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Google Pixel 2 £479 and Pixel 2 XL £599 at Google Store
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Price drops on the outgoing model are live at the Google Store, not the absolute lowest price around but probably the best after sales service if you have any problems. Add an ext… Read more

Why not just go to samsung directly rather than using CPW?


I don’t know. When I had issues with my Samsung Galaxy, I had to deal with CPW and they sent away every time to their own repairers, not something I want to risk again. The overall experience from CPW was exceptionally poor, and something I won’t be repeating. I couldn’t care if CPW were £100 cheaper, the grief just wouldn’t be worth it (I’d just get Google to price match and go with Google instead!!!).


Unless you can get discounted currys vouchers through work, then it comes up to 460, so still cheaper. For warranty you would probably go to google, not currys anyway right?


At least 3 of those 4 points no one cares about


Is it hopeful thinking that now that Google Store have reduced their prices other stores may further reduce their prices.

New Chromecast £30 direct from Google
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
This went live today - mine has been despatched already! Very similar to the previous Chromecast (note: NOT the Chromecast Ultra) but according to Google, it is 15% faster. Functio… Read more

How is this any better than the previous 1080p one?


I better buy roku tv for 17 pounds for yt . Even doh good find .


Has anyone had any experience of connecting these to an AV Amp for DD+?


For me, chromecast is the single quickest method of getting the content i want on my tv, and it has been for years. The most important thing for most people is being able to stream tv and movies. Most android users have all the dodgy movies apps etc on their phones. I see daily whats been updated while out and about. Most of the time i can plan on what im watching before im home fron work by checking the latest updates on my phone. Plus, because i tend to have my phone on me most of the time, the updates happen regularly throughout the day,so i don't have to sit around waiting for updates when i actually want to watch stuff. when i want to watch a movie/tv show, i browse it through the phone app and cast it to the tv. The whole process takes around 30 seconds There is nothing that can compare to it. Sure the firestick is good but ive found you need to constantly faff around with new build versions of kodi etc and its very slow to load. It can all be done so much quicker and smoother on your phone.Plus theres one less remote to worry about.


Nobody arguing pointed out you can use google home to play things from YouTube and Netflix on the chrome cast. You can’t do that with the TVs built in cast functionality nor can you do it with Apple TV. I have an iPhone and I love my chrome cast for its speed

Google Pixel USB-C earbuds - £30 @ Google Store
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
A decent earphone with Google Assistant and real-time language translations, which can be activated with the buttons on the in-line remote.

They don't require charging.


Any idea if these will work with my 12" Macbook as well as my S8?


They sound better. I have a pair which is both wired and wireless and sound quality is noticable better with the wired connection.


these work with a s9?


Yes. A year ago.

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Google Pixel 3 £739 @ Google store
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Fab price for such a great phone with AI characters for photos and the best selfie camera for wide shots.
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and if not, the developers over at XDA will port it to other Pixel devices...and likely other handsets too.


Just watch the keynote...I mean don't quote me as 100% but I think the only Pixel 3 only feature is the wide angle lens up front. The Pixel 3 surely has better rear camera hardware as well which will no doubt result in better images, but feature-wise I'm pretty sure everything will filter down to older generations as well.


Got a source for that? If so the pixel 2 would be my choice


My first car actually cost less than this phone, I am expecting Jermey Beadle to pop out in a minute and point ot the hidden cameras.


ezzer72: Wow, that’s millions of times more attractive than this phone - I’ll bet you have to beat the ladies away with a sh***y stick (:I I do it's like the phone has some sort of pheromones that just attract the ladies to me. Or could it be the pheromone spray (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

Buy 2 Google Home minis for £68.40 on Google's 20th anniversary
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
20% off for Google's 20th and an extra £10 when you purchase two Google home minis.
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"Google Home Max" - It's Google's new large version of the Home.


It is! £101 brand new or £175 for 2, delivered.



Good deal. Shame the Google Home Max is not on offer.


Literally last night I said "Hey Google, play some music on Deezer" and it said something about I need a Netflix subscription to cast Netflix. Like er you what mate?

20% off select items at Google store today only, no code required - pixel 2 £503.20 / Home mini £39.20 / Chromecast ultra £55.20
Refreshed 27th SepRefreshed 27th Sep
Received an email stating they have a 20 percent off promo today only. I.e pixel 2 £503.20 instead of 629 Home mini £39.20 instead of 49 Chromecast ultra £55.20 instead of £69
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Ah crap! Sorry then.


It kind of says it is, until you actually click on it. Then says out of stock. Shame, I really wanted one!


Not for me - emptying cache and hard reload doesn't do the trick.


