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Nintendo GameCube Controller Switch - Super Smash Bros. Edition £24.99 @ NIntendo
Found 13 h, 21 m agoFound 13 h, 21 m ago
Sold out near enough everywhere, and the other retailers are doing them for £29.99 so for anyone who hasn't been able to get them, here you go.

You can buy one of these if you want to convert it to wireless; 8Bitdo G Bros. Wireless Adapter...


Don't suppose if those work with an a to c adapter in portable mode?


Exactly it's a proper GC controller with the legacy plug. The Hori etc are USB-A to plug into the dock.


So these do not come with a USB-c adaptor :/


Yer I couldn't find this anywhere else and was out of stock on the Nintendo site earlier. A bit disappointing that it's compatibility is limited on the Switch due to it's lack of some buttons.

Nintendo Switch Smash Bros Pikachu & Princess Peach Gamecube Control Pad - £24.99 @ Free Delivery
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Always very popular the gamecube controllers for Smash Bros. These however are nicer designs and a bit different. Standard black one has sold out on Nintendo.

These have USB plugs, rather than game cube plugs, so be aware of that before purchasing. I've got a USB controller and four gamecube to maximise the three USB ports (2 are taken up by the gamecube adapter). Anyone else joining in will have to play with the joy-cons. Nintendo are out of stock but they sell a gamecube controller with a gamecube plug, but this is true gamecube so it's missing a Z button on the left side. This means this controller and other USB ones are more compatible with other games because they have all the functions and are seen as a pro controller by the console - but lack HD rumble and motion controls, which the Pro has. wireless - GAME it's £39.99 though. At this price you can if you prefer pick one of the other third party wireless ones that have the same shape and layout as other pro controllers or go for this if you want the gamecube look.


Of course, all the same buttons as the Joy-Cons are on these, just no amiibo and HD Rumble support.


These have USB connectors according to the description. So surely won’t connect by the multi tap you get with the collectors edition


Can this be used to play eshop games also or just Smash?


Wire tragedy :( loads of fancy controllers available for Switch, but mostly wired :(

Switch with Mariokart £279.99 @ Nintendo
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Looks like Nintendo themselves are dropping the price of the switch too. Not a bad price with MarioKart 8 Deluxe.

It's ok, the Switch isnt reaching the heights Nintendo thought, don't take it personally. Theyre not on track to hit their goal which is the issue. Ive got a Switch, don't get so defensive.


Lol, you couldn’t have chosen a less reputable source. Nintendo have only ever announced 1 goal which was 38 million by the end of the fiscal (March 31st 2019)... they had no black Friday goal. In fact, the switch is the best selling Black Friday console in history


Can anyone tell me if last year was a better year for nintendo switch deals?


i would say better deal at amazon Nintendo Switch Neon + Mario Kart 8 limited edition + Turtle Beach Recon 50 headset (using quantity method) £273.52 @ Amazon (see post) but the best deal is new customers at very Nintendo Switch Neon Console Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle @ Very, £249.99 w/code on new customer credit account (Free C&C)


Better deal at Argos, sorry, cold

Mix and Match 3 T Shirts for £25 at Nintendo Store (Free delivery)
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Get any three T-shirts from the Nintendo store for £25 delivered. A saving of almost £20 off the normal price.

Inquire with CS, they may be able to advise you on if they have them (or if they are getting them in).


We need Metroid tshirts Nintendo!!

5hooey There are one or two more which are cheaper, not part of a deal (Yoshi for £7.50 and Pokemon for just under a tenner). (y)


Choose 3 t-shirts....from a massive selection of 4 >_>


Hope you like Mario kart, duck hunt and star fox.

GameCube Controller - Super Smash Bros. Edition £24.99 Nintendo Official UK Store
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Seems to be cheapest and up for pre order again One per customer Adapter is required to connect these to the switch...,

Having just finished playing MGS The Twin Snakes last night and then moving back to the PS4 pad the difference in comfort is massive. I have never liked the GC controller and find it to be the most awkward and uncomfortable controller I've ever used. Let's just agree to disagree (y)


Well... I'm not sure about that...


