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Google Home £99 @ Google Store
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Google Home Hub £99 @ Google Store Since the moderators have edited this to something completely different to what I'd posted I'll post the link below, it's a Google Home hub, red… Read more

Yeah read the description and subsequent comments....


This is not deal for Google Home Hub but for the original Google Home. Hub (thats is the one with display) is for £139. Google home for £99.


Mods why edit this persons post to something that is so obviously not what the OP posted about?!!


Anyway, thanks mate!


Yeah that doesn't surprise me. At all.

Save £40 on Google WiFi 2-Pack, £189 @ Google Store
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
This is about the normal sale price for Google WiFi, I bought this earlier in the year for the same price & have never looked back, quite simply one of the best mesh wireless s… Read more
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Heat meter in this makes no sense?


£187 at Amazonπ=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=google+wifi+2+pack&dpPl=1&dpID=31l8vIyx6RL&ref=plSrch

Google Home Mini - Aqua (Google Exclusive) & Other Colours £29 || Google Home Hub Aqua / Sand (Google Exclusive) £109 @ Google Store
Refreshed 26th Dec 2018Refreshed 26th Dec 2018
Google Home Mini - Aqua (Google Exclusive) / Coral / Charcoal / Chalk £29 Free delivery Home Hub Aqua & Sand (Google Exclusive) / Chalk / Charcoal £109 Free delivery… Read more

Alexa or google?


I went for a 4-pack of Teckin units. The square ones can foul the light switch but the round ones appear to be better There are some reports of the app not working on Android but I used an app called TuyaSmart which is made by the same company and was a breeze. I ordered a pack of 4 and the first one I tried was duff although I only realised this after wasting an hour or so before trying the other 3. They each took about 90 seconds to set up and rename and I emailed the company which sent out a replacement within 7 days and told me to dispose of the duff unit - top class. The units work brilliantly and do not require a hub. I simply named them light 1, light 2, etc. and created a group in the google home app called 'lights' I tell google to switch lights on or off but they also work on a schedule in case I'm not around to issue my orders :-)


I have the Amazon Echo Dot and a Google Home. Both work but the Dot is a bit glitchy (frequent restarts due to stuttery output of responses/music) and is less intuitive to set up with Nest products. On my experience I requested a Google Home Hub for my Christmas present and that will displace the Echo. So far it has been faultless and set-up was laughingly easy. Usage will make a different. Amazon has a lot going for it but if you do not intend to do your shopping I would go for the Google range. Once I get the Nest doorbell I'll be able to check who's at the door whilst in the kitchen and I will link the current devices so I can play music around the house or throw music to another room.


Not sure where you get 20% from... I can only see that on Samsung tvs..


20% cashback at Quidco and 14 days free YouTube Premium at Curry’s. Same price and free C&C. Just no blue available.

Google Chromecast & Home Mini Bundle £49 @ Google Store
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Save £30 just add both to your basket. Free delivery too
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Ordered,missed out on the good deals (story of my life) but £59 is still on offer.


Thanks buddy. Great deal.


Same deal available at Currys/PC World.


Ordered. Great deal!


**NOTE** It's the latest gen Chromecast [not Ultra], not the first gen as shown in the OP

**NOW LIVE** Pixel 3 £639 / Pixel 3XL £769 PLUS £75 voucher @ Google Store UK
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
I'm posting another Pixel 3 deal! Please don't shoot the messenger, I read that this discount will be active after reading this article:… Read more

Anyone looking to sell their pixel stand to recoup some of the voucher money?


This is not really going well ... still no email still no answers.24hours later I wonder if it’s time for a section 75 on credit card


Whenever I've had to return for an exchange (for a replacement) it's been really easy, albeit I've not tried returning anything having only just receiving it, for a refund, and within the 15 day (I think it's 15) period.


The online returns is right pain when it doesn’t work at least if bought from cpw you just go there and return in person. I still haven’t received my email regarding returning my device there is more on reddit and it’s a USA thing as well


Sorry to hear that, hopefully you'll order another after new year. I'm sure it was just a mistake though, I've never had any issues with phones from Google Store upon only just receiving them

Google Store 20% off one item for Google One members (email invite)
Refreshed 6th Dec 2018Refreshed 6th Dec 2018
If you are interested in a Pixel 3 or a Pixel Slate then it could be worth joining Google One just for the 20% discount on a single item. Do the maths. As a member I got an email w… Read more

Sorry. Its been taken.


