Stingray: Complete: Volume 1- 5: 5dvd: Box Set one week only + Quidco 10%, £17.99 del!

Stingray: Complete: Volume 1- 5: 5dvd: Box Set one week only + Quidco 10%, £17.99 del!

Found 9th Jul 2007
Another classic from Gerry Anderson, who created many cult shows during the 60s and 70s including Thunderbirds and Space 1999. This time the action took place underwater in the worlds most advanced submarine called Stingray, which was captained by the ever resourceful Troy Tempest, with his partner Phones and the mermaid Marina. One of the highlights of any of the Gerry Anderson shows were the sleek and highly detailed models and Stingray was no exception. From its impressive central control base thatcould lower its self underground in times of danger to the sleek and stylish Stingray that out heroes would rely on each week to get them out of trouble.

Special Features:
Includes All 39 Stingray Episodes * Gerry Anderson Audio Commentary * Audio Adventures * Original TV Ads * Original Publicity Merchandise And Character Features



Thanks for this!

I've been after this ever since it was previously at this price!

Voted Hot!

These items are regularly reduced to this price in HMV - all of the Gerry Anderson sets (Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, UFO etc.) go up and down in price depending on which direction the wind is blowing.
Great deal though.

Buy it now , " anything can happen in the next half hour " !!

Good deal amibees :thumbsup:

Ordered this on Thursday I think, cant wait for it, one of my favourites has a kid, during the 90s Anderson revival, I personally liked this and Joe 90 than Thunderbirds

Captain Scarlet never a fan.

I look forward to the day they are aired in HD as they should be since they most maybe all are on 35mm.
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