Showing as available for me. Keep trying.


I just kept refreshing and was able to buy one eventually (y)

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Google Home Max UK launched today @ Google Store - £399
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
Fully expect this to go cold. Not for everyone. Sonos 5 challenger....but with assistant support they can't deliver. Not strictly a deal but some might find this useful 20x more … Read more
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There isn't a USB slot on the BT3 speakers I have, but I would imagine others are available with one. I have an Audio Pro Addon speaker (single, portable one not a stereo pair) that has one - I think it's been an addition manufacturers tend to add as demand has increased for such things, I bought my BT3's before that happened. I used to just plug mine into the mains alongside the speakers, but I tend to just use the bluetooth connection now I don't have a Google Music sub.


How would the chromecast audio be powered? I can't see a USB slot to power the cca unit via the speakers?


Thanks alot for the response. Really appreciate it. I would go for cc option as I've got various ones dotted round the house. Just hate keeping tabs on charge for the speakers... Ggggrrrrrr


I know this is months late but maybe it's still a relevant answer... What you're looking for are active speakers, as in they power themselves. Take a look through some examples and hopefully that answers your query? I have a pair of Q Acoustics BT3 and am very happy with them although being bookshelf speakers they obviously lack in bass, if that's your thing. You can plug a Chromecast into them via the audio-in or just connect directly to the speaker, ruling out the need for the Chromecast in the first place if you want to just stream from a browser/tablet/phone.


Errrm. How? Edit. Googled. Wow, didn't know they released that. Thanks

Go back to school with Google Store - savings on Made By Google products online
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Google Store is hosting their back to school event, meaning you can get some of their Google products at discounted prices. Apologies if I miss anything out (feel free to add addi… Read more
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"Their" not "there". D- :{ Back to school, young man. ;)


Who in their right mind would send there kid or teen to school with £1300+ tech in there bag and pocket.


Google has decided to market lots of things that will distract the kids from doing homework and studying as a back to school sale. Worst idea ever to buy your kids any of these as they go back to school.


Who wants to go back to school?


Back to school used to mean a new pencil case.

Google Chromecast £25 + Free delivery at Google Store
Refreshed 21st AugRefreshed 21st Aug
Save £5 on the Google Chromecast it is usually £30 + Free delivery, i believe Currys/PC World are also offering it at the same price of £25 but I am not sure do they also have free… Read more
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If you want to cast Amazon Prime you should get a firestick - Amazon and Google don't support each other very well. Or were you being sarcastic lol


I bought one to cast from my Samsung Tab A, and it doesn’t cast Amazon Prime, just YouTube, itv hub, Bbc iplayer, Spotify etc. I bought it specifically for Prime video and it doesn’t work


Which is basically the issue - TV makers don't seem to get that people don't want to change their TVs as often as their phones but only support their TVs as long as the mobiles... I'm not buying another smart TV again, if it has smart features fine, but Chromecast and Fire Sticks are so good now there's no reason not to.


These are great, got one for my mum's non smart tv now she can watch bbc3 and stream pics from whatsapp to tv. I just wish they would do a deal for Chromecast audio.


yep - i totally agree. We bought a samsung smart TV years ago (which I love) but we also got a chromecast at the same time. We used the 'smart' features for a while, but quickly learned that the chromecast was far easier (essentially using your phone as a remote to control the chromecast). We since upgraded to an Nvidia Shield (which supports chromecast). I'm envisaging that my TV will last 10 years (at least?), but i know I can keep plugging in smarter devices as they become available, negating the need for a 'smart' TV in the first place...

Google Home WiFi 3 pack (2 pack plus 1 pack) £288 from Google Store
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Google WiFi offer Buy single pack save £30 Buy double pack save £40 Buy both a single and double pack and it stacks so £70 off (3 pack price normally £329)
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Yeah, but that’s still not £288 down from £329. Unless you mean they sell a triple pack at £329


£30 and £40 off the single and double pack based on google store price.


Grade A HUKD comment editing sucks.


I can’t make your total a £70 saving (£329 rrp to £288 isn’t £70). Regardless, £85 at CEX for a Grade


Not much of a saving to be honest. JL doing double pack at £189 and a single for £99

Google Home Mini £39 @ Google Store
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Just got an email from Google showing that they are running a promotion of £10 off the Google Home Mini. Terms from the email: Get £10 off when you buy Google Home Mini on the Goo… Read more
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It's not the same. This will allow you to ask Google to play things on your Chromecast. E.g. Hey Google, play suits on the living room TV .


