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£8 off BBC Store (2x £4 vouchers)  - No minimum spend || Only Fools and Horses / The Return of Doctor Mysterio (Free) / Luther Series 2 & 3 (From 99p each)
Found 6th Mar 2017Found 6th Mar 2017
£8 off BBC Store (2x £4 vouchers) - No minimum spend || Only Fools and Horses / The Return of Doctor Mysterio (Free) / Luther Series 2 & 3 (From 99p each)
Code: SPRING / SPRING 2 (These can be used once each, only). Some free shows: Only Fools and Horses (Specials)… Read more

is this offer over ? when I went to checkout there was nowhere to enter a code ? edit : just seen the redeem button but the codes are invalid so offer is expired


Thanks for the copy and paste of quotes taken out of context from - now that's a really objective and unbiased website isn't it! Try this to understand the importance of context:


In Their Own Words When people ask for evidence of an institutional Left-wing bias at the BBC, this is the place to go for evidence. Out of the mouths of Beeboids…. The BBC is “a publicly-funded urban organisation with an abnormally large proportion of younger people, of people in ethnic minorities and almost certainly of gay people, compared with the population at large”. All this, he said, “creates an innate liberal bias inside the BBC”. –Andrew Marr “It’s a bit like walking into a Sunday meeting of the Flat Earth Society. As they discuss great issues of the day, they discuss them from the point of view that the earth is flat. “If someone says, ‘No, no, no, the earth is round!’, they think this person is an extremist. That’s what it’s like for someone with my right-of-centre views working inside the BBC.” – Jeff Randall, former BBC business editor By far the most popular and widely read newspapers at the BBC are The Guardian and The Independent. ­Producers refer to them routinely for the line to take on ­running stories, and for inspiration on which items to cover. In the later stages of my career, I lost count of the number of times I asked a producer for a brief on a story, only to be handed a copy of The Guardian and told ‘it’s all in there’. – Peter Sissons, Former BBC News and Current Affairs presenter “In the BBC I joined 30 years ago [as a production trainee, in 1979], there was, in much of current affairs, in terms of people’s personal politics, which were quite vocal, a massive bias to the left. The organisation did struggle then with impartiality. And journalistically, staff were quite mystified by the early years of Thatcher. “Now it is a completely different generation. There is much less overt tribalism among the young journalists who work for the BBC. It is like the New Statesman, which used to be various shades of soft and hard left and is now more technocratic. We’re like that, too.” – Mark Thomspon, former BBC Director General “I do remember… the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles. I’ll always remember that” – Jane Garvey, Radio 4 presenter, recalling Tony Blair’s election victory in 1997 I absorbed and expressed all the accepted BBC attitudes: hostility to, or at least suspicion of, America, monarchy, government, capitalism, empire, banking and the defence establishment, and in favour of the Health Service, state welfare, the social sciences, the environment and state education. But perhaps our most powerful antagonism was directed at advertising. This is not surprising; commercial television was the biggest threat the BBC had ever had to face. – Sir Antony Jay, former BBC producer and creator, inter alia, of “Yes, (Prime) Minister” “Liberal sceptical humanists tend to dominate television”. The “default position in broadcasting” – when covering issues such as gay marriage and the Roman Catholic position on IVF – revolved around human rights, and that opponents should not be treated as “lunatics”. “All I’m saying is, if you have at the centre of News an editor, he could explain why people in particular areas…are motivated, why they behave as they do and I think that would just increase understanding.” – Roger Bolton, Radio 4 presenter and former head of Panorama and Nationwide “And, in the tone of what we say about America, we have a tendency to scorn and deride. We don’t give America any kind of moral weight in our broadcasts.” – Justin Webb (pg. 66), Today presenter and former BBC North America editor “We need to foster peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, stubborn-mindedness, left-of-centre thinking.” – Ben Stephenson, BBC controller of drama commissioning


There's nothing to research. "Don't forget the twisting / falling to report news accurately (or at all) for their own gain." is your statement about the BBC and you've failed to substantiate it in any way - unsurprising, because it's pure fantasy. You're welcome to your thoughts - but it's a little unfair to attack the BBC (which has a statutory duty to be unbiased) from a biased standpoint which has no evidence to substantiate it. :|


What hope does this country have when people can't even do their own research. Yet insist on using current events to attempt to substantiate their own feelings. Couple that with questioning someone's honour and credibility it's a sad day for humanity.

