Stock Clearance At QED-UK Up to 70% off
Stock Clearance At QED-UK Up to 70% off

Stock Clearance At QED-UK Up to 70% off

They must be trying to shift a lot of stock at QED-UK and i know there will be people saying they were already dear but you could have yourself a bargain here.

50% off Memory Cards
40% off Digital Cameras
70% off Camcorders
40% off Computing
25% off Blu-Ray & DVD
20% off Home theatre
30% off LCD & Plasma TV's
30% off Cooking
15% off Laundry
15% off Floorcare
10% off Fridge Freezers
10% off Dishwashers

Hope someone manages to grab a bargain from one of these sections. Its worth a browse anyway.



Is this the same people that do ASDA's electrical store?

Great bargains on 128mb cards lol

this is exactly the same as the asda electrical sale

QED were Miller Brothers "online" originally (who had some electrical goods warehouses in the 90s+) - that business went bust I believe and the online site/business got bought out according to this
see forum.pricerunner.co.uk/thread.jspa?threadID=1449[/url

You gotta love that
everything must go" tagline! I guess the retailers who HADN'T worked out that retailing objective are the retailers who aren't in business any more : be several more of them this year as us "hot deal" hunters spend wisely...

Original Poster

no its gone cold :-(

i didnt know it was linked to asda but hope someone benefits from this 'deal' anyway.
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