Still for FREE O2 Genie Sims
Still for FREE O2 Genie Sims

Still for FREE O2 Genie Sims

I know this has been posted loads of times before but that was like 2 months ago so worth a mention again to refresh people memorys

Up to 4 free O2 sims cards!!!

Get texting for free
We'll give you up to 4 free SIMs, each with unlimited O2 to O2 free calls and texts when you top up just £15 a month. That's unlimited texts to invite everyone over, unlimited calls to arrange nights out and unlimited ways to connect your mates together, for free.

Keep your existing number
If you want to keep your old number, dont worry. You can transfer it to your new O2 free Pay & Go SIM. Details are available in the welcome booklet.


They will always be free!!

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Yeah probably will be lol but thought id repost for the newer members to get a good deal
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