If not already used I will have please . Thanks


There is a whole thread linked at the top of people requesting codes...


Can I have it? Thanks!


I have a code if someone wants it Now gone.

10% off selected Google Store purchases for students (via Student Beans)
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Just came across these Remember if you're no longer a student but had a Student Beans account when you were, check as you might've had your account automatically renewed for anot… Read more
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And the deal isn't showing anymore. I was definitely on UK so it must've been an app error. Have expired, sorry about that.


Doesn't show on my app and when I manage to get into it through the Internet the T&C say this.


I have Student Beans on UK...


(shock) (shock) (shock)


I don't see it :/ Update: Seems like OP has StudentBeans set to USA, discount only works on US website, no student discount in the UK for Google Store.

Pixel 3 £575 at Google Germany (Must have German Delivery address)
Shipping from GermanyShipping from GermanyFound 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Bit of a faff and not sure how warranty will function after next March... Google store in Germany has knocked €200 of the price of a pixel 3. Which makes it €649 for a base model,… Read more

Having watched Linus Tech Tips review I am staying away from this and considering the Note 9 now.


Buy one Brexit deal get another one free... oh and the Pixel 3 can only be delivered to.... Germany (isn't that in the EU?)


Currently Vodafone are offering £36 pm for 100gb data


Well just hope for the best tomorrow that a good deal comes up, otherwise will anyone actually be using the above methods to buy from Germany?


All I got from live chat with Google was: "I understand your point, chipuk. I'd like to let you know that deals vary from country to country and our product team works on it based on multiple factors." and "We are here to ensure that all our customers receive a fair deal to enjoy our products and services"

Google Home Hub £99 @ Google Store
Refreshed 22nd Nov 2018Refreshed 22nd Nov 2018
Now £99 as expected.

Through the Google Home app. I activated the 14-day trial and then it says redeem 6 months or something like that


I could only get 14 days of premium under the offers in the home app. Anyone know if the 6 months is available some how?


How did you activate your YouTube premium?


Thought I would just put down a quick review for others who are in two minds to buy it or not if it goes down in price again. Device is smaller than I expected but it looks nice. Mine is in the kitchen as I thought it'll be useful for cooking videos or instructions. Fabric looks very much like the echo from afar but since it's at the back you hardly see it. Display is nice to show photos but I think it omits panaromic photos and it'll show 2 portrait photos side by side. However, due to it being at an angle you get glare at certain angles. I was also fine with it being a £100 smart photo frame but there's a 10,000 photo limit in the live album that searches your archive based on facial recognition (not enough for a family with 2 kids). Google needs to fix this. On the plus side, I got the 6 month YouTube premium even when I had a trial of Google music last year and you can cancel it immediately after activation but get to keep all 6 months. This also means you get Google play music subscription for the 6 months. Now for search, this part gets frustrating. Everything defaults to an audio search more suitable for the Google home without a screen. For example, if you tell it to play sky news live on YouTube, it'll go and search for an audio/radio channel instead. Same goes for searches on anything that may have an audio component e.g. nursery rhymes, songs, etc. It's also frustrating that you need to physically touch the screen to select your search results. Google needs to fix this too I would say at this stage, this is not a buy unless it's around £60-70.



Up to £50 off Google Devices -  Google Home Mini  £29 / Google Home Smart Speaker £79
Refreshed 20th Nov 2018Refreshed 20th Nov 2018
£50 off Google Home Smart Speaker £20 off Google Mini And other stuff too + Free YouTube Premium free until April 2019* *New users only
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google home hub (with screen ) is on offer ebay £99 brand new normaly £139 .