Not exactly comparable situations, considering the various Dualshock controllers are all basically the same. There are Hori Battle Pads which are pretty much Gamecube controllers, officially licensed by Nintendo selling for ~25 and have a USB cable. Not selling the adapter together is kind of a dick move fair, but they are a business and considering they're only re-releasing these pads due to huge fan demand (for one game might I add!!!), can't really complain.


It's an abuse of their fan base, simple as. You can disagree but it doesn't change that fact. If Sony announced a PS4 compatible Dualshock 2, which needed an additional expensive adaptor to use with the console and was re-released specifically to be used with a single fighting game, everyone - especially Nintendo fans - would be tearing them a new one and rightly so. This is extortionate pricing, end of. It shouldn't cost more than a tenner and should have been redesigned to be functional via USB. For comparison, a brand new modern DualShock 4 controller which is wireless, has a rechargeable battery, light bar, speaker, headphone, touchpad, more buttons and more ergonomic is currently selling for less than £30. It can also be used with the PS3 with the majority of games and on PC, tablets and smartphones with no additional adaptors required. I'm sorry, but your argument is invalid. This is Nintendo at their absolute wallet-robbing best.


I'll grant you the fact that there isn't a pure-usb version of this is a bit silly. But keep in mind that the whole point of the adapter is so people could play with the original controllers from the gamecube. They might be charging £25 for a 17 year old controller, but they are also allowing people to use their 17year old controllers on their modern console. Point being it's not an abuse of their fan base. There's a lot worse they could have done if they were trying to rip people off.

Nintendo Switch Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Edition Pack - Nintendo UK - £339.99
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Lets Go, Eevee Edition of the Nintendo Switch - Comes with - Nintendo Switch Pikachu & Eevee dock (which holds the main console and connects it to a TV) A Nintendo Switch… Read more
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£289.99 via Argos eBay currently people 8) Not sure if I like this console design though. Shame game is on the Switch itself and not a cartridge.


Damn I got mine for 293 from AO but didn't complain! So coulda got another tenner off!


Has to be done


Top cheapskating, congrats lol


AO we’re doing a deal a while ago where if you spend £300 they will knock £20 off your purchase. Then a couple of weeks later eBay we’re doing a better deal, so AO price matched it to £305. Then as my pre order came a day late I complained I wasn’t very happy about it and they gave me an extra £10 off. Happy days! 😃 (y)

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pokemon lets go Poké Ball Plus Charge Stand - while stocks last
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Bring the adventure home with the Officially Licensed Poké Ball Plus Charge Stand! The perfect charging and storage solution for the Poké Ball Plus Controller; keep it safe, secur… Read more

Sold out already!!! That lasted seconds.


Out of stock


Not worth the money imo. The usb it comes with is good enough when plugged into the dock


Have some on Amazon but £19.75


OOS :(

NEW Nintendo 2DS XL Console + 3 selected Games - £129.99 @ Nintendo Store (possible free tote bag)
Refreshed 21st NovRefreshed 21st Nov
***First 1000 orders of a console get a free tote bag also As per title, good selection of games available Can choose the white and orange or black and turquoise system. Games i… Read more

Haha, I'll try request one for you now!


Bit of a long shot but I don't suppose you have any more going? :D (:I


too expensive for what it is at this point. heat votes are purely emotional from fanboys.


For £129.99 2DS is way too overprice if you consider how outdated its hardware is. HOWEVER, hacking the console is so simple and will let you play almost all 3DS games for free.


Great deal, best games going out of stock though! Edit. Argos have the same deal going with the better games in stock at some places :D

Toon link and sheik amiibo in stock at Nintendo £10.99 / £12.98 delivered
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
This is less a deal more of a heads up for people that like collecting amiibo, for ages I've needed 2 to complete my zelda collection and they were toon link no.22 and sheik no.23 … Read more

They re printed a lot of smash amiibo in preparation for smash ultimate


My favourite plastic amiibo!


Good to see them back in stock, that's the first time I've seen toon link in stock since its release.


It’s been available for a few weeks now. Lots of other ‘rare’ amiibo also available, like Smash Mario.

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Mario Pack £339.99 Nintendo
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
This Special Nintendo Switch bundle Includes a dock featuring fighters from the original game, Joy-Con controllers with a Super Smash Bros. design and a digital copy of Super Smash… Read more

Aparently nintento is now introducing him after fans' outrcy.


