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ARMA 3 APEX EDITION Steam Key £15.30 @ Bohemia Interactive
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
DLC and Base game on sale as well Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition Experience a wide variety of single- and multiplayer content across hundreds of square kilometer terrain. Pick from… Read more

Although I've not played this in ~6 months I have over 2000 hours logged on this in steam, mainly from battle royale. To say I've had my money's worth out of it would be an understatement


Just bought this myself and it activates on Steam but isn't done by a key. You link your steam account to your BI account and it appears in your library. Thought I had better point that out.

Project Lucie - free game for PC - Steam claim
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Players take on the role of Lucie, an 8 year old kid with a big imagination, and follow her story by completing puzzles that come to life! Steam link here =>http://store.steamp… Read more

registration via Steam didn't work ;/ (in android chrome) Had to use Google id registration. Though linking and redeeming to Steam account then worked fine. Weird.




When you login using Steam OpenId (is not an api) you just confirm to does sites what's your steam id, only that. Those sites then keep polling your public data. If you are not happy with that just set it to full private. You can't see ANYTHING on a private page.


It requires access to our steam account. After redemption, how to take out their access from my steam account?


Its free! (y)

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[Steam] Bohemia Sale - Arma 3 Apex edition 50% off £22.49
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Arma 3 Apex Edition is 50% off @ £22.49 Apex Edition gives you : Arma 3 main game (including digital extras such as the Arma 3 soundtrack, tactical guide and map, and a gift copy … Read more
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Thank you!! :D


No, I do visit the BI forums daily so next sale I'll post


Any idea when/if this will be on sale again? Thanks :)


Got the alert this morning. Heat. Need a replacement for Dayz.

Bohemia Interactive Store Sale: Arma 3 (£14.99), Arma 3 Apex (£16.24, lowest historical price), Arma 3 DLC Bundle (£7.49), Arma 3 + All DLC (£29.24), DayZ (£19.54), Take on Helicopters + DLC (£3.20), Take on Mars (£11.19)
Found 22nd Nov 2016Found 22nd Nov 2016
I presume this sale is in anticipation of the rumoured Steam Black Friday Sale starting tomorrow. Grab a bargain and support the developers further by buying direct. I don't expec… Read more

​do you get dayz with this


Is DayZ really still that expensive?


Oh I'm rubbish with the keyboard even though I can type fast. Thanks for informing me


Yep, it takes a little bit of manual configuration but it works fine. I'd recommend only using it for vehicles though, you'll struggle on foot with a controller.


Can you use the Xbox 360 controller on Arma 3 ? Good price OP :)

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Dayz standalone - steam £19.54 @ Bohemia Interactive
Found 22nd Aug 2016Found 22nd Aug 2016
Dayz not much of a discount but still -15% off
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haha :) To be fair though, that's what you do mid development if something is causing issues. Remove and implement on a basic level and go from there. Regardless what people think of the long early access, it is still in development. Other games take this long too but it's all behind the scenes.[/quote] Yes, that last big patch really is night and day in performance. I honestly didn't think they could pull it off.


haha :) To be fair though, that's what you do mid development if something is causing issues. Remove and implement on a basic level and go from there. Regardless what people think of the long early access, it is still in development. Other games take this long too but it's all behind the scenes.


Tempting. I have a buddy that's sank 1,700+ hours into this game. Being a noob in this game must be terrifying. You really need a group and fast.


Last I heard they solved the zombie bugs by removing the zombies from the game


By which time you won't be able to play it because the zombie apocalypse will have already happened so there'll be no power.

Arma 3 £14.99 @ Bohemia Interactive
Found 19th Aug 2016Found 19th Aug 2016
Arma 3 on bohemian interactive 50% saving not sure when it ends also some dlc is 50% saving aswell

Price back upto £30 lasted a week so not to bad


Thanks, purchased, have some heat. Worth saying this gets you the game on steam.


Brilliant been looking for this for a while now, every where's either sold out or it's £30 on Steam good find


Thanks op been waiting for a price drop since i missed out on the mega pack a few month back

Arma 15th Anniversary Bundle - £14.19 @ Bohemia Interactive
Found 22nd Jun 2016Found 22nd Jun 2016
This anniversary bundle celebrates 15 splendid years of Arma development and packs them into a single package, offering the most complete military combat experience you'll find. Hu… Read more
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Gutted, i would love the dlc but i bought the game for 20 odd quid recently.


thanks .... I just had to :) I believe the Steam sale starts today (23June) ... so that probably means 6pm uk time(?). Get those wallets ready :p


cannot seem to see the "Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic" in my steam library though? edit : it's showing as being in my library when I browse the website however. Ah it shows up within "Operation Arrowhead"


looks like also given a steam gift for a 2nd Cold War Assault to give to someone


2 seperate "purchases" : Arma 3 Extended Edition and Arma X: Anniversary Edition You then have to link it to your/an account, and redeem one of the 2 packages onto steam

80% off ARMA, ARMA II + other Bohemia Int games - Easter Sale from £1.20
Found 25th Mar 2016Found 25th Mar 2016
Easter sale of Bohemia Interactive games - cheaper than on STEAM! Starting from £1.20 for Arma 1. £6 for ARMA X: ANNIVERSARY EDITION Games included: Cold War Assault Armed Assa… Read more

Awesome single player campaign, well worth the cash. Arma 2 and operation arrowhead + dlc


I have never played this series, is the single player game any good?