I really couldn't careless what they are listening to what I'm saying, unless they are really interested in listening to my pointless conversations with my missus and kids. I do like the ability to ask if to play the music I want on request though (y)


hi... How different is this from Chromecast ? or can the google home mini, can be used as a chromecast feature too (i.e casting to TV). Chromecast


And John Lewis


Google home 99 now too

£100 off Pixel 2 £629 & Pixel 2 XL £699 on Google Store
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
I know you can find these phones for much cheaper elsewhere but if you're the kind of person that prefers to buy direct from Google then it might be of interest to you. Terms &am… Read more

I bought my pixel.xl from cpw, when a fault happened with focusing, I went straight to Google. I didn't even get cpw involved. Replacement sent out same day.


Nope, not the same level of service. Cpw will eventually repair it BUT you will be without a phone until its repaired and given back. Google send you a replacement before sending the old one back, using their clone phone feature whilst starting the new phone you can connect each other up via usb c and have zero inconvenience of loosing apps, call logs,text messages etc as if nothing happened.


Your friend must be terrible at complaining. I've always had the same level of service doesn't matter if it's direct or via a 3rd party. Sales of Goods act, statutory rights ... I come loaded with the full spiel. Most resistance was put up by Very however even then they gave me a £50 quid cheque as good will and 20% off a laptop. If there's a known issue or fault your friend could take the device back to CPW and get it sorted if they really wanted to.


Same here! I purchased my Nexus 6P directly from Google (October 2015) A friend purchased his 6P from CPW or Fones4U Both developed the battery issue by April 2017 (Known issue). I reported this directly to Google via their chat. They sent me a Pixel XL (1st gen) to replace my phone Friend reported his to whoever it was.... He still has the 6P and battery issue. My Google Home developed a problem after 7 months whereby it hears static instead of my voice.... Reported to Google via their chat and they sent a replacement. Google Store wins :)


Having bought the first gen from Google and a friend buying from cpw, there's a huge difference buying direct from Google. If you're phone has a issue cpw will give you the run around, when you finally manage getting through to their thick heads you have to send it back and be without a phone for a couple weeks. I had an issue , ring Google, a few troubleshooting steps, no resolve and within the same conversation they ship a repacement phone to me , give you 14 days to transfer data from old phone to new and send faulty device back. This is only if you buy direct from Google.Not to mention 24 month warranty starts from scratch.

Pixel Buds. £109 @ Google
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Cheapest I've seen since release. Direct from Google. Operating system For Google Pixel Buds as an audio headset: Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher iOS 10.0 or higher For minim… Read more
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Depends, if you are comparing them to free earbuds you get with your phone they are great. If you compare them to similarly priced earphones them these are mediocre. This is first gen tech and has issues I would recommend saving your money for October and get Pixel buds 2 where they will no doubt fix its kinks.


Expired again? Ignore the haters.


I expired by accident. It's back on now, although people don't seem to like this deal.


I have them and I'm very happy with them. Most of the complaints were really overblown, in my view. They aren't noise cancelling or even noise isolating, but the sound quality is great and I don't have a problem hearing music or podcasts while commuting. Pairing is almost instantaneous with my Pixel 2 XL. Some complained about the lack of fast charging, but I only really need to charge the case about once a week and it doesn't take that long. My main complaint was the price, but they tick all the boxes for me regardless of what the reviewers claim.


I literally haven't read a single review that has described the sound quality on these as 'amazing'. Take your pick of reviews: Verge, Engadget, Guardian, WhatHifi -- all said the sound is at best 'pretty good' and it had huge problems with ambient noise leaking through. No-one's been impressed by them

Save £15 on Google Home Mini. @ Google shop - now £34 @ Google Store
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Save £15 when you buy a Google Home Mini, originally £49 each, now £34 each. Promotion starts on 8 July 2018 at 8:00am BST, and ends 18 July 2018 at 7:59am BST.
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You're talking nonsense. I guarantee you the aim wasn't to demean the OP's effort. Don't assume the worst.


Someone take the time and effort to come on here and post a great deal on a google home mini. You then rock up and call it "the most useless gadget you have bought". Now what purpose does that serve other than to demean the OP's effort? If you at least put the effort in to quantify how it didnt work for you, then it might just be useful for someone else. But to simply call it useless is just plain rude! Perhaps if you were less mean and more supportive to members of the HUKD community, then I wouldn't have needed to vent at all. People put in effort to help others. Simply being negative serves no purpose on this site. It isnt a reviews site. It is a site for people to save money on an item they want. If you didnt like it, move on. There are hundreds of other threads that might interest you.


