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LFC TV Virgin Media channel 544 FREE
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Posted 14th Apr 2018Posted 14th Apr 2018
LFC TV Virgin Media channel 544 FREE
I’ve literally just come across the channel and it’s free today... not sure how long it is free for... unsure if this is free on Sky either

I've got history channel so Im ok thanks.




False fact.... What scouser has forgot about that :/


That was probably the history channel you was watching, not LFC tv.


The knobs who caused the tragedy went to jail, but that doesn't fit your narrative does it? Nor does the fact the victims are remembered every year on it's anniversary. How about the Utd fans who stabbed to death a Palace fan 20-odd years ago? Or the hooligan footballer who attacked another Palace fan on live TV, or the hooligan captain who intentionally broke another players leg? I guess it's easy to take the moral high ground if you bury your own past. Every English club had a problem with hooliganism in the 70's and 80's and something bad was going to happen sooner or later. Liverpool being in Europe every year coming up against other ultras increased those odds considerably coupled with a stadium that would've failed any health & safety standard of the time let alone now. Suggest you either grow up or find somewhere else to troll.

Champions Scarf  99p @  Liverpoolfc TV
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Posted 7th May 2014Posted 7th May 2014
Champions Scarf 99p @ Liverpoolfc TV
Unused and available in the Liverpool store

pity this product isn't real




Could be a bargain come 4:45 Sunday afternoon


Lol not cool



Liverpool FC Free worldwide delivery.
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Posted 1st Apr 2014Posted 1st Apr 2014
Liverpool FC Free worldwide delivery.
UK SAVE £3.99 EIRE SAVE £7.00 EU SAVE £8.00 USA SAVE £9.50 ROW SAVE £15.00

Hmmm page not available


Bitter I say. Very bitter!!


Great news for the Norwegian fans. Who account for 95% of the fanbase.


Great! Now 20 years of this mob.


glory glory man united oh **** lol this is for the glory supporters fill ya boots

Liverpool FC Warrior POLO - £12.50 + FREE worldwide p&p @ Liverpool Store
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Posted 13th Mar 2014Posted 13th Mar 2014
Liverpool FC Warrior POLO - £12.50 + FREE worldwide p&p @ Liverpool Store
Half price official warrior polo

The chosen one


Either a bitter, or a Mufc plc fan!!


Trying to console yourself at being knocked off your perch?


They're the best front 2 I've ever seen in a Liverpool shirt!


It's free worldwide postage until 9am 14th March

Free Worldwide Delivery @ Liverpool FC
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Posted 25th Jan 2014Posted 25th Jan 2014
Free Worldwide Delivery @ Liverpool FC
Free worldwide delivery on all products. UK SAVE £3.95 IRELAND SAVE £7.50 EUROPE SAVE £8.00 USA SAVE £9.50 REST OF WORLD SAVE £15.00

Well considered response. And no I don't support Liverpool.


Indeed,my OH went to watch Man City yesterday and he's a Liverpool fan,some people don't understand why he'd go to watch a team he doesn't support,but his reply is,he likes to watch Football full stop.


Get a life.


any deal with free postage is good- so decent offer for liverpools world wide support which is massive -but they do have outlets in most countries now so stuff is easy to get in person !


Meh. Hopefully someone can find it if they search, might help them. Pity it's been made cold by all the football morons on here

20% Off Everything in LFC Store
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Posted 7th Dec 2013Posted 7th Dec 2013
20% Off Everything in LFC Store
20% off everything in the LFC store, pick up any of themens kits for just £36! Absolute bargains.
Get deal*Get deal*

Members 10% discount still applies at checkout too


But only for a day each time!


Good deal thanks, although has been posted a couple of times in deals section over last few days

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20% off at liverpool online store
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Posted 5th Dec 2013Posted 5th Dec 2013
20% off at liverpool online store
not to everyones taste but if your a lfc supporter then they have 20% off everything Standard p&p is £3.99 - HesFamily4

HULL CITY. Hahapahahamaumunubahhaa!




p&p is £3.99 for standard delivery Got my son some bargains for Christmas


Free delivery?


Just sorted my Bro's Christmas Present. Many Thanks

Liverpool FC Warrior Shirt 2012-2013 (Home, Away and 3rd Shirts) for £10 (+ £3.99 p&p) from Official LFC Website!
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Posted 10th Jul 2013Posted 10th Jul 2013
Liverpool FC Warrior Shirt 2012-2013 (Home, Away and 3rd Shirts) for £10 (+ £3.99 p&p) from Official LFC Website!
I know it is last seasons shirts but for £10 (plus £3.99 P&P - £13.99 Total) it's hard to beat! Get them from the official LFC Website. I only had last seasons short sleeve ho… Read more

hoping mine comes in time for the Preston friendly on Saturday or I'll be going in 2012s away shirt. :-(


Just had mine delivered, well happy! Got an Away & 3rd shirt for me & a Home shirt for my son! We play football every week so ideal & Liverpool is my 2nd favourite team after Hull City lol! Hope you took advantage of my similar post a few weeks ago?! ;-)


cant find the long sleeve ones on the site. I must admit the away kits for this season are horrendous. Takes me back to the monstrosity of the years gone by the green and white quarters and the yellow shirt. Sad thing is I had all of those ones :-)


Yea just the shirt, apologies, wrong terminology. I always just use the word kit when im talking about football tops. I have corrected the error. But even the socks are reduced to £3, although there are only Mediums left as stock is running out. But still, pretty good prices. Always handy to have spare.


