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Save £25 when you buy a Google Home @ Google shop - £104
18/07/2018Expires on 18/07/2018Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Save £25 when you buy a Google Home
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Been same price on eBay for the last few days

Save £15 on Google Home Mini. @ Google shop - now £34 @ Google Store
18/07/2018Expires on 18/07/2018Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Save £15 when you buy a Google Home Mini, originally £49 each, now £34 each. Promotion starts on 8 July 2018 at 8:00am BST, and ends 18 July 2018 at 7:59am BST.
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You're talking nonsense. I guarantee you the aim wasn't to demean the OP's effort. Don't assume the worst.


Someone take the time and effort to come on here and post a great deal on a google home mini. You then rock up and call it "the most useless gadget you have bought". Now what purpose does that serve other than to demean the OP's effort? If you at least put the effort in to quantify how it didnt work for you, then it might just be useful for someone else. But to simply call it useless is just plain rude! Perhaps if you were less mean and more supportive to members of the HUKD community, then I wouldn't have needed to vent at all. People put in effort to help others. Simply being negative serves no purpose on this site. It isnt a reviews site. It is a site for people to save money on an item they want. If you didnt like it, move on. There are hundreds of other threads that might interest you.


I don't understand the tone. I didn't feel like havingt to elaborate then, so I did not, but can now but I'm not sure I will given how you replied. Do we have to be mean to each other? But ok - in short it just doesn't fit my lifestyle. I don't have a connected home, when I cook I use my wrist watch, I don't listen to music on spotify - I listen to DJ mixes which tend to be hosted on mixcloud, I don't have kids, I don't drive to work I commute, also it doesn't understand my wife's strong eastern european accent. There. I'm also an android developer by trade so I should really like it, but I just don't. I bought it, used two times, now it stands there turned off. Please let's be nicer to each other next time.


You are probably right. I did the initial "say hey/ok google" X 4. But haven't specifically registered my voice to the account.


Thank you. That is strange as my Google Home responds to my wife's and daughter's commands pretty well apart from not dialing out and only accepts my voice for this. May be because you have not specifically registered your own voice on your account?

Google Daydream View. Save £50 on Daydream View @ Google Store - £49
18/07/2018Expires on 18/07/2018Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
50£ discount on Google day dream view.
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But where are you going to get a decent motion controller to go with your Z4?


Thanks. I might just take you up on your kind offer!


You're welcome. The best thing I like about the z4 is it has a really high fov . Higher than gearvr and oculus etc. And you can also adjust the ipd (space between your eyes) which most headsets do t you adjust. You use a qr barcode with your phone camera using the cardboard app to configure your phone for the headset. The z4 will come with the qr barcode in the box you just scan it with your phone. However there is a Reddit thread where lots of people have uploaded different qr barcodes as images , I suggest you try some of them they are better than stock (depending on person to person). You just scan them from your monitor using your phone camera. If you need any help setting things up gimme a pm


Just to let you know that after watching a lot of reviews on YouTube, I took your advice and ordered myself a BoboVR Z4. I picked up a new one with a bundled tiny gamepad off EBay, for £10.80 delivered. I didn't think that was a bad price to pay. Looking forward to joining the world of VR when it arrives next week. Many thanks!


no one seems to have mentioned the best selling point.. The Hub, the Hub of adult videos PH ;)

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Pixel 2 £50 discount + free Home mini £529 + (%15 off code from a friend) ***Please do not offer / request referrals***
20/07/2018Expires on 20/07/2018Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
**DEAL NOT GUARANTEED** If you previously ordered a Google Pixel from the Google official store, you should soon receive a an email with a personalised code to give your friend %1… Read more
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As mentioned in the post, you can only use the 15% if you are the one making the purchase. The person providing the code gets the £50


How do I get this ? not sure how to do it or have Inmissed it


Guys can I please check something... It appears you can't stack the current £50 off offer with the 15% Or, am I missing something here? £450 would have been a steal!


Glad i didn't post this still hoping for cheaper Pixel 2


Updated post to reflect price including 15% off

(ACCOUNT SPECIFIC) £15 off your next Google home mini - Check emails
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Just got an email from Google offering me £15 off my next Google home mini (they state they work best in pairs) so with £15 off that's £35 (£5 lower than even the current promotion… Read more
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Has anybody got a promo could I could use please to get it for £35. I would be very grateful.


