- Fox Riders Gear - Cheapest Fox Clothing prices around - Lots of offers.
67°Expired - Fox Riders Gear - Cheapest Fox Clothing prices around - Lots of offers.

Found 14th Jul 2009
My mate send me a text about the previously mentioned 84% off Fox jeans, so then I checked out the site and found loads more bargains on there. (Bargains for Fox clothing)

Has rider gear, and general hoodies and tops etc. And of course with that in mind, limited sizes available with a sale on..

I bought a belt, wallet and the jeans yesterday, and you compare it to other sites that supply Fox gear such as Extremepie and Freestyleextreme its relatively cheaper! And of course a hella' lot cheaper than the UK Fox site.

Anyone seen the prices on the US site compared to the UK? Like 50 quid cheaper on items. Ridiculous!

Anyway check out some of the gear from the best clothing manufacturer out there
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sadly nothing i like in my size but some nice prices... and for those who dont know stiff, their a top class retailer! ive used them for years
Wish I knew about them sooner! So many hoodies there.. and poor size range Gutted
if your after cheap fox gear then you could always try [url][/url] ive not looked recently but i had some good deals a couple of motnhs ago. like stif they sell of last years designs at discount prices
Ah yes! Shocking website but yes deffo some deals on there. 20% off on some of the hoodies which i liked on Stif.

cheers bud
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