Got myself the purple one. love that shirt

Liverpool FC 2012-2013 Home shirt  - £10 + (3.99 del)
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Posted 18th May 2013Posted 18th May 2013
Liverpool FC 2012-2013 Home shirt - £10 + (3.99 del)
Liverpool FC store has now reduced the current (2012-13 season) home shirt to £10. Great price for a fantastic shirt. +3.99 Delivery


Kids all over this thread, some ban hammers need bringing out


No, read the sentence again. Although maybe I should because your grammar is terrible.


I thought you'd prefer another team in red finishing above you rather than one in blue


I asked you to explain. Besides, you'll find it difficult to find many clubs with morals as the game is so corrupt now.

Free T shirt & a chance to win a Holiday when you Preorder LFC Home Shirt  13/14 @£45
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Posted 4th May 2013Posted 4th May 2013
Free T shirt & a chance to win a Holiday when you Preorder LFC Home Shirt 13/14 @£45
The New Home Shirt is due for release on 30th May, With guaranteed delivery on Launch date. All Pre- orders will automatically receive an exclusive free Warrior Liverpool FC T-Sh… Read more

did you even read what i was replying to????


do they also throw in a free muzzle with these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


credit for replying with a joke to a comment inferring that loo roll is similar to a Liverpool shirt. last time I did that i was simply called an idiot, twice, lol.


You lot gonna bring out another DVD of a league win again?


Cold from me much cheaper here:

Liverpool Replica Kits Now £15 Adults and £10 kids  and get a Free T Shirt   LFC Store
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Posted 17th Apr 2013Posted 17th Apr 2013
Liverpool Replica Kits Now £15 Adults and £10 kids and get a Free T Shirt LFC Store
I know the seasons almost over but Liverpool kits are now reduced to £15 ( Was £45) for Adults and £10 (was £35) for kids . If you wait until 22nd April you can also claim a fr… Read more

Think its free with the new shirt


I'll wait until 22nd anyway thanks


free T-shirt is for present orders on next seasons home shirt I think


Liverpool's season was over a long time ago!


My mate told me about it, i'll check with her

Warrior LFC Liverpool home shirt 2012/13 reduced (again) to £15 +P&P
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Posted 11th Apr 2013Posted 11th Apr 2013
Warrior LFC Liverpool home shirt 2012/13 reduced (again) to £15 +P&P
The LFC store has again reduced the price of the home kits. I just got the home shirt, shorts and socks for £33.99 delivered (I won't be wearing the lot at the same time). I think … Read more

All these cold votes because people don't support a team (or hate a team) is stupid. Unless a club has 51% of the HUKD commity's support all deals will go cold, whatever the club.


They make LFC's tops now, not Adidas. I've heard they're good.


nice top


What's Warrior?


Same price on Amazon as well from same seller, nice spot tho

Warrior Liverpool Home Football Shirt 12/13 Was £45 Now £15 @LFC Store
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Posted 8th Mar 2013Posted 8th Mar 2013
Warrior Liverpool Home Football Shirt 12/13 Was £45 Now £15 @LFC Store
This years Home LFC Shirt save £30 I know that Club items get put as cold ,But £15 is a good price Note need to add £3.99 delivery Price therefore £18.99 - adr0ck
Avatardeleted199621Get deal*Get deal*

Got mine today and to be honest its the second time I've had stuff from the club shop that's a bit shoddy. Stitching on the shirt isn't great and now have to return for exchange. I'd rather support the club by buying direct but at least if you go instore to Sportsdirect etc you can check the shirt looks decent. One thing I would say (and I hope they are good again) is that customer service from the club shop are usually good.


I wouldnt hold your breath. LFC havent delivered in years!!


How long does it take to come? I am still waiting since Sunday. :(


Cheers Op, going to meet relatives in summer abroad so needed to take some gifts decided to get 2 shirts with names and number came up to £48.


For those interested, you can also get Shorts £10 Socks £5 Half price name/number printing too Was in the club shop on Saturday and picked up the full home kit for £30, and just by chance the shorts had the number 7 already printed on them. Bonus ;-)

20% off Warrior kit & gifts Liverpool FC . TV
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Posted 13th Dec 2012Posted 13th Dec 2012
20% off Warrior kit & gifts Liverpool FC . TV
There is now 20 per cent off all Warrior items in the online store or at our official club shops - meaning you can get your kits, training outfits and leisurewear for a bargain pri… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I won't vote as there are other items than the shirts, however all of this seasons shirts are on sports direct for £25 YNWA


Liverpool are Championship material... Expensive toilet paper this




Nice.. Will look in as LFCsupporter!

