Stompeez kids slippers at Home Bargains Instore only £4.99

Stompeez kids slippers at Home Bargains Instore only £4.99

Found 18th Dec 2013
Stompezz kids slippers £4.99 @ HomeBargains
RRP £14.99
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These are so cool :-)
Are these the real stomped? only I've just paid 15 pounds for a pair :-(
I bought the Unicorn ones recently, I would question their authenticity but my 6 year old wouldn't mind :-)
They are the real thing! I bought some for my niece! They are just different packaging to the Argos ones!
Paid full price last year. When my son was walking they wouldn't move, so he took them off and I tried with my hand and it worked, he obviously wasn't heavy enough for them - £14.99 wasted for me to be honest, good for £4.99
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They must be real? It says Stompeez on the packaging and I can't see Home Bargains selling fake goods.
Usually if there copies then there named different.
went in to buy some of these following the last post. Looked cheap and nasty so came out without any.
These are definitely authentic, bargain!
They look alot cheaper than the argos ones.
i agree the look very cheap
I've checked these out there so cheap rip offs can't believe any one would b fooled
I have asked instore and they are genuine Stompeez.
These ARE genuine Stompeez - I know as paid a fortune for the youngests pair off their official website last month then saw these in store. Gutted but bought a pair as a gift for another child so hey ho.
I tried these in store with my hand and couldn't get the ears to move up like they're supposed to, my daughters really light so didn't buy.

I've checked these out there so cheap rip offs can't believe any one … I've checked these out there so cheap rip offs can't believe any one would b fooled

They are real. Dunno why packaging different but they are from the same company.
They are real, I saw them yesterday.
What size do they start from?
There is confusion as some stores I am guessing are selling the real thing, while others are selling the cheaper version. I went there (Edinburgh) specifically looking for them, but they were selling Slipeez…eez

A much cheaper version of Stompeez
I saw these in my local the other day and have to say they looked cheap and as if the stitching wasn't great, my daughter has a pair I bought last year and a gentle push makes the ears lift up but these hardly moved when pressed.
General reviews of these is not good.......
They are real. I ordered 2 pairs direct from their website in October and they came in different packaging; one in a box and the other on a hanger just like in HB. Paid £15 each, this is a great deal!
When I asked in my local store about these the manager looked at me like I was some kind of nutter and replied it was store specific
Looked at these too couple of weeks ago whilst in home bargains. They are the old version of stompeez. The old version didn't work due to poor workmanship..tales of people opening up the stitching and trying to repair them themselves. Stompeez then brought out a new version which is in a box......the ones in home bargains are attached to piece of card which are the old version. In the home bargains I was in....numerous slippers had been pulled off the cards by people trying to get two that actually worked. Most did nothing when the sole was pressed.
I have wrapped these for my daughter for Christmas and had a play with them beforehand and couldn't get the eyes to open (unicorns) so figured we will have to see what happens when she walks in them but she will be very disappointed if they don't do what they are supposed to
Just be wary that this deal is really hit and miss, I have been to two stores and neither had or ever have or intend on have these in stock.
I bought a pair of the unicorn ones from home bargains and thought they didn't work till my daughter showed me that the button thing is on the heel for the eyes to pop up.....she loves them
Is it in-store only
want to buy a pair for my 3 year old. she tip toe walks, has done since started walking, and thought if I got these she might want to put her heels down. is it worth the buy??
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