Stingray Sledge £12.99 @ JJB

Stingray Sledge £12.99 @ JJB

Found 18th Dec 2010
Stingray Sledge

Be ready for the next winter day and buy a sledge for the snow! Suitable for adults and children, the Stingray Sledge is the perfect choice for fun days out with your family and friends.

Built using strong and durable thermo-moulded plastic, the Stingray Sledge features a streamlined shape that speeds across the snow for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Sledging is now one of the UK's most popular and enjoyable winter activities - so hurry and don't miss out when the next snow day arrives!

•Front safety cord to pull children
•Safety cord can also be used as a carry strap
•Strong flexible plastic construction
•Holds 2 children or 1 adult
•Can be used sitting or laying down
•Durable and strong plastic
Colour: Red

Length - 94cm
Width - 70cm
cant see any cheeper


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also 8% quidco have funn just orderd mine

Sledges are only £9.99 in argos.

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yes but why not get a good one for a few £££ more free delivery as well

by the time its delivered the snow will be melted
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I'm with the above, I want a sledge this side of the New Year, so Argos is the best option for me. £2 cheaper and it gets good reviews, plus I can collect it tomorrow morning and be sledging tomorrow afternoon. This is quite a good deal though, have some heat.

I ordered one on Friday and got the despatched email today. All argos in my area were sold out as were most winter sports shops. Halfords don't appear to carry stock in-store. Hopefully I will receive by Thursday but I'm not holding out too much hope

I ordered on yesterday moring and it came this afternoon and we have snow. I guess it depends how much snow you have and how determind the delivery bloke is!

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got it this morning
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