Switch OLED please


No but if anything the switch would be smaller or thinner in some way. I don't expect it to be fully announced until after black friday but it won't be a huge change and will just be like the ps4 and xb1 and give people two choices. But a price drop on the standard is certain.


But is Waluigi in there?


Was about to comment. Clearly Nintendo know these are being pre-ordered by fans, so why the digital download?


In my opinion, that depends on what/who your son likes, which characters are their favourites or they think simply look cool. Out of these newest ones, my personal favourite is Ridley. Looks amazing, and the Metroid series is one of my favourites.




An amiibo is essentially tangible DLC that work with specific games that support them. Some are also crazy rare and go for a small fortune on ebay once they've sold out.


Could someone tell me the purpose of an amiibo?


Cannot wait for Piranha <3

Nintendo switch Mario kart bundle £329.99 @ Nintendo
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
This Star Bundle includes a Nintendo Switch console with Neon Blue / Neon Red Joy-Con Controllers, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a Black Nintendo Switch Hard Pouch and a Mario Joy-Con Wheel… Read more

Wait for black Friday day 1 or cyber Monday - I got my switch for 299 with mario kart and Odyssey, so this deal is rather cack!


Was £299 at currys


Cold as ice.


Student discount basically doesn't work on anything, and the whole bundle can be bought cheaper separately....


Was this not available for 270 yesterday minus the case?

Link (Rider) amiibo (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Collection) £12.99 / £14.98 delivered @ Nintendo Store
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
plus £1.99 delivery. Unless spend £20. 1 per customer .
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I think the benefit in game varies by amiboo. They do make you never have to resource hunt in breath of the wild if you have enough of them and they are quite nice. I agree that they won't handle a child forcefully using them very well but they are nice collectibles and good looking figurines. I think they are worth it and if you look at ebay they still have decent value (although this one being available for a while now will have decreased its value presumably). That being said I could have bought more games with how many I have purchased now but I do like the small collection I have.


Been available for a couple of months now but will add heat anyways


I had many amiibos, but have since got rid of all of them (with the exception of 2 broken ones). That was the only benefit to them holding their value, I could trade them in to CEX to get games in their place (which is a much better value for money). 3 amiibos which as you call them "are not toys" and do very little for bonuses, will set you back the cost of a Nintendo Switch AAA game... I know what I would prefer.


They are not toys, but nothing stops children from play with them. How many amiibo have you got, Johnny?


They're not toys? Try telling that to a child.... These are the equivalent to Skylanders, which again are designed to be toys. However Skylanders were a much stronger build, allowing children to play with them without the fear of breaking them. If a 6 year old can snap an arm of an amiibo then they are not very durable, again this is my opinion from my experience with them.

NINTENDO SWITCH SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE EDITION LINK PACK see description for items inc. £339.99 @ Nintendo
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
This Special Nintendo Switch bundle Includes a dock featuring fighters from the original game, Joy-Con controllers with a Super Smash Bros. design and a digital copy of Super Smash… Read more
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I got a Switch with the 20% eBay discount last December. Think I paid £257 for the console and Mario Odyssey. Put 130 hours into that game alone. Borrowed Zelda and put £130 hours into that. I feel like I've had my money's worth already.


thought these type of boring comments were gone now. Guess I was wrong


Well over priced next thing you know they will sell you cardboard boxes to cut up


Switch is far too overpriced. Not even worth £200.00 . I recently brought my Xbox one x with project cars 2 brand new from Currys for just £290.00 and that makes this switch deal even more of a joke as a much more powerful system


I don't thing anyone's suggesting nobody at all would use a wireless controller to play the game, most people couldn't care less about imput lag.

Valkyrie Chronicles £15 @ eshop (Switch)
Refreshed 17th OctRefreshed 17th Oct
Just released, no need to buy 4 really as they are the same game,just different story... that is my opinion. You may feel 4 is totally different anyway, if you do own number 4 (di… Read more
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Very confusing but they are talking about Valkyria Chronicles 4, which was released this summer. This current deal is for the original, which was released in 2008 (and is still a really good game)!


No need to buy 4 what? bananas? elephants? You confuse me. Oh wait if you buy 4 copies you get a different story? what kind of magic is this!!!!


I'm so confused. Why would I buy 4? And if I buy 4 I get 25% off 1? So I end up with 5 copies of the same game but get a discount on one of them. This is a maths nightmare. Like my GCSEs all over again.