Well, my Chromecast has an offer of £10 off, making it £39. :-(


A promo appeared on my Chromecast last night offering the mini for £25, only valid until friday, maybe worth checking if you have one.


I am in agreement here about the WiFi booster, but it made the experience too frustrating for me overall. I use Prime Video because it's cheaper, have Netflix built into my TV anyway. It's all because of the Amazon-Google feud that casting isn't allowed


That's likely as seeing it on another network. As for Amazon's decision to not allow casting to push their own technology helped me make the jump to Netflix and after that I can't go back to Amazon's service it's not on the same level. It's mainly a store front. Content isn't as good too.

Save £10 on Google Home Mini this Father’s Day £39 @ Google Store
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Accessed the link through the chromecast home app. Chromecast Promotional offers & terms Once you have set up your Chromecast, you can access and redeem all available offers f… Read more

Yes.. you are right. It's like saying let's buy a new TV then you remembered the phone can do the same too :P


worth every penny, better when £34 though! best pound for pound purchase I've ever made those that go to the trouble of actually picking up their phone still, are soo last year :p


Why, thank you @Mrswitch Mrs Witch Mr Switch


I was going to buy one but then remembered my phone can do the same.

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Google Daydream 2 £49 @ Google store
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Google Daydream 2 reduced from £99 to £49 between 4-17 june Dream with your eyes open. Meet Daydream View. A virtual reality headset that's easy-to-wear, with a controller that… Read more

Fave game on vr is VTime, you chat the funniest sh*t with randomers hahaha


I guess you were daydreaming.


Mines being delivered today, didn't realise its next working day delivery too! :)


That’s just set it back to 0, don’t worry though I hit hot too and I wasn’t going to vote either, so now we’re back to positive heat between us.


Why on earth did I just buy this? (:I

Google Pixel 2 £50 OFF from Google Store £579.99 from £629.99
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
* Promotion period starts 27 May 2018 at 12:00 am GMT-7 and ends 2 Jun 2018 at 11:59 pm GMT-7. Unless otherwise specified, this offer cannot be combined with other offers.
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I'm sure a lot of people that are voting cold do not understand how HotUKDeals works. You're not here to review products or services, you're voting on whether the deal (i.e. price) for this item is a good deal. If this is cold then please tell us why it's cold, i.e. why it's not a good price and where you can get a better deal that makes this a bad deal.

Save £20 on the New Google Home Mini + Google Chromecast V2 Bundle £59 @ Google
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Add the Google Home Mini to your cart, any colour and then go to the Chromecast V2 page, add that, any colour, comes up as a £20 savings, we also had some google play credit sittin… Read more

Yeahzl, my friend crashed a Toyota that was poorly manufactured which is why I won't buy a I doing it right?


Thank you @lloydyseetim that was proudly and excitedly made ((similar to my Triple QX glass cleaner one!)) by a much younger member of the clan... we were so happy they could design something so well, decided to let them do all our deal "picta's" as they call them!!!! Thought it added a bit of flair to the boring deal pix that pop up on feeds, but will not be able to oversee their crazy ideas / spelling mistakes, if there are any, as they are only 4 + 5, so will do what they want, when they want anyway (party)


Wow, did not know that! Added to the details up top (y) would be the deal of the year and yes I would buy it! As already answered, with the argos deal they do not have *all* the colours in both variants, at hardly any stores 8) A few things, the Soc (chip) used, that powers it, is around 2>3 times faster than V1, so no lag when doing anything, the V2 uses dual band AC superfast wifi ((435mbps!)) again a massive plus when you are chucking SHD or FHD files down its throat to view on your TV / Monitors, the V2 also has simultaneous bluetooth dual mode, as well. (y)

Dealmessiah Different system I know, but the same principle. Why anybody would want to have these devices (and pay for them too!) is beyond me. Avoid at all cost.


Beautiful thumbnail

Google Home Mini £39 @ Google or £59 with Chromecast
17/07/2018 at 07:59Expires on 17/07/2018 at 07:59Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Google has a Google Home Mini promo going on at the moment. £10 off any purchase of a Google Home Mini (seems to be at most retailers) The deal here appears to be their £20 off whe… Read more
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If the Home Mini isn't £34 and the Chromecast isn't £20 then these are not hot prices as they have fallen to these prices many times before and surely will do again.

