Still Game on - DVD Series 1 - £6.99 delivered
Still Game on - DVD Series 1 - £6.99 delivered

Still Game on - DVD Series 1 - £6.99 delivered

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Great deal for fans of the series, I got the 2nd series from a deal on here a couple of weeks ago and after watching them again I decided to get the rest when the price was right, this looks fairly right to me!

Episodes: Series 1 (2002)
Flittin' - Jack escapes his neighbours from hell to relocate to a flat near Victor. Meanwhile, Winston trains his grandson for a boxing match. Faimly - Victor is awaiting a visit from his son John, who now lives in Johannesburg. Disturbed by a garbled answer machine message from him, Jack and Victor set out to discover what it says and when he is due to arrive. Meanwhile Winston gets injured in a fight with Peggy over who gets the Gigot Chops. Cauld - shows the residents of Craiglang experiencing one of the coldest winters in years but are helped, in the end, by Winston who gives them a sly solution to their problem. Victor, however, wants nothing to do with this solution. Courtin' - Jack develops a crush on Barbara, the woman from the charity shop, leaving Victor feeling left out due to his friend's new romance. Meanwhile Winston gets barred from the clansman and tries to find new places to drink. Waddin' - It's the wedding of the year and both Jack and Victor still haven't received an invite; they decide to do something about it. Meanwhile Wullie MacIntosh appears to have passed away and Winston plans to rake through his house to find something that will get him an invite. Scones - Jack and Victor are tired of their friend Tam Mullen being lucky all the time and attempt to win a competition involving scones. This leads to them creating jingles of their own, complete with their own humour. Meanwhile Winston is having problems with the DHSS and has his money stopped. Isa's estranged husband, Harry also returns.


Series one to five available for £35 at virgin-£7 a series!


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Yup I saw that when I was comparing prices on the major sites, but as I'd already bought one series I didn't want to get the whole set and have a double left over.

Very good deal for those that don't have any of the first five series, though!

Also the season 1-5 box set is available at Play.com delivered for £37.99
There is a working voucher for £5 off £50 code: YBTBBMBGLK which might make it a better deal for someone wishing to buy and additional item.

Just discovered that Series 6 is to be released next September.

Still Game - Series 6

A comedy based around the lives of pensioner pals Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade Still Game is set in and around a fictional part of Glasgow called Craiglang and Jack and Victor's home in Osprey Heights. Focusing on the ironies and comedy of old age with humour tenderness and pathos these OAPS prove they're still game for anything the world can throw at them! read more.

Released 03 September 2007. rrp £19.99. PAL. 2 Entertain Video.

Not sure if this is proper to advertise, but here goes.

I ordered the 1-5 Series Box Set (£37.99) from Play.
I then added the Series 6 (Pre-Order £14.99) to my basket. This took the total to over £50. I then used the code above and my order was reduced by £5. But, the £5 was not reduced from the total, but from the 1-5 Series Box Set, which is now showing as £32.99. I still have the option to cancel the Pre-order if I so wish. Seeing as the Series 6 is available for preorder elsewhere at a cheaper price (Woolworths £11.99) I will await delivery of Series 1-5 and then cancel my pre-order.
So in effect I will get Series 1-5 Box set for £32.99.

Hope this makes sense.
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