I bought the Google Home speaker on Friday for £79, and love it, with just the spotify free account


Bought one as well. Thanks for the link,


Know what you mean, think I'm gonna put it in the kitchen


Ah, just seen you found it before I posted my comment, I thought about getting one but I'd find myself moving it room to room so I've just gone for 3x minis and I'll do without the screen

Save £40 on Google Pixel 3/3 XL for Black Friday from £699 @ Google Store
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
To say I'm disappointed by Google on this would be an understatement! I've been holding out on a Google pixel purchase for a while as I've still got a trusty iphone 6 that is on it… Read more

Don't beleive this just paid £799 at CPW today


Looks better or atleast i think so. The notch is far too big on the 3XL. Personally I think Oxygen OS does a good job of making pure Android better. I always wanted pure Android but that I've used Oxygen OS I think it'll be a downgrade going to a pixel 3XL.


In my opinion the only thing that the One Plus 6/6T is better than the Pixel 3 XL is the price tag.


Remember the Google phones that had a solid spec and were affordable, like the Nexus 4?


They don't the thieving arses! £40 is just pointless! Massively disappointed with this deal. Will go either Mate 20 Pro or 6T

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 xl reduced by £200 direct from Google Store -  Starting at £429
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Good discount currently have to join waiting list for more stock. Pixel 2 £429/529 for 64/128GB. Pixel 2 XL £599/699 for 64/128GB

Now £629 - post needs expiring


For what it's worth, the Pixel 2 arrived on Thursday. It definitely feels well built and the setup was a dream from the Nexus 5. Just plug in the cable and watch everything move across. It's also a fair bit snappier, browsing chrome is way faster and the camera is obviously miles better. That said, for my day to day use other than photos (I'm not a heavy user) I'm not sure there is a huge amount in it, launching apps is quicker..but not light years quicker. The vibration motor feels cheaper. The bezels are noticeably bigger (I appreciate the stereo speakers are better as a result) and I can hardly notice any difference in the screen quality if I'm being honest. If anything the Pixel 2 is a bit orange (colours boosted) with too much contrast. I used to be a bit of a tech geek and a graphic designer, so I'm not talking from zero experience either. I can live with no headphone jack, but it would be nice. I still have my Nexus 4 and the difference between that and the 5 is pretty big. I think for 4 year age gap I expected the difference to be more noticeable but maybe I'm not the target audience. I'll play around with it a bit more over the weekend before deciding for sure whether or not to keep it.


I placed an order on Saturday but my shipping status currently says "Your delivery was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way." anyone in the same boat?


All phones from Google Store UK are unlocked. Not sure about the SIM card, you'd have to contact Google Store about that


concerning this offer, is this phone unlocked? can it work with non European sim cards?

Google Home Hub £99 (deal starts 22nd) £99 @ Google store
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Anyone fancy the new Google Home Hub for £99? Get all-day help on your home screen. See your upcoming activities and commute at a glance. Plus, get recommended videos, view recipe… Read more
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Ordered this last night, arrived this morning. Gonna set it up over lunch. :)


where is the profit in that?




At the time, there was no evidence whatsoever that this deal was true. And if you read my comments, I did state that if it does become a deal, then great. So get over it and move on.


how's the fantasy bro? did it come true? drama queen Not ridiculous at all.

Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. Chalk / Charcoal £20 delivered @ Google Store
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. Chalk / Charcoal £20 delivered @ Google Store Stream from your device to your TV. Just like that. Stream from Android and iPhone®. E… Read more

Does the Chromecast have the ability to play on demand content from the likes of BBC iPlayer or 4od? Or is it only netflix/youtube/Spotify etc?


Hot UK Deals...You advertise this product on your website...Google Chromecast 3rd Gen. Chalk / Charcoal £20 delivered @ Google Store£20£3033% when you go to checkout the price is £30 not £20 as is advertised delivered. Why can't I get the deal as advertised on your website page?


Deal expired


Bought and heat added. Nice one, OP (y)


A little bit of misinformation going on here, this product does NOT mirror your phone unless you specifically choose screenshare in the Google Home APP that you install to control this Chromecast from. When you cast an app to the Chromecast the app isn't running on the screen as such, the Chromecast fetches the info from the internet to show on the screen, hence the better quality. Nothing to do with mirroring. For example, you open the BT Sports app on your mobile, you click on the cast icon and choose your Chromecast, the Chromecast will come out of standby awaiting you to choose a channel. Click on a channel to watch and Chromecast will go find it and stream it to the screen. Your mobile phone is freed up to use as you see fit, its not crippled while casting to a Chromecast. You can add further APPS right there from the Google Home app on your phone that are compatible with Chromecast, ie. catch up TV channels, netflix, etc. **Mirroring** You can also mirror your phone to a Chromecast, this option is simply there to deal with the apps that don't allow casting. In my experience mirroring sucks on the quality and stability front sometimes so I rarely use it.

