StokEd (Snowboarding) £14.99

StokEd (Snowboarding) £14.99

Found 27th Oct 2009
As title says,few cracking deals at play just now.


Great price. I think the cheapest I have seen it is 17.99 before now.

I have read a bit about glitches that are being ironed out in an update arriving November.. BIG AIR edition. Just a shame that it does not look to be DLC. So getting the two new mountains and supposedly improved controls would mean buying a second similar one? At fifteen pounds it is not that big a deal though.

God awful game. After an hour of trying to get into it I had to give up. The sound levels are all over the place and the accents of your coaches are so strong you can barely understand or hear what you are being told. Other than that the game is just really dull. Not voting either way but I wouldn't pay any more than a fiver for this.

is it anything like Amped or Amped 2?
I love those games but Amped 3 was terrible, took it straight back to shop as soon as i tried it.
Amped is better than SSX which is quite different
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