£1 discount for any in-app purchase over £4 @ Google play store (account specific)
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
I've been using an app for a while and thought it would be good to support the dev by unlocking it and removing the annoying ads. I clicked to unlock and it was £4.29 for lifetime … Read more
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You can save another 10-20% if you buy Google Play gift codes from eBay to use as credit.


Just looked that up, it's a huge platform and I've never heard of it, I'm clearly getting old.


Ok, good, I only asked because wanted to make sure you didnt buy $20 worth of Roblox buxs"


My Lastpass premium was up for renewal and I just did not press the purchase button and left it on the screen, then it suddenly popped up with the offer. Think it's normally £22


What item and which game?

Google Daydream View £49 delivered @ Google Store
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Cheapest this has been I believe. £50 off until April 28th.

Anyone got any recommendations to download that utilizes this, preferably free. Cheers


I use my iPhone 6S Plus with a generic VR Headset to watch 3D movies through Plex. I’ve ripped loads of 3D Blurays to the library but just have to make sure your using the side-by-side VR option when using a headset so that the pictures line up with your eyes. Seen a few movies so far and it’s a brilliant way to watch them. Decent set of headphones and your sorted.


We at home have all the phones mentioned. S9 plus on its way in my pocket. Thanks much appreciated


So far it's only compatible with these


So it sounds like you'd highly recommend?

Google Home mini £34/Google Home £104 @ Google Store
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Both reduced at Google Store. Includes the Coral mini.
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But all the points you mentioned need a third party device


Th Not true! They both have merits and weaknesses. I use both. The Amazon echo dots are currently outselling Google home minis probably because the dots have the 'skills' feature which the home minis lack and the Amazon echo dots also have an audio output so you can connect high quality cabled speakers. The home minis don't. There's greater flexibility with the Amazon's echo than Google's home. I also prefer Alexa's voice over Google but either are good. The only thing I would favour with Google's home is you can have more of a natural conversation and Google is the biggest search engine so the minis will recognise more words and know more answers to the questions you throw at it. The echo's use Bing.


These are so much better than the Amazon Echo. I didn’t want either, but they ended up as the must give gift at Christmas.


As a father of a 9 month old, "OK google, play pepper pig on TV" while your hands are full of baby/nappy/food is very handy! That is, until he figures out how to say it himself I guess...


What do you mean not that useful? They're very useful, especially for:- - Cooking, can follow recipes without touching my phone. -Heating, just tell it to turn the heating up/down/off/on. -Calling, I never carry my phone around the house with me so generally just ask Google to call people. -Lights, main lights can turn on and off automatically but if you walk into a room at a random time you can just tell Google to turn the light on. -kettle, turn the kettle on remotely so there's hot water before you even get to the kitchen. -Celebs, is that celeb still alive/how old? And so much more...... *Forgot the most useful "Hey Google, where's my phone?" And it'll ring it for me even on silent!

Get £100 off on Pixel 2 XL £699 @ Google
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Google Pixel 2 XL originally £799 each, now £699 each. Our promotion starts on 1 March 2018 at 12am US PT, and ends 4 April 2018 at 11:59pm US PT. It is subject to availability. Th… Read more
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Really odd. I got them to price match it for me on the live chat. I just said I already have the phone but saw it cheaper on CPW and wondering if you can price match, and if they couldn't that I would return it and buy it from CPW. Took maybe 5 mins and came back saying they're giving me a £70 courtesy refund. Might be because I already had the phone and they didn't want me to return it that they price matched it.


ok tried again and got refused again. was told: I'm sorry but at this time we are only price matching if we subsequently reduce the price of the phone within a certain time frame.


I added the phone to my basket and then did the online chat here


ok will do, do you already have to have bought/owned phone? not bought one yet but want to buy if they price match. Thank you. EDIT: They are closed now so try tomorrow, you got direct link on which you contacted them? as so many options to choose before you get to speak live to someone.


Try again, I got turned down once. Use the phrase courtesy refund as well.