You only get discount if you own 4 digitally, I will update op to £15.99


In fairness to OP a lot of people say that VC4 is extremely similar to VC1. If you were on the fence about 4, passing the original is a relatively cheap way to find out if you'll like the gameplay.

New Nintendo 2DS XL (with pre-installed game) + Nintendo Selects Game + Case + Gift @ Nintendo U.K. Online Store
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Great way to save a bit of money if you’re planning on getting a similar kind of bundle anyway. Two console colours to choose from (each with their own game- that awesome Lime gree… Read more

IT DEFIANTLY IS!! (lol) (y)


It’s not that defiant ;)


Great article ;) thanks




Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokémon X/Y (maybe Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire too but I wasn’t so keen on those ones).

Nintendo Switch 32 gb Super smash bros ultimate + hard pouch, Super smash bros ultimate steelbook, additional controller £339.99 Nintendo
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
2 year warranty This Special Nintendo Switch bundle Includes a dock featuring fighters from the original game, Joy-Con controllers with a Super Smash Bros. design and a digital co… Read more
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I posted the facts. Only Amazon can afford to discount the Switch at a loss. 'Slightly better' deal is a different matter. I would expect slightly better deals from Apple who have a much much bigger mark-up than Nintendo. PS4 also has plenty of supply.


Get the Switch, best console for that age range IMO. While PS4 and Xbox are cheaper, the Switch has the most playability for kids.


Should be alot cheaper imo, who knows could be some decent deals black friday but doubt it as its nintendo, whereas probably get xbox one s and a game for £150 black friday


Xbox One or PS4. At that age get the cheapest models available. Load them up on Lego Games (Harry Potter, Jurrasic World, Star Wars, Marvel, whatever they like) They will play co-op for days trying to 100% everything.


Seems a fairly odd comment to make on a deal website. We all better get out down the charity shops if we are looking for deals. With Xbox and PlayStation bundling 4+ games for less than the entry price of a Switch surely it is not crazy to expect something slightly better than console and one game for £280+.

Amiibo Octoling amiibo Triple Pack for pre order £32.99 @ Nintendo Store UK
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Whilst this in the a deal, wanted to share with anyone still collecting Amiibo. The protagonist of the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC is a young Octarian Octoling, known as Agent … Read more

I wish Nintendo made it so you can spend gold points on vouchers for anything in the Nintendo UK Store and not just the NES controllers. These look good. (y)


I knew these were coming. Thanks for making me aware that they are now on pre-order.


Thanks, I've been waiting for this pre-order to appear.


Ha ha, good point well made. Have ordered - have most Amiibo but still in their boxes. Running out of space :o


It's a deal if what happens with these is what happened with the Zelda ones, as I said above.

super smash bros: ultimate - limited edition steelbook £89.99 @ Nintendo
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Back available to pre-order, comes with the steelbook and controller with game too. Nintendo store exclusive.

Think it was £74.99 in Smyths (if you pre ordered and collected in store).


Where was it £15 less and where can I see this info on steelbook inclusion?


Awfully chilly in here, paying £15 less than this sure felt good (y) Also pretty sure every one of these limited editions comes with the steel book.


Definitely screen grabbing that now just in case! Delighted if that's the case, I've re-ordered with Amazon because of it. Thanks.


Says included, might have been updated - which was why I was confused (see last sentence)

Gamecube controller available for pre-order again £24.99 @ Nintendo
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
The smash bros. gamecube controller is available again for pre-order from, free delivery too. Works on Gamecube, wii. Works on Wii U and Switch with the USB adaptor… Read more
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My SNES pads still work fine, as do my original 4 gamecube controllers, only one wiimote from the early days of the original wii has gone duff. For me this is a chance to get controllers that will work across 4 generations of console that is being made by nintendo and not a 3rd party.


And they were built to last, a mate of mine seems to buy a new Xbox controller every month....


How is this hot. Ok I get it’s an official controller but I picked up new third party pair of them on EBay for £7. Other than a slightly shorter cable it’s identical to the official ones and work just as well.


Seems a good price when compared to what somewhere like CEX are asking for a used controller :/ and who knows how well some of those were looked after by the previous owner


You're going to buy them from yourself?..