Store Re-vamp @ B&Q
Store Re-vamp @ B&Q

Store Re-vamp @ B&Q

Right...... not too sure how many people already know this but B&Q are going through a major re-vamp the store in Binley coventry has already been refurbished and the store in castle vale birmingham is happening right now.... there are loads and loads of bargains to have...
for example a £100 power washer for £42 just because the box was ripped along with many other offers like curtains, paints, wallpapers etc.......


A note then that the Stafford store is moving to a brand new store on the 29th March ... chance for some bargains!

Just to tag on, Cumbernauld store is closing at the end of this month, there is a large selection of clearance stock, although its a bit of a jumble but the best deal at present seems to be all shower enclosures in store at half price, was in today and there were loads all sizes.

Same as slough depot... but not much in the sale off.. and a lot less items while the refurb is on going.

park royal in london (acton) has most of their fire surrounds half price
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