House of Cards Trilogy - BBC Store £5.49
Found 23rd Feb 2017Found 23rd Feb 2017
House of Cards Trilogy - BBC Store £5.49
Possibly the best political thriller of all time. First broadcast over 25 years ago!! Still as superb as ever. All three series - 12 hours of political intrigue. Spine tingling qua… Read more

As others have said this was a brilliant series and a bargain at this price, Francis has my vote


​Or maybe I'd never heard of anything else by the same name? :p


It's on Netflix too if you have already


brilliant series


The clue's in the name...(_;)

Yes, Minister Series 1-3 Bundle - BBC streaming - £4.99
Found 16th Feb 2017Found 16th Feb 2017
Yes, Minister Series 1-3 Bundle - BBC streaming - £4.99
The timeless political sitcom that still speaks to the politics of today. Amongst the best TV comedy ever broadcast in the UK. Less than a fiver for all three series of Yes Minist… Read more

Thanks for posting this. Always meant to buy them, but I don't want another box set clogging up the place. This is perfect and I also found series one of the Adventure Game for a fiver too while I was there. TV heaven!

Graham1979 FREE, you paid for it in the 1980's


Good shout but it doesn't work sadly. Couldn't the same be said for a lot of programmes?


Don't know if this code would work. I've already used it on something else so I don't know if the error message is because of that. Worth a go for another £3 off


Or, watch it on Yesterday for free.

Red Dwarf Series I-V Bundle - £6.99 - BBC Store
Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017
Red Dwarf Series I-V Bundle - £6.99 - BBC Store
A classic british comedy, one of my absolute favourite shows. 50% off the usual price, using voucher REDDWARF50 Just £1.40 per series, or 23p per episode! This is a stream/downlo… Read more

Beware To the best of my knowledge, the BBC still DO NOT provide the ability to cast PURCHASED programs to Chromcast or TV app via BBC iPlayer, only FREE programs!! A pain in the **** to have to physically HDMI-connect tablet or phone to TV!


Thanks but I was referring to UK based news sources. The Economist is hardly a news source, neither is private Eye (though I appreciate their value, esp Private Eye). I disagree though that there are no facts, only opinion. Facts are in my opinion what the BBC are actually very good at, and in my view they go out of their way to avoid opinion. I studied the BBC's media role for my Degree by the way, and it's interesting that many scientific studies into the BBC found no convincing or consistent evidence of bias - perhaps a good example of this is that the left regard the BBC as a right wing government mouthpiece, and the right see them as a bunch of lefties!


The BBC Board of Governors is appointed by the Government. Journalists are also human beings with human weaknesses, deadlines, desire for attention. News isn't news if it's to entertain and instil an ongoing sense of fear. Fear = Control. "They" now monitor everything everyone looks at on the internet. Nice! There are no facts, only opinions. There is also the Economist, the New York Times, Haraatz, Wall Street Journal, or even Private Eye, Twitter and a variety of excellent bloggers across the world providing corroborated eye witness testimonies and entirely new kinds of datafeeds. Thanks for your response though. I disagree with what I perceive to be your world view, however I still respect your right to exist. :{


Could you name some other news sources that aren't Murdoch or sympathetic to the right wing agenda? Apart from the Guardian, the Mirror and possibly ITV news, there aren't any (other than Channel 4 which is part funded from the licence fee too) I think both the BBC and the government would disagree that the BBC is the mouthpiece for the government, the Tories hate the BBC and are desperate to control and limit its power. The BBC has a public service remit, and arguably espouses very British values (and British "propaganda", but that is the extent of it being a government "mouthpiece"


The BBC is little more than the government's mouthpiece. Thinking that it's not propaganda is part of it's power and influence. There are news sources other than those controlled by Murdoch but unfortunately these are considered sufficient for the sheeple. Scapegoating of Muslims and immigrants will continue as long as quality of living is in decline. The media has a central role in supporting the rise of the right in the UK and Europe. If history teaches anything, it's that we learn nothing from history.

£3 off BBC Store no min spend (Digital Download) - I'm Alan Partridge Episodes  - Office Christmas Special - Danger Mouse - Clangers and more
Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017
£3 off BBC Store no min spend (Digital Download) - I'm Alan Partridge Episodes - Office Christmas Special - Danger Mouse - Clangers and more
Looks decent as no min spend and giving £3 off the BBC store for digital downloads to watch whenever you like. Could use it to get a discount off a series or get a free episode cla… Read more
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I think it's very hard to argue it produces high quality entertainment. Even in recent weeks, I've been enjoying Witless and Uncle, my son Danger mouse (I player being a fixture) and we've all enjoyed planet earth 2. Oh and every morning we listen to 6music. And it doesn't sound like you are happy to pay for it, but I'm hoping you're in the tiny minority.


you have to buy individually but can make two purchases of £3 for free on an account using two different codes code 1 is LOVE code 2 is LOVEYOU


Silly question but can you add two episodes to a basket or do you have to buy them individually therefore can only use the voucher for one purchase?