Great for DayZ mod which is still going strong.


thanks looks good gonna try a few of these

Arma 3 Extended Edition £22.49 @ Bohemia Interactive
Found 22nd Sep 2015Found 22nd Sep 2015
just bought 1 week ago paid almost 45 quid, and now price is down to half, not happy at all, anyway its worth buying this game, just bought one more, to keep it for friend. This … Read more
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Where did you buy it? If it was through Steam, it might be worth applying for a refund - finding it cheaper elsewhere is a valid reason to apply so it should be successful, then you can rebuy! Great deal, especially as the Extended Edition (with all DLC) works out cheaper at 50% off than just buying the base game at 35% off.


Fantastic game in my opinion! Good price too with all the DLC.


u need a steam account to download it, bought another one rite now


amazing game also linux version is out


Heat, still waiting for a steam offer on Bohemia. Missed the last one!

Arma 3 Extended Edition with all, DLC Arma 3 Karts, Arma 3 Helicopters, and Arma 3 Marksmen* £22.50 @ bistudio
Found 24th Mar 2015Found 24th Mar 2015
This special package contains the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the Arma 3 soundtrack, tactical maps of Altis and Stratis, a tactical guide containing more than 350… Read more

the dlc are cheaper too on steam


gone cant find the deal now. too late i guess,


Penny cheaper on Steam. :p


Great price for a great game!!!


Great price with all the DLC.

Take On - Helecopters (PC - Steam) and DLC 80% off £2.40 @ Bohemia Interactive
Found 24th Dec 2014Found 24th Dec 2014
This one seems to have slipped me by but a decent helicopter sim for £2.40 doesnt seem too bad (or £3.20 with the Hind DLC)

Already had this from a Humble Bundle. It's basically a helicopter simulator built upon the ARMA engine. Very realistic, probably one of the best simulator(s) you'll find par Microsoft's Flight Simulator.


Both deals are currently one penny cheaper on Steam itself.

Arma III (3) 50% Off at Bohemia Interactive (STEAM) £17.99
Found 21st Nov 2014Found 21st Nov 2014
As a small Christmas promotion Bohemia are slashing the price of their award winning warfare simulator down to £17.99 for the base game and £19.99 for the deluxe edition. If any o… Read more

Does anyone have a spare 'Make Arma Not War' code?


Bah to the COlD voters......


just bought this at full price last week. darn..................

Arma 3 £12.50 @ Bohemia store w/ code
Found 29th Aug 2014Found 29th Aug 2014
First sign up on Next confirm your account then go to the 'entries' tab on the website. Click on one of the mods, and click the '+' next to supporters. … Read more

Yeah, this was only on sale for a week or so. This should have been expired long ago.


Same here. Still debating if i should buy at this price or what for sale


I've got through all the correct steps and the price after the coupon is £25.19??


That worked great for me... 30% discount until December 31st 2014 Thanks OP


BTW if anyone wants to try AL this seems to be a sort of 'friendly' (ie quiet) UK server that could go places :

ARMA 3 50% OFF REQUIRES STEAM @ Bohemia Interactive
Found 28th Aug 2014Found 28th Aug 2014
It's going to be an epic gaming weekend! With a massive 50% discount on Arma 3, Arma 3's Digital Deluxe Edition, and the digital Arma 3 Tactical Guide, offers y… Read more

Take a look on Twitch TV, users Progunxzx, Lirik, Corndogmartinez etc Altis Life.....


Hmmm. Might give this a go. I like the realism aspect this game seems to have. I'll have a think. Thanks for the input.


no, there are vehices, lots, but its not as fast paced.


no you have 'breaking point' instead


I see... I'm a Battlefield kinda guy. I love vehicular warfare.

Arma II Complete Collection @ Bohemia Interactive Store (Steam) £6.25 or £5.97 with Tax Dodge
Found 9th Apr 2014Found 9th Apr 2014
All Arma 2 games and DLCs combined in a neat package for one great price - this is Arma 2: Complete Collection. PC Gamer 13th Best game of all time Everything you need for the Day… Read more

This should be hotter really.


Some one get me some sun lotion because it's hot in here baby.

jaystan Thus far, Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive is the only studio to have issued a public statement, mentioning that they are planning to “introduce an alternate solution” for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 players. “This is going to affect multiplayer in our games that use Gamespy for matchmaking, cd keys authentification and NAT traversal from Arma: Resistance to Arma 3. We are planning to introduce an alternative solution using Steam to Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 users. “Other games (Take On Helicopters, Arma 2, Arma 2: Free, Arma, Arma: Cold War Assault) will have more limited multiplayer experience with loss of server browser, cd key authentification and NAT traversal systems. That said, direct IP connection to servers should work even after Gamespy services are no longer available.”