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Wii U Madcatz TTT2 Fightstick £42 with GameSharkStore
Found 6th Aug 2014Found 6th Aug 2014
Wii U Madcatz Tekken Tag 2 Fightstick, Free Shipping within the UK. Enjoy! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

yeah, that's the problem not much fighting games available on Wii U so far, but yes you can use this stick on Tekken Tag 2, Injustice, smash bros (think everyone will be using a Gamecube pad for that though) and Tatsunoko vs capcom (a Wii game playable on Wii U)


what about injustice?


Can only really use this on tekken so far, would be a waste on anything else. Nice price though. These are great build quality.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fightstick- Xbox/wii U £42 @ GameShark Store (Madcatz)
Found 21st Jul 2014Found 21st Jul 2014
Great price. Never been so cheap. Full sanwa parts and cushioned metal plate

Arrived today - damn this is big! Bigger than the Wii U... but very nice too. Thanks for posting the deal.


for starters... the dude who posted this didn't put relevant tags


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I've been watching for a fightstick for two months... how did I miss this ;_;


true. had to pay directly with card


I guess you just like different games to me. I'm sure USF4 will turn up on XBONE and PS4 at some point. Also I imagine Tekken 7 will be released for these systems Mortal Kombat X looks incredible to me and love playing Injustice. :)

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 5 Keyboard (use code: 48HR-STRIKE for £50 off) so £129.99 instead of £179.99
Found 6th Nov 2013Found 6th Nov 2013
I don't own this keyboard but received an email from Mad Catz with the code valid for this keyboard. and some other codes (see below). Yes it does seem an expensive keyboard! Th… Read more

I was thinking the same things - people would be insane to buy this. Insanely stupid that is. Just as bad as the Razer keyboards that are all show and no go.


Yep I know. I thought this may go super freezing with the voting. Posted anyway as it may help someone to save a few pounds if they are wanting to get this keyboard. A reviewer on Amazon seems to think it is better than his previous Corsair K90 keyboard. Probably worth going and trying it out if PC World/Currys have it on display.


£130 for non mechanical keyboard...


Amazon have the keyboard for £171.66 and there is currently one review there. PC World has it for £139.99 so if there is any PC World voucher code or cashback site offers on giving a £10 discount or more, it may be worth looking into first. Edit: Also same price at Currys at £139.99.

Tritton Detonator Headset half price. £29.99 at Gameshark with code Egl30
Found 24th Oct 2013Found 24th Oct 2013
Use code Egl30 for 50% off. Around £60 elsewhere.

out of stock now :-(


HOT, thank you for the code OP, that's one xmas present out the way!


Have these got them back a whiles with a Argos deal here. Great headset, heat :)


I have these and paid £40 at Asda. they are really good and comfortable to wear. also I have plugged in my Monster Ntunes headset with built-in Mic and that sounds fantastic... using the usb adapter. I never use the Xbox without these as the sound is so much better, more detail and clearer. heat from me :)


The headset comes with a long USB connector but which you can plug in the headphones but you can detach it if you want an use it as normal headphones or headset using a normal 3.5" jack which I think is pretty great and makes these usable with a PS3, PS4, PC, mobile phones etc, and since the mic is detachable you can from gaming to using these as normal headphones and listen to music on the go, which I think is pretty great.

£100 off Tritton Warhead 7.1 Gaming Headset £99.99 with code @ gameshark
Found 24th Oct 2013Found 24th Oct 2013
Use code Egl100 to get £100 off. £124 on Amazon. Pricier elsewhere.

@ihurren No need for apologies I appreciate you trying to help, thank you :)


Yes, you're right. My apologies. I have the Turtle Beach XP500s which are also fully wireless. I thought the Trittons connected in the same way. I was mistaken.


@ihurren Not according to the reviews I've been looking at via YouTube Looks like game sound through headset and voice chat through kinect as a possible work around Cheers though :)


They come with a connector which you plug into the 360 controller. Then they are wireless between the headset and said connector. The Xbox One adaptor will allow the connector to fit the Xbox One, hence it will work.


how much?!!! £199.99 rrp for some cheap make headphones, lol no way

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Found 30th Apr 2013Found 30th Apr 2013
Enter the code MCZSTUN022 at checkout for £90 off! Free delivery (Paypal or Credit/Debit card) Here comes a new challenger! Get ready for the next battle when the two biggest fig… Read more
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Back in stock for 55 quid. Cheers OP, was about to order one from Game for 70.00. You saved me 15 pounds!


dont work no more :(


its 79 now :(


aw expired.... :(


looking at the bottom of these they look like you can link them up like the vs ones all you need to do is remove the screw that holds the rubber feet on the base put 2 side by side, upside down and get a piece of card and make holes where the screw holes go or just measure between the 8 holes get a sheet of metal or thin wood drill the holes in the right places and screw the rubber feet back on over the wood or metal and you have a 2 player arcade stick for £99.98 with out paying the £175 for 2 vs ones and the link up kit

MadCatz Street Fighter X Tekken - Arcade FightStick™ PRO - Cross for Xbox 360® £53.20 Delivered @ GameShark
Found 24th Apr 2013Found 24th Apr 2013
Enter the code MCZSTUN02 at checkout for 62% off! Hope the VS doesn't get reduced to £65 or less, otherwise I'll be kicking myself!
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Doesn't seem to be valid now... A shame, I've been looking for one of these.


