Still Game - DVD Series 3 - £6.99 delivered

Still Game - DVD Series 3 - £6.99 delivered

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Found 14th Jun 2007
Series 3 of this brilliant series, in the words of Navid "pure quvality!" See the other deal for series 1 of this also posted at £6.99, series 2 is available for £8.99 so not as good a deal ws these two!

Series 3 (2004)
Hoaliday - Jack and Victor arrive in Canada to visit Fiona. Just like in Scotland, the two get up to more mischief than the usual pensioners. Meanwhile back home, Winston tries to avoid Isa's gossip while still getting fed by her as he continues seeing her even though Harry has left. Swottin' - Jack and Victor are back home and on the hunt for more adventures; in this case, enrolling in a night class for first-aid. They intend to use this new knowledge to win the Clansman quiz. Cairds - The pensioners of Craiglang attempt to win back a crippled man's electric scooter from Tam. Meanwhile Winston wins time and time again at the bookies. Big Yin - Guest stars Clive Russell as Jack and Victor's old friend, "Big Innes". He hopes to rid the town of hooligans; that is, if he can stay away from Midori long enough. Winston also has troubles of his own when he joins the staff of "Food-Fare". Oot - A recluse is tempted out of his home due to it being demolished. Scared by the inventions over the years, Jack and Victor try to encourage him into a new world. Meanwhile Winston plans to build a telly. Aff - Isa is told by a psychic in the pub that she will be ran over by a silver car. Terrified at the notion, the episode follows her struggle with destiny. Winston also has is own problems with his sore leg caused by years of smoking, this encourages Jack to give up his pipe. Meanwhile Victor gets a surprise visit from his son when he fakes illness.
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As Little Ern said on my other post if you don't have any of the first 5 series and want them all then Virgin have the following offer which works out at £7 a series, good if (unlike me) you haven't already bought a series or two.…239
I pre-ordered the boxset and got it delivered on release day. I am a MASSIVE still game fan and I would recommend this to anyone with a sense of humour. Ford and Greg (they play Jack and Victor) are definately planning a new series but as of yet nobody really knows much - I dont even know if they have started or finished filming yet.

Ohh, and one thing your absolurely gonna hate about these DVD's... They killed the theme tune! It's a new one they have used (likely due to copyright issues, as in a commentary Ford said he used the tune after he heard it one day)
Yeah Coldfinger it's the same link I put in from Little Ern for the Virgin deal.
Also the season 1-5 box set is available at delivered for £37.99…tml
There is a working voucher for £5 off £50 code: YBTBBMBGLK which might make it a better deal for someone wishing to buy and additional item.
Just discovered that Series 6 is to be released next September.

Still Game - Series 6

A comedy based around the lives of pensioner pals Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade Still Game is set in and around a fictional part of Glasgow called Craiglang and Jack and Victor's home in Osprey Heights. Focusing on the ironies and comedy of old age with humour tenderness and pathos these OAPS prove they're still game for anything the world can throw at them! read more.

Released 03 September 2007. rrp £19.99. PAL. 2 Entertain Video.

Not sure if this is proper to advertise, but here goes.

I ordered the 1-5 Series Box Set (£37.99) from Play.
I then added the Series 6 (Pre-Order £14.99) to my basket. This took the total to over £50. I then used the code above and my order was reduced by £5. But, the £5 was not reduced from the total, but from the 1-5 Series Box Set, which is now showing as £32.99. I still have the option to cancel the Pre-order if I so wish. Seeing as the Series 6 is available for preorder elsewhere at a cheaper price (Woolworths £11.99) I will await delivery of Series 1-5 and then cancel my pre-order.
So in effect I will get Series 1-5 Box set for £32.99.

Hope this makes sense.
Not so sure I would trust that season 6 info. The season starts sometime in July and will span 6 eps.

So lets say it starts on the July 4th (guessing show starts on wednesdays, as with previous season). So the season will finish August 8th. That means less than 3 weeks from TV to DVD. Honestly doubt the credability of the dvd release info.

Very possible im wrong of course, but the period from tv->dvd just seems far too short, especially compared to the previous eps which seemed to take forever to make it to dvd.
The 6th Series is listed for Pre-order on 16 different sites on…htm

Another programme that was on the shelves soon after showing on tv was The Green Wing.
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