I don't understand the tone. I didn't feel like havingt to elaborate then, so I did not, but can now but I'm not sure I will given how you replied. Do we have to be mean to each other? But ok - in short it just doesn't fit my lifestyle. I don't have a connected home, when I cook I use my wrist watch, I don't listen to music on spotify - I listen to DJ mixes which tend to be hosted on mixcloud, I don't have kids, I don't drive to work I commute, also it doesn't understand my wife's strong eastern european accent. There. I'm also an android developer by trade so I should really like it, but I just don't. I bought it, used two times, now it stands there turned off. Please let's be nicer to each other next time.


You are probably right. I did the initial "say hey/ok google" X 4. But haven't specifically registered my voice to the account.


Thank you. That is strange as my Google Home responds to my wife's and daughter's commands pretty well apart from not dialing out and only accepts my voice for this. May be because you have not specifically registered your own voice on your account?

Google Daydream View. Save £50 on Daydream View @ Google Store - £49
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
50£ discount on Google day dream view.
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But where are you going to get a decent motion controller to go with your Z4?


Thanks. I might just take you up on your kind offer!


You're welcome. The best thing I like about the z4 is it has a really high fov . Higher than gearvr and oculus etc. And you can also adjust the ipd (space between your eyes) which most headsets do t you adjust. You use a qr barcode with your phone camera using the cardboard app to configure your phone for the headset. The z4 will come with the qr barcode in the box you just scan it with your phone. However there is a Reddit thread where lots of people have uploaded different qr barcodes as images , I suggest you try some of them they are better than stock (depending on person to person). You just scan them from your monitor using your phone camera. If you need any help setting things up gimme a pm


Just to let you know that after watching a lot of reviews on YouTube, I took your advice and ordered myself a BoboVR Z4. I picked up a new one with a bundled tiny gamepad off EBay, for £10.80 delivered. I didn't think that was a bad price to pay. Looking forward to joining the world of VR when it arrives next week. Many thanks!


no one seems to have mentioned the best selling point.. The Hub, the Hub of adult videos PH ;)

Pixel 2 £50 discount + free Home mini £529 + (%15 off code from a friend) ***Please do not offer / request referrals***
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
**DEAL NOT GUARANTEED** If you previously ordered a Google Pixel from the Google official store, you should soon receive a an email with a personalised code to give your friend %1… Read more
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As mentioned in the post, you can only use the 15% if you are the one making the purchase. The person providing the code gets the £50


How do I get this ? not sure how to do it or have Inmissed it


Guys can I please check something... It appears you can't stack the current £50 off offer with the 15% Or, am I missing something here? £450 would have been a steal!


Glad i didn't post this still hoping for cheaper Pixel 2


Updated post to reflect price including 15% off

(ACCOUNT SPECIFIC) £15 off your next Google home mini - Check emails
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Just got an email from Google offering me £15 off my next Google home mini (they state they work best in pairs) so with £15 off that's £35 (£5 lower than even the current promotion… Read more
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Has anybody got a promo could I could use please to get it for £35. I would be very grateful.


Well, my Chromecast has an offer of £10 off, making it £39. :-(


A promo appeared on my Chromecast last night offering the mini for £25, only valid until friday, maybe worth checking if you have one.


I am in agreement here about the WiFi booster, but it made the experience too frustrating for me overall. I use Prime Video because it's cheaper, have Netflix built into my TV anyway. It's all because of the Amazon-Google feud that casting isn't allowed


That's likely as seeing it on another network. As for Amazon's decision to not allow casting to push their own technology helped me make the jump to Netflix and after that I can't go back to Amazon's service it's not on the same level. It's mainly a store front. Content isn't as good too.

Save £10 on Google Home Mini this Father’s Day £39 @ Google Store
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Accessed the link through the chromecast home app. Chromecast Promotional offers & terms Once you have set up your Chromecast, you can access and redeem all available offers f… Read more

Yes.. you are right. It's like saying let's buy a new TV then you remembered the phone can do the same too :P


worth every penny, better when £34 though! best pound for pound purchase I've ever made those that go to the trouble of actually picking up their phone still, are soo last year :p


Why, thank you @Mrswitch Mrs Witch Mr Switch


I was going to buy one but then remembered my phone can do the same.

Google Daydream 2 £49 @ Google store
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Google Daydream 2 reduced from £99 to £49 between 4-17 june Dream with your eyes open. Meet Daydream View. A virtual reality headset that's easy-to-wear, with a controller that… Read more

Fave game on vr is VTime, you chat the funniest sh*t with randomers hahaha


I guess you were daydreaming.


Mines being delivered today, didn't realise its next working day delivery too! :)


That’s just set it back to 0, don’t worry though I hit hot too and I wasn’t going to vote either, so now we’re back to positive heat between us.


Why on earth did I just buy this? (:I