Chromecast Ultra £54 @ Google Store
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Chromecast Ultra £69 elsewhere, the Chromecast matches the price at argos, Currys etc

Yeah, if i need to return it with a fault or defect i can just pop to a local shop and not have to pee about posting stuff.


Any reason why? Google directly more likely to get one than a hunt locally for limited stock.


Id buy this at that price from local retailers, but don't fancy it via google direct at that price.


I think I'll hold off too. Would be nice to have 4K support and decent quality Twitch streams. The Panasonic apps are crap. Some tech youtubers have moved to a boxier 'cinematic' aspect ratio with the top bottom black bars and the Panasonic YT app just translates that into a squashed image vertically and horizontally, it sucks.


I'm in 2 minds. None of the other retailers seem to be discounting the ultra. Probably going to end up waiting...

Google Pixelbook from as low as £699 for i5 to £1399 for i7 from @ Google Store for base model
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
For the lowest price I've seen for a while, you can pickup the pixelbook base model for £699, it runs an Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM & 128GB SSD drive Or for £200 get the mid range… Read more
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Does anyone know how to prompt Google to send you the £50 Google Store voucher that is apparently available in addition to this?


Lol - I can't math - stealing that line even tho I can.


Woops, I can't math


Isn't it £200 more for the mid range model? £699 vs £899.


Heads up, for anyone interested in the linux capabilities, there is a lot of info on the John Lewis thread. tl;dr, i personally find it a great replacement for my aging x220 running linux, but be aware that there is no support (in linux apps) for graphics accelleration, audio or USB - so ymmv. For general dev work, its a very very capable machine, not least because of a great keyboard and an awesome screen.

Google Pixel 2 £479 and Pixel 2 XL £599 at Google Store
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
Price drops on the outgoing model are live at the Google Store, not the absolute lowest price around but probably the best after sales service if you have any problems. Add an ext… Read more

Why not just go to samsung directly rather than using CPW?


I don’t know. When I had issues with my Samsung Galaxy, I had to deal with CPW and they sent away every time to their own repairers, not something I want to risk again. The overall experience from CPW was exceptionally poor, and something I won’t be repeating. I couldn’t care if CPW were £100 cheaper, the grief just wouldn’t be worth it (I’d just get Google to price match and go with Google instead!!!).


Unless you can get discounted currys vouchers through work, then it comes up to 460, so still cheaper. For warranty you would probably go to google, not currys anyway right?


At least 3 of those 4 points no one cares about


Is it hopeful thinking that now that Google Store have reduced their prices other stores may further reduce their prices.

New Chromecast £30 direct from Google
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
This went live today - mine has been despatched already! Very similar to the previous Chromecast (note: NOT the Chromecast Ultra) but according to Google, it is 15% faster. Functio… Read more

How is this any better than the previous 1080p one?


I better buy roku tv for 17 pounds for yt . Even doh good find .


Has anyone had any experience of connecting these to an AV Amp for DD+?


For me, chromecast is the single quickest method of getting the content i want on my tv, and it has been for years. The most important thing for most people is being able to stream tv and movies. Most android users have all the dodgy movies apps etc on their phones. I see daily whats been updated while out and about. Most of the time i can plan on what im watching before im home fron work by checking the latest updates on my phone. Plus, because i tend to have my phone on me most of the time, the updates happen regularly throughout the day,so i don't have to sit around waiting for updates when i actually want to watch stuff. when i want to watch a movie/tv show, i browse it through the phone app and cast it to the tv. The whole process takes around 30 seconds There is nothing that can compare to it. Sure the firestick is good but ive found you need to constantly faff around with new build versions of kodi etc and its very slow to load. It can all be done so much quicker and smoother on your phone.Plus theres one less remote to worry about.


Nobody arguing pointed out you can use google home to play things from YouTube and Netflix on the chrome cast. You can’t do that with the TVs built in cast functionality nor can you do it with Apple TV. I have an iPhone and I love my chrome cast for its speed