsch as psychotic Owen Crawford--special effects and an engaging enough storyline to make it entertaining, if somewhat disposable, TV. --Kristen Bowditch

TAKEN is a made-for-television miniseries exploring the mysteries of alien abduction, produced by the man who first introduced the world to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND--Steven Spielberg. This epic saga spans five decades and four generations, focusing on three families--the Keys, Crawfords, and Clarkes--whose lives have been bound to the history of alien encounters since the 1950s. The Keys family is plagued by nightmares of WWII veteran Russell Keys' abduction during the war. The Crawfords are haunted by Owen's involvement in the government conspiracy to cover up the Roswell incident. And the Clarkes' fates are altered when housewife Sally falls in love with and becomes impregnated by an alien visitor. This particular encounter culminates in the birth of a special child who is the final product of the aliens' experimentation and whose unusual powers may hold the key to the future to both species. TAKEN weaves the threads of its stories together in an evocative tale that not only examines the possibility of extraterrestrial life, but also explores what it means to be human.


watched this just recently, and it's a brilliant miniseries !

Fantastic miniseries, got this boxset for much more than this at the time. For £10.99 delivered it is an absolute steal, and a must for any sci-fi fan. Great to watch the families throughout the ages and the links between them all, and great to have a "family tree" within the boxset to see the interlinkings.

Paid more than that at Christmas!

On the HMV Website it says 'Number of discs: 1. ?

Fantastic series, I got this a few years back & was absolutely hooked. That's a hell of a lot of entertainment for your money in terms of both quality & quantity. Hot!

Edit: I'm assuming this is a re-release as it says it was a released in 2010 & I got this at least 4 years ago. Might just be questionable info, as they also list it as 1 disc.
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Hot price but I didn't enjoy the series and found it a bit slow and boring. Got through several episodes before I'd had enough.

Cheers...have been meaning to get this for a while.....now Taken the plunge!;)

Good price for a very good series. I like the way it spans several generations making it quite epic. Worthy of some heat!

I'm a bit confused - the HMV site says "Number of Discs: 1"

Tried again, but keep getting £39.99 at checkout ?


Fantastic series, the priest from the new V series is in this. Actually there's quite a lot of familiar faces in this series. Well done to those who got at this price, its a really nice digipak (well my copy is, not sure if there's a re-release of the packaging).

EDIT: Yeah my copy is the 2003 DVD release, this is the 2010 release which seems to be a plastic M-lock case, judging from its Amazon listing. Will probably be the same 6 discs in each set though.
There are used copies of the 2003 release from Amazon third party sellers for around £11.10
To give you an idea of what the digipak is like, borrowed these from ebay listing;

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