Thanks got 2 shows using both codes


A search of Justwatch for sub £3 shows on BBC Store might throw up some ideas:

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men Complete Series 1-4 Bundle £10.49 on BBC Store (Digital download)
Found 3rd Jan 2017Found 3rd Jan 2017
Maid Marian and Her Merry Men Complete Series 1-4 Bundle £10.49 on BBC Store (Digital download)
Seems a decent price for all 4 series (25 episodes) of Maid Marian and her Merry Men. Digital download from the BBC Store. Not available on any streaming service (as far as I'm awa… Read more

Worth it for the Pancake day song alone.....


Snooker episode was a goodun!




Best children's TV programme ever made.


Why don't you...

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Luther series 1-4 in HD £10.39 @ bbcstore
Found 2nd Dec 2016Found 2nd Dec 2016
Luther series 1-4 in HD £10.39 @ bbcstore
Luther series 1-4 in HD for £10.39 at BBC store. Also have ' The Fall' in SD (series 1-2) for £8.99. Not a bad little Christmas present for someone...

S4 was trash


Just not the awful season 3


Love a bit of Loufer


Haha if it wasn't for all of us hukkers there wouldn't be a comp so agree 100% tawny X)


Yes and think they ought to give us a prize anyway , Maccy - just for making up the numbers <3

Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks official BBC animation £9.99/£12.99 @ BBC Store
Found 5th Nov 2016Found 5th Nov 2016
Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks official BBC animation £9.99/£12.99 @ BBC Store
Much cheaper than the DVD release and available much sooner too. A real good deal for any Doctor Who fan as I am. All 6 parts have been animated and will be released daily from tod… Read more

You could just buy the black and white...? I think £9.99 for an animation that is brand new is okay, and it encourages BBC worldwide to make more



:) That is because I recall that a Dalek could be the getaway car: [ ]


few strips of velcro might suffice, although I wonder why you didnt question the ability to drive the getaway car


Rip off if you ask me... £10 for black and white and then expect to pay an extra £5 for when they release colour version later

The Clangers: Season 1 HD £2.49 [Using Code] @ BBC Store
Found 8th Jul 2016Found 8th Jul 2016
The Clangers: Season 1 HD £2.49 [Using Code] @ BBC Store
Use code: SUMMER50 The revitalised cult hit has made its return to the UK with a bang. Narrated by British legend Michael Palin, we follow the interstellar adventures a family of … Read more

Never liked paying for these, I've already paid to have it made with my license fee, don't see why I should have to buy it again.


This is only 9 episodes. There are 26 in the 2015 series so you aren't really getting the whole season. Maybe you should change the title.


This is on C Beebies every night, Just record it.


yes, do... and take your coat... ;) kidding


Spend £10 at BBCstore and receive an £10 voucher code by email within 48 hours
Found 29th Jun 2016Found 29th Jun 2016
Spend £10 at BBCstore and receive an £10 voucher code by email within 48 hours
Just had an email with this offer, can't yet see it online but the terms from the offer are as below (doesn't look like email recipients only).... It's easy to get £10 off 1. Spe… Read more

That doesn't let you watch purchases on the Apple TV though


Some good points but their expenses are hardly scrutinised at all...and they get away with allot of wasteful jollies etc..


There's lots of reasons that cannot be the case, but the primary reasons being that the BBC commisions programmes from other programme makers under contract, in addition to in-house work. The BBC PS sell the rights to content it is eligible to do so and those programmes are then sold globally, either in recorded form, or the IP/license to the brand. That money then comes back to PS in part to subsidise the few you pay. Everything is publically funded, you just pay a fraction of the actual costs.


Yeah I posted on here as a deal a year or so back, was naff quality though


Got the £5 one

The Fast Show at 21: An Evening with Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson (Free @ BBC Store)
Found 22nd Jun 2016Found 22nd Jun 2016
The Fast Show at 21: An Evening with Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson (Free @ BBC Store)
Just downloaded the BBC Store app on Windows 10 and was prompted to claim this for free.. might interest some of you.. receipt shows a 'list price' of £2.49 To mark 21 years sin… Read more

Innit great when someone pots a deal for something and it's free and so everyone can get and watch it on their computers and tablets at home or on the bus or at work and everyone enjoys it, it's just so amazing and BRILLIANT!