It works in MAME and Windows fine. Don't forget to change the joystick input to "DP" (digital pad) via the top panel. By default it might be on the "LS" (left stick) switch.


looking at the bottom of these they look like you can link them up like the vs ones all you need to do is remove the screw that holds the rubber feet on the base put 2 side by side, upside down and get a piece of card and make holes where the screw holes go or just measure between the 8 holes get a sheet of metal or thin wood drill the holes in the right places and screw the rubber feet back on over the wood or metal and you have a 2 player arcade stick for £99.98 with out paying the £175 for 2 vs ones and the link up kit


Not received mine yet, had to confirm my address with the dispatch warehouse today, fingers crossed


Gutted I miss that! Would of certainly purchases another just for two player fun. Any one received theirs? They somehow have lost the company name from my delivery address while transferring it to UKMail :(, it's been in the back a van for 3 days with no idea where I work to drop it off.

MADCATZ Fightsticks under 59.99 with CODE MCZWGC02
Found 27th Feb 2013Found 27th Feb 2013
Madcatz are the Rolls Royce of fight stick makers IMHO and a steal at this price. i paid £130 for mine last year. Created to appeal to the serious fighting game enthusiast, nothin… Read more

I've had a lot of dealings with these clowns (basically madcatz retail outlet) customer service is beyond a joke. It took me nearly 3 months to get a replacement fight stick from them when my initial one went faulty.


I ordered one of their joysticks when the deal came up last time. £60 taken from my account and they sent me a joypad. Two weeks have passed and I'm still waiting a reply to my emails asking how i can return the wrongly delivered good. Cant find a telephone number to call them either!! Worst customer service I've experienced. Literally sent 6 or 7 emails over the past couple of weeks.


Already posted:


I was wondering that myself. fingers crossed they will be as they are usb input.


I wonder what the chances are of these being compatible with the next gen xbox and PS coming out this year? ......if compatible may be worth it.

GameShark massive sale on MadCatz FightPads and FightSticks inc £90 off Soul Caliber FightStick
LocalLocalFound 13th Feb 2013Found 13th Feb 2013
My first deal! GameShark are having a massive sale on FightPads (PS3 only) and FightSticks (both Xbox 360 and PS3). Massive discounts, all over 50% off. Best deal IMO is the PS3 … Read more
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I really wish they would sell the Sanrio X Street Fighter arcade sticks over here, I know I'm a man, but Hello Kitty as Chun Li looks really good.


Set of Sanwa OBSF's is around £30 360/ps3 pad £20 Sanwa/Seimitsu Joystick £10-15 Shell £10+ (depends on your effort and craftsmanship)


If you like fighting games this deal is no brainer, on a side note I love playing meagdrive/snes games with mine on mame, streets of rage 2 is a peach! Hot!!


Sweet Jesus, the temptation! Even the FightStick V.S is looking within my reach.



Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WWII with Flight Stick £29.99 @ MadCatz Store for X360 and PS3
Found 2nd Jan 2013Found 2nd Jan 2013
Not a bad price. Stick on its own is normally £40. Pacific AV8R FlightStick Included Styled after WWII combat aircraft and custom-crafted to perform with Damage Inc. Pacific Squa… Read more
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Mad Catz Europe Limited Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire 1-2 Shenley Pavilions, Chalkdell Drive, Shenley Wood Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK5 6LB England Office: 011-44-1908-336 530 FAX: 011-44-1908-336 539 Took a bit of digging but found this. Have spoken to them about my order and they are getting back to me.


I sent them on email Friday morning and haven't had a reply about my missing part :( Your text here It seems they have live support as well


I ordered the damage inc game from these, they have taken payment, but when i try to log it it says my email doesnt exist. What i pain in the backside. Anyone have a phone number for these. I can only see an email on the website. Thanks Lee


This has now expired this has now arrived this has something missing inside :{ Everyone who ordered you may not have recieved a dispatched email mine arrive soon after 7am today and was missing a headset adaptor cable and I have one of those Triton Trigger Halo 4 headsets, so I'm unsure if I need the adaptor for my headset to work. Just a warning everyone check the contents before opening the game report back if anyone was missing inside. Also a question about the leg supports how was everyones packed, I had two in a bag and two loose and what are they for?


should have got it yesterday xbox 360 oos and ps3 gone up to £89 oh well i'll learn

Madcatz Holiday Sale Fight Sticks, Fight pads, Wheels etc over 50% off
Found 22nd Nov 2012Found 22nd Nov 2012
Fight Sticks | Fight Pads | Racing Wheels | Pro Game Pads over 50% off!! Free Shipping on orders £15.00 and over. Would be tempted myself but I am drowning in pads and fight stic… Read more
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They will send you an email with the tracking number, when your purchase is ready for dispatch. I couldn't log into my account either, however my fightstick was delivered yesterday.


