Stop Nuisance Text Messages For Free

Stop Nuisance Text Messages For Free

Found 28th Aug 2016
Calling all mobile users... text 85095 to reduce nuisance calls

Mobile phone users can send a simple text message to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls. The 'text-to-register' service enables mobile phone users to add their number to the UK's official ‘do not call’ database by texting ‘TPS’ and their email address to 85095.

It is illegal for organisations to make unsolicited sales and marketing calls to numbers registered with the TPS, unless they have a person's consent to do so
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these muppets are about as useful as ....
Did this yesterday,
as already posted useless voted cold sorry
Registered a very long time ago and it still doesn't stop cold calls even if you tell the company cold calling you are registered with TPS they don't seem to bother.
Done this before and still get the calls.
Just add the numbers to your block list, I know you have to receive one first but now I am seeing more and more missed calls pop up that I have blocked.
they even spread your details forward... oO
Bloody useless company waste of time.
Costs depending on your network provider, therefore not free. Found out the hard way!
Taken from the website "Registering with the TPS, however, does not prevent spam text messages."
They are a waste of time. We've been registered with TPS for years and hasn't made that much difference to the cold andspam calls we get.
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