It's 'Suit You', not 'Suits You'. Sorry to be a pedant. :p


Suits you sir!!!...


I watched this a few months ago and don't recall much swearing in it. It's not a comedy show, it's two comedians being interviewed about their old show. The Fast Show was hardly full of swearing, check it out, you might enjoy it.


i'll get my coat.......

*****EXPIRED***** Last chance to get 75% off at BBC Store - one day only Sunday 22nd May !
Found 22nd May 2016Found 22nd May 2016
*****EXPIRED***** Last chance to get 75% off at BBC Store - one day only Sunday 22nd May !
Just had an email saying that you can get 75% off at BBC Store today (Sunday 22nd May). Enter the promo code LASTCHANCE75 Only available on one item (but the item could include … Read more

I don't want to kick up an argument, but I am interested in these discussions. The way I see it, the business models are incompatible, but similar... TV Licence is an on-going subscription service and the Cinema is a single use rental. With the TV Licence, you are paying for live broadcasts. With Cinema, you are paying to have a seat in a room for the duration of a movie. The only thing they have in common is that they are licences to view, not to own. So to answer your question, no. There is no reason watching something on terrestrial TV or at a cinema should result in you owning a local copy of the content. Whether this is right or not is a different (and very valid) argument


I've tried to expire this offer but for some reason it's still active - not sure what I've done wrong but could an admin sort? Thanks :)


Of course not - be my guest.


I've added these to the main post Hal, hope you don't mind?


​Thanks Hal!

[75% off everything] The Night Manager £2.49, HD £3.24 / Peaky Blinders Series 1-2 £4.24, HD £4.74 / Doctor Who Series 9 £5.49, HD £6.74 [Using Code] @ BBC Store
Found 13th May 2016Found 13th May 2016
[75% off everything] The Night Manager £2.49, HD £3.24 / Peaky Blinders Series 1-2 £4.24, HD £4.74 / Doctor Who Series 9 £5.49, HD £6.74 [Using Code] @ BBC Store
Use code: FLASH75 75% off everything at BBC Store Until Sunday - 23:59 Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie star in a tense thriller based on John le Carré’s novel, in which a man is r… Read more

The BBC get around not being able to charge people by giving BBC Worldwide the rights to their past and present progams so they can then sell them to broadcasters around the world and sell dvd's and streaming content to us without breaching the charter. The BBC's revenue is 75% funded by licence fee and 25% via BBC Worldwide. I don't personally think they should be charging for archive content especially not recent programs such as doctors of which they currently offer 600 episodes at the cost of over £1200. Channel 4 offer a large selection of their archives for free (Ad Supported) and I don't see why the BBC can't do the same. The other thing I hate about the BBC Store is they say that they can't guarantee your purchase will be aviliable forever meaning they can remove a program at any time they like and then your purchase becomes useless.


The government need to step in more and completely dump the licence. You say "Quality programming does not come cheap" - I say that the BBC has appalling quality programmes and it's disgusting they can justify billions on such dross, yet if I wanted to watch the other channels I would still have to pay for it. You like it, fine you pay a subscription.


Just casting from chromebook.


A TV licence may be dependant on viewing live TV, but the BBC itself specifically distinguishes "content funded in whole or part" by the licence fee as subject to its charter etc. Their "audience promise" specifically states; "3. Get hold of all recent BBC programmes and be treated to the best of the BBC’s library of programmes in trusted environments - with a ‘permanent collection’ available for free, and paying for other content which would otherwise not be available." - If you want to watch live tv; you need a licence. - The BBC is required to provide a seven day catch-up service. - Recent and other "best" programs are available free and permanent. (older archives that are worth making available qualify as "best") Obviously; movies or imported series will not be licence funded; so charging for these is expected. But all the examples I can see are those commissioned; so should not be charged for (unless the charge is for a commentary track or similar specifically produced separately from any broadcast item, and funded by non-BBC sources.


Shame there's no basket. One purchase only :(

50% off + 2 for 1 on Selected Series - Doctor Who Series 8 & 9 £9.99 / Luther Series 1 & 2 £3.99 [Using Code] @ BBC Store
Found 28th Apr 2016Found 28th Apr 2016
50% off + 2 for 1 on Selected Series - Doctor Who Series 8 & 9 £9.99 / Luther Series 1 & 2 £3.99 [Using Code] @ BBC Store
Use Code: RAIL50 Great television always leaves you wanting more. So feast on our Bank Holiday two-for-one offer which runs until 23.59 on Monday 2nd May. Buy any of these series … Read more

You're absolutely right. In much the same way as those who bought Beatles LPs on vinyl back in the 60s have always been supplied with free copies of new media. A relative of mine still benefits from that. They sent him free cassettes, then CDs, and now he's got all the MP3s totally free of charge. Exactly the same for all the other vinyl he bought too.