My Account tracking is still down - not loading


Looks like it. Glad I Could help everyone!


The offer has ended now. Gutted because I was too late for one.


How to you get tracking? I can't seem to log in to my account on their website as it keeps crashing. :(

XBOX360 Street Fighter X Tekken - Arcade FightStick™ PRO Line £79.99 @
Found 6th Jul 2012Found 6th Jul 2012
Use Code: EVO60 for this Price Authentic Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi™ joystick & buttons. 8-button layout with additional multi-speed Turbo functionality Premium-quality compo… Read more
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This is a really good price! Hard to understand at first why these cost so much but they are weighty units. Edit: It is adding £3.50 shipping for an order under £15 despite being well above...


U got that right, 360. Only difference is the artwork on the unit cross one got cross artwork and the line one got the line artwork. Silly really


Seems like i be getting this one now cheers op. i have ordered mine from the hut at 18th MAY as one of B'Day present allowance today is 7th July and still hasnt recieved the product yet. So i be using my money now for sure and cancel their order and awful services. Im sure many not surprise from the hut services.


OK so the only difference between cross and pro is the artwork


whats the difference between pro and cross? also is this similar to the new soul calibur stick? because the soul calibur stick felt cheap because of the plastic casing compared to the TE stick, so basicly is the build quality similar to the TE stick or worse.

Rock Band 3 wireless pro-drum + cymbals kit (use code) £63.99 @ GameShark Store (Madcatz)
Found 22nd Dec 2011Found 22nd Dec 2011
Seems a good deal... listed at £80, but with the XMAS20 code you get 20% off. Free delivery too. What do you guys n gals think? Will these kits get cheaper just after Xmas?

Yeah, gutted I missed on the Tescos deal. Discontinued with them now though, so am guessing that's gone forever. They still retail for £100 most places, so £65 doesn't seem too bad. Will pick up the disc from Game... think I saw it for £6.99 2nd hand. Hopefully they're still dispatching :S


it's an indication of how blistering hot or freezing cold this particular deal i'm feeling pleased with myself for getting it at £20


How is this relevant, my Mother and Father paid £600 for there house, in the 70's. So you would need a time machine for either


£20 a week ago in tesco

Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights for PC £71.99 @ GameShark
Found 18th Dec 2011Found 18th Dec 2011
20% discount using Christmas promotion code XMAS20. First time I have seen these discounted from RRP of £89.99. Breathe new life into your games, music and movies with powerful li… Read more

The Philips systems were sold off at clearance prices. You will struggle to find a complete new set now.


you should do easily, for my PC Philips AMBX (2 side lights, main back light unit, fans and buzzer) I only paid £35 some time ago from ebuyer, this one looks better but it is still pricey to me as just for a couple of lights... I just remembered mine also came with 3 full version games :3


Canyt you get a full Philips system with speakers and wind machines thingy for this sort of price ?


It spun off into a independant company amBX which licenses the technology for use in products. They are currently working on an iPhone control app for the PC.


I thought AmBex was dead? Hence the lack of retailers - i am sure that Phillips knocked it on the head at least.

Cyborg R.A.T. 3 Gaming Mouse For PC - £34.99 @ Game Shark
Found 8th Feb 2011Found 8th Feb 2011
In all honesty its not the cheapest place you can buy the mouse, but no where else seems to be offering the free Gaming Surface which is worth £12.99 on the GameShark website. Pro… Read more

I can actually assure you that this mouse is very comfortable, even though it may not look like it due to the different parts, but it fits my hand nicely, personal preference though i guess.


just looked at the a4tech range , they look quite good , will give them a try next time I need a mouse. had to utube the RAT to see how it fits -


Yeah, John W.. broke after just 5 months, it double or triple clicked every time you click. Maybe that's good in FPS games but not when you run things instead of rename them or reply to or delete emails etc etc..


Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0, I've got it. It's fantastic. Why do you need anything other than that?


Hot. Not got any other reason that it's the ugliest mouse I've ever seen.

Rock Band 3 Wireless PRO-Drum & PRO-Cymbals Kit For PlayStation3, X Box 360 & Wii  £79.99 @ GameShark Store
Found 16th Dec 2010Found 16th Dec 2010
£20 cheaper than play!! Got mine 3 days ago... should have waited :( DRUM KIT: 4 Durable drum pads Metal-reinforced kick pedal Height adjustable drum stand Sound-dampening, ve… Read more

Same price as TESCO INSTORE. Take your pick! HOT!


Bought these for my son for xmas - has been this price for a while, but far cheaper than anywhere else (if you can even find them anywhere else!)

Official Rock Band® Portable Drum Kit for Xbox 360 £19.99 + £3.50 postage = £23.49 (Was £49.99) Delivered @ Gameshark (also official Rock band Mic £19.99 was £49.99
Found 4th May 2009Found 4th May 2009
Good price, also can pay with Paypal, also Rockband official Mic for £19.99 The Officially Licensed, full-featured Portable Drum Kit for Rock Band is playable on virtually any sol… Read more
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clever but i dont fancy playing the drums on the floor or even putting them onto a table would prefer the proper thing but still a good price


Also Official Mic £19.99