Stoko Soft and Care Skincare Gel (1 Litre) - £4.79 @ Viking Direct

Stoko Soft and Care Skincare Gel (1 Litre) - £4.79 @ Viking Direct

Found 12th Oct 2012
This is £ 27.99 on Conrad UK. If you use it on your hands then 1 litre will last forever... well... almost. (Maybe not).

Free weekend delivery at Viking Direct.

very swiftly absorbed
intensively moisturising without oiling
refreshing gel-formulation
contains the skin's own energy booster creatine
contains urea and glycerine
creamgel (O/W-emulsion)
Area of application
care gel
for your hands and face
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this is odd, it doesn't give any info on the site & says 50% reduction when it's actually over 75%. have you used this before mamboboy?
+ £2.90 delivery
Original Poster
Delivery is free at Viking Direct over the weekend. Or should be any ways.

I think £11.99 is what they usually sell it at, hence the save 50%
Whether or not Conrad UK are vastly overpricing it I don't know!
says was £19.99 lol, might mive it a go.. cheap for a whole litre
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