No, apparently your TV license pays for the live broadcast. So this is the equivalent of buying a DVD of a BBC program from a bricks and mortar store.


Seeing as we're all already forced to pay for BBC programming and technically have already paid for these via our tv licences shouldn't these be free??


Why are they sending out an 'offer code' for the second series, why not just send series 2 with series 1?? ...sounds bizarre! ...or is this a download??


Terrific - no surprise which series I'm going for... Fawlty Towers is brilliant!

The Night Manager full series £4.99 SD or £6.49 HD @ bbc store using code
Found 1st Apr 2016Found 1st Apr 2016
The Night Manager full series £4.99 SD or £6.49 HD @ bbc store using code
Cracking deal for the full series. Shame its not ultra violet but can play via BBCI player on most devices which is cool Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie star in a tense thriller bas… Read more
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​i pay for my content, I am surprised that governments strategy to illegal or loophole content is beyond pathetic. in years to come 2 things are gonna happen, nothing changes or Chinese style restrictions on the Internet concerning streaming, this has to be done government and hardware level, isps are can't, fines rubbish, to many of us want it now and for free


I'd rather see bit of the med , than chuffin norf yaarkshire again


Corky was very good


Enjoyed it . I realise it took a lot cash to make Probably hiring that villa lol These things are NEVER going to be as good as the book. Hiddleston was great , Laurie kind of fell down a bit for me in the middle of the last one. Otherwise good / believable execution


I really enjoyed this from start to finish, I think Tom Hiddleston would make a good Bond; after all he did order a Vodka Martini in the last episode, is that an omen ;)

Frozen Planet & Planet Earth Box Set (Blu-Ray) - £5.99 @ BBC shop
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
Frozen Planet & Planet Earth Box Set (Blu-Ray) - £5.99 @ BBC shop
Crazy price for this. 20 mins to order before BBC shop closes for good! Planet Earth/Life box set blu ray also available for £4.99
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also got the killing blu Ray box set £65 down to £5. There was a fire sale but you had to hunt for the bargains


Thanks OP, missed out on Sherlock but managed to nab a copy of this!


New digital site offers here Digital Store


was expecting a fire sale,should have known better.


​ oops sorry I got the last ones lol

limited edition doctor who framed print was £69.99 - £10 @ BBC shop
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
limited edition doctor who framed print was £69.99 - £10 @ BBC shop
Stills available at time of posting. Limited edition doctor who framed print a Colin baker. Nice little present for a doctor who fan! I know Bec shop is closing down and many thin… Read more

Sold out

Red Dwarf: Just The Shows: Volume 1 DVD £1.99, Doctor Who Series 7 Part 1 Ltd Ed. Blu Ray £1.99 @ BBC Shop
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
Red Dwarf: Just The Shows: Volume 1 DVD £1.99, Doctor Who Series 7 Part 1 Ltd Ed. Blu Ray £1.99 @ BBC Shop
Be quick, all! Some DVD/Blu-Ray Bargains to be had! Will list as many as possible!

alas bbc shop still alive and well just selling via Amazon and ebay what a swizz.


I loved that shop.


I guess the rest will go on ebay.


Awww, Closed for good!


Well Sherlock Complete Collection plummeted from £37.99 down to £9.89 not bad for a full 16 disc box set ok it's only available on DVD won't appeal to many...but I thought it a bargain it's still £29.99 on Amazon.

Star wars return of the Jedi 6 christmas baubles was £19.99 now £1.99 delivered @ bbc shop
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
Star wars return of the Jedi 6 christmas baubles was £19.99 now £1.99 delivered @ bbc shop
Fill your boots while still in stock - other variants still £19.99 on site.....Go go go

OK cheers for the reply:-)


I had cancellation email and refund yesterday so I'm guessing yours will be in the pipeline. It is closed now and you can't access your account anymore either


Anybody who got the back order message tempted to get a refund? Can't see them getting em in if they are closing.


phew.....thanks :)


It ceases trading at midnight but orders will be taken and fulfilled upto that time

family guy monopoly board game £2.49 bbcshop
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
family guy monopoly board game £2.49 bbcshop
I know a lot of bbc shop items have been posted, but this seems a steal! Monopoly board game for £2.49 in the family guy designs. Was £34.99. I know the website closes down after m… Read more



Won't be honoured - it's a typo and should be £24.49 like the Horrible Histories Monopoly