Google pixel  buds for £159 @ Google online store
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Operating System For Google Pixel Buds as an audio headset: Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher iOS 10.0 or higher For minimum hardware requirements go to For p… Read more

I would rather have them than airpods to be honest 😁thats cause im android tho (lol)




What's wrong with using a Babel fish?


I can't imagine the earphones do the translating, wouldn't they just have a mic that sends the sounds to your phone where that or some cloud computer does the translating. And if that is the case why couldn't Google allow any headphones with a mic do it for a fee. For example 10 or 20 quid for the week while you're on holiday.


Cheapest they've been.

Google Pixel 2 XL @ Google Store - £100 off. £699
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Been waiting for Pixel 2 to come down in price again so got this deal as soon as it came up.

Just so you know, Google are acting up with regards to this. Despite their limited warranty information noting that they will replace your phone with one with at least the same functionality, Google store support is offering me nothing more than a refund. I'll let you know if this changes.


My 6P has gone on the fritz with recent bootlooping and battery issues. It has also not seen a security patch since November, despite multiple factory restores. I'm arranging warranty options today. It'll be interesting to see if the go with the Pixel as the replacement. I'll report back.


Best deal so far is the £757 over 2 years on Vodafone with 4gb. Was voted cold but best value and I've been watching since Xmas time when previous best was 817 for 4gb with EE over 2 years


wow yeah. that's what he wants stock android. thanks


If your service provider stocks this phone , with a 2 year manfacturers warranty included looks ideal.

Google Pixelbook reduced to £919 @ Google store
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Not as good as the offer around Christmas but a decent discount and probably the best we'll get for a while.

It's a shame Google are almost following Apple's pricing policy with hardware.


Chromebooks are fabulous. online in 1 second, insanely quick, and no windows updates. i have the 2015 chromebook pixel, it is outstanding. Would never go back to slow, buggy windows. As for the pixebook, still too expensive, but everyone should have a chromebook at home. Blows windows out of the sea for what most people do, (ie) browse, social media, watch video/tv, And of course android apps are now avaiable.


This is exactly why I've just bought one, I have a high end desktop, I don't need any more Windows in my life. I already have a Chromebook I bought preowned for £120 two years ago and it's fine but I want a nice laptop and ChromeOS is by far the best laptop OS in my opinion so this is the best possible laptop for me.


You could get a Windows 10 laptop for £100 so is everyone mad paying £1000? Chromebook is better for many people, the app store now making the bizarre Windows 10 near irrelevant. Seems to me that Windows now has a very big problem attracting the younger market. Oldies of course can be pereuaded to buy more of the same.


chrome os for this price? you must be mad...

Google Pixel C keyboard Google Store - lowest price I've ever seen £55 @ Google
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
They've probably discontinued selling their Pixel C tablets, as I haven't seen them on their website for a while. It used to cost £119, £75 on sale.

No worries man, glad it worked, few things more unaesthetic and irritating than a missing key


@morocco1 - Ordered, delivered & installed. Thanks again for the link. (y)


Thanks! (highfive)


Here you go mate, hope this helps. They ship worldwide and because it's cheap, you won't get stung with customs.


Thanks OP

Google Daydream View £79 at Google Store
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Reduced from £99 to £79 in the Google Store. Only until 24 February.

Any updates? Thanks


I think it's a great gadget with huge potential. The Daydream headset is comfortable, feels premium, is well built and the Bluetooth controller makes it easy to navigate. It's definitely an upgrade over a cardboard style VR headset. VR content is growing and watching my film collection on Plex (renders as a big cinema screen) and travelling through space via Discovery Channel VR was cool. I have yet to try Netflix VR. However, I've been spoilt by 1080p/4K graphics and so the Daydream experience is a slight let down (my expectations were very high and likely unrealistic) since the graphics in my opinion are best described as being somewhere between standard definition (480p) or at best HD 720p depending on the content. I totally understand why they are like that and I'm sure in the future mobile devices will offer what the PC/Console VR experience offers. I haven't had a chance to explore everything and I'm sure I will find content that will look visually stunning and deliver some of my expectations. I think console VR will help push VR into the mainstream and it'll definitely be my next VR investment (Xbox). Hope that helps. I'll try and update my post in the next few days once I've had a proper chance to test it.


Does this work with a landline phone?


What's your verdict on it?


I messed up my reply, haha