Stop Zombie Mouth - Free copy of Plants Vs Zombies (PC/Mac)

Stop Zombie Mouth - Free copy of Plants Vs Zombies (PC/Mac)

Found 10th Sep 2012
A free copy of PvZ is being offered by going to between the 30th of October and 10th of November. Just use the code between these dates

Code - peah8r

Someone will have to make sure this is reposted closer to the time also but thought most would like the heads up as PvZ is a fantastic game.

Notes - Yes it appears to be for Americans but nothing suggests those from the UK can't get it using a VPN etc to complete the starting of the download.
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Also should be noted that it should work fine using this also recently posted promo to get past the geolocation issues.…400
Thanks. Will give it a go.
Got this on Android when it was free app on Amazon .... Not bad.
Hoping the PC version is as good.
Use this link to bypass the US restrictions:

might be ok to download it, but you wont be able to register the game.
registered fine for me. even redirected me to uk site but said it was an international code
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