20% off Liverpool FC online store this weekend
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Posted 29th Nov 2012Posted 29th Nov 2012
20% off Liverpool FC online store this weekend
20% off Liverpool FC online store this weekend
Avatardeleted143458Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks SteveB72 !!! I'll get right on it


HI if you follow this link it takes you to the booking page and you can select from the available matches. The Fulham match just before Christmas go on general sale tomorrow, the rest are normally around 3 weeks before.


I haven't a clue about football but for his Christmas present, my 10 year old son wants to go to a Liverpool football match. Any tips on buying for 1 adult+a 10 year old? A good match to book? (Like I say, I'm clueless about football)


Hotukben your out of order you been a memeber for 2 weeks and you should already be banned your comments are not called for if you dont like liverpool then fine but commenting on hillsborough is not right


hotukben - If you have nothing of worth to add to this thread, please move on. Comments posted to date will remain on the basis that the responses given highlight certain inaccuracies.

Liverpool V Bayer Leverkusen & FC Gomel Tickets  FROM £24
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Posted 27th Jul 2012Posted 27th Jul 2012
Liverpool V Bayer Leverkusen & FC Gomel Tickets FROM £24
Just been on the Liverpool website and bought a Ticket for the Friendly against Bayer Leverkusen for £24 and then I bought a Ticket for the Europa League Qualifying Match against F… Read more
Avatardeleted209016Get deal*Get deal*

how is this hot should be flat cold and liverpool fan at that




friendlies are **** goals scored dont count on a players record one team can win 20 -0 means nothing


how old are you? You seem a bit bitter. Has your team not won much? Or are you just so full of hatred you can't see through the rubbish you type


The Gomel game is a good price, I can take myself £14 and my 2 children (2 x £5) who are 4 and 6 years old for £24 it wont be packed as its a 3rd round qualifier. so for a parent wanting to take their children to anfield £24 is a great price. I took my son to his first game last seaon against Bolton and it was nearly £100 between us.

Official Liverpool FC 2010/2012 Shirt - £10 @
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Posted 8th Jun 2012Posted 8th Jun 2012
Official Liverpool FC 2010/2012 Shirt - £10 @
Saw this and thought it was a decent price - I know the new kit is out now, but for a tenner it's almost worth buying just for a kickabout (or in my case, to complete our 5 a sides… Read more

Tom Watts, please can you get in touch with me? I need to ask you about a mobile phone deal Cheers


what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


LMFAO! Touchy... you on the rag? Tut tut tut... Shut up you silly little keyboard warrior! I p*ss in your face!


My opinion of the deal is obvious... P.S. that doesn't even make sense C*NT LIYF!!


Just XXL and XXXL in stock, so only really available for fat Scousers ;)

Brand new Liverpool 2012-2013 Home shirt comes with a free t-shirt worth £20 , only £49 includes postage and packaging
Posted 12th May 2012Posted 12th May 2012
Brand new Liverpool 2012-2013 Home shirt comes with a free t-shirt worth £20 , only £49 includes postage and packaging
The brand new Liverpool Football Club shirt comes with free t-shirt worth up to £20. Available in juniors and adult shirts. whilst stocks last. postage and packaging around £4. 10%… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I don't support the red sh1te, I do have Sky, and I do buy the SUN. The post was to just yet again show the arrogance of the group, and the club.


I'm surprised you're a if you're one of the die-hard JFT96 brigade.... :| probably buy the Sun as well :p


Bleat bleat bleat 96 yawn. Disrespectful? What exactly is it that the club owes the families of those fans that they have not already done 50 thousand times over? It Is the families responsibility to never forget, nobody else's. However awful, we all lose loved ones just some not as well publicised thank God. Back to the relevant topic, nice top for an awful club but 50 quid? I would want more than a free t-shirt for that amount f cash. Clearly football clubs have no concept of double-dip recessions. Voted cold.


Just had a look at the new arsenal top and i quite like it tbh


See i prefere the more modern looking shirts. Although i liked the classic arsenal JVC shirt ;)

Carling Cup Final programme £5.60 (should be £7.00) price only till 9.00am Mon.6.Feb @ Liverpool FC.TV
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Posted 3rd Feb 2012Posted 3rd Feb 2012
Carling Cup Final programme £5.60 (should be £7.00) price only till 9.00am Mon.6.Feb @ Liverpool FC.TV
Carling cup final programme available at reduced rate of £5.60 (actual price is £7.00) LFC online store is having a 20% off everything sale this weekend, offer end at 9.00am Mon.6… Read more

Thanks op, mickey mouse mag for a mickey mouse cup- least were in it!!!! Come on LFC!!


Members get another 10% off so paid £5.04.


C'mon England


C'mon City !!


Even at £5.60, anyone buying this obviously has more money than sense.

Personalised Adidas F10 Astro Turf boots £33 Delivered @   bootroom
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Posted 2nd Feb 2012Posted 2nd Feb 2012
Personalised Adidas F10 Astro Turf boots £33 Delivered @ bootroom
Just ordered these. Free personalisation on plenty of boots here.

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