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Super Mario Party + Question Block Lamp £49.99 @ Nintendo Store
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
The Nintendo UK online store is doing pre-orders for Super Mario Party + Question Block Lamp for £49.99. The lamp is normally £11.99 so if it's something you might buy anyway then… Read more
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Built it mate


That's awesome, can you buy thst or did you build it?


Effective price is £48.99 if you go via TopCashBack.....Every little helps....


Inbox me on here mate and ask away if u want


Its a meee, M1cky! ! !

Smash Bros. GameCube controller back for pre-order £24.99 @ Nintendo
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
I've been waiting for this pre-order to come live again, it's now back for pre-order again on Nintendo store with free P+P.
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Dolphins don't have GameCube controller ports and Nintendo have yet to release an adapter for them.


Have you tried? How can you be sure? :D


The middle one is technically an NR reader, a dev unit rather than a retail gamecube - sadly Nintendo never made a matching coloured controller for them - they always shipped them to developers with standard purple or black controllers (annoyed)


They will work on a real GameCube and will work with the Dolphin GameCube emulator on PC via a USB adapter. They will not work on a real dolphin.


My original Chinese NES clone (I was born in South Africa) in the 80s had a wireless 1st controller that worked by IR connection. No lag and worked perfectly. The 2nd controller was wired. It wasn't till I moved to the UK in the 90s that I realised that the original NES was wired only and wasn't wireless.

Outlast 2, Nintendo Switch, £8.59 @ eShop (South Africa)
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Bit of a strange one this. UK Store Normal price: £26.99 Current sale price: £16.19 South Africa Normal price: c£14.30 Current sale price: c£8.59 Using Revolut works a t… Read more
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Ok to play this before the first one ? Any thoughts appreciated :)




Thank you


Go to mynintendo in a browser Change region in your account Go to eShop on Switch Buy game using revolut card number Change region back ££££ profit


If you go to, you can easily change your region. All you have to do is sign in again on your Switch, and the eShop will change to the new region. Note that you’ll lose any remaining currency when you change regions. As far as I understand, you can’t leave the US unless you have a zero balance. Alternatively, you can set up a new account for South Africa.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Limited Edition Bundle and Steelbook at Nintendo Store for £89.99
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Included is a full copy of the game, Smash GameCube controller, GameCube controller adapter and steel book. Currently cheaper than buying them separately from Amazon or Game.
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Smyths have it a bit cheaper if you have one local


Doh! When I posted the message this wasn't oos so it goes to show - don't delay or you will miss the deal! Hopefully it will come back... ;(


this one looks very technical, and a lot more balanced. looks like nintendo are aiming this at the tournament hardcore players who use wired pads at big events etc. apparently the wii u version was a bit of a let down and people still prefer melee over that. i only dip in and out for a quick blast now and then but it does look good with all the old favorite characters plus a few new ones the community demanded, hopefully it'll be really special.glad i ordered when i did as its now oos! (this version anyway) is still on shopto withough the steel book, or game and steel book from nintendo


So maybe I missed something with smash brothers but is it worth the money? There seems to be a huge fan base and much hype in and around this game - so it seems I missed a biggy on GameCube! Would anyone mind giving me the run down? I'm a 2d fighting fan, particularly street fighter and kid - so would this float my boat? Is it technical enough? Cheers in advance - please note this is a constructive post, which may encourage another fan!



Free Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC (Nintendo Switch): BOTW Link plus BOTW kart items
Refreshed 21st JulRefreshed 21st Jul Grab Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch for £31 here Get ready to race, T… Read more
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barely resembles!! how many CC (or should I say Horsepower) is it??


It's his motorcycle from the Breath of the Wild expansion pass. It resembles a horse :D


is Link riding a horse around the track?


Now all they've gotta do is add a Diddy skin in the DK slot. Please please 🙏 Nintendo.


It's another skin, in the same way you can get different coloured Yoshi :D

Octopath Traveller Collectors Edition £79.99 @ Nintendo
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Ok this is not a deal as per say and sure it’s been cheaper on amazon. Seeing it’s sold out everywhere and amazon got it at £95 now, Nintendo got it cheap. It’s a square Enix game … Read more

Honestly think this will sell out? I want it. But it's way to expensive for what it is. Like most special editions to be fair. But there really isn't much to this one specifically.


Amazon have it for £79 also.




It's available at Shopto as well. Op should point out it comes with artcards if bought from nintendo.


£5 cheaper at Argos. But still not for me.

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Link archer amiibo £12.99 + delivery @ Nintendo Store
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Back in stock
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Yeah, wow these things are really coming down in price! Saw one just the other day at around this, so I wonder how many more we'll see do this. In some ways it makes me wish I had waited fro moire. (but I didn't) avoided most of the scalpers, but even the official ones were still nearer the 15-30 quid mark at the time, depending on the amiibo. When it's zelda stuff though, I can't help it! For anything else, I normally wait.


Nice, possibly 5.25% TCB also



Thank! just needed this for complete set!


Awesome, got rider and archer thanks a lot, been waiting for these to come back in at RRP.

Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch)  - Preorder £59.99 @ Nintendo
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Preorders are up for Smash Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch for £59.99. This is from the official Nintendo UK Store. You can also pick up a Gamecube adapter for £17.99 and a Smash B… Read more

Yep, I got my preorder for it like a week before the price went up and considering I was going to wait a week before I decided whether to pull the trigger I'm glad I did it now.


I preordered it when it was £41.85 at, winning :)


Given I started gaming in the 80’s, I think you’ll find that I do! My point was not regarding the cost of gaming but simply that this is NO deal! The game will be available on launch for significantly cheaper than this. How about you go through gaming history and tell me how many times the Nintendo online store has been the cheapest place to purchase a new title! Muppet!


Nah, they've removed that feature from this one 😫


You join your male sibling in order to make a batch of powdered mashed potatoes, possibly.

GameCube Controller - Super Smash Bros £24.99 OOS - Adapter Still Available @ Nintendo
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
This GameCube Controller - Super Smash Bros. Edition is ideal for fans who grew up with Super Smash Bros. Melee on the iconic Nintendo GameCube back in 2002! When used in conjunct… Read more

Controller OOS


If only it was wireless, bring back the wavebird.


I didn’t realise these were so sought after. Got 4 originals with my GameCube in the loft. Might stick a couple on Ebay.


Does this mean with the adaptor we may yet get GameCube games on the virtual console at some point? What about a simultaneous release with the new smash brothers? I would love that as I completely missed the gamecube (as I was Dreamcast all the way at that point hehe) it would be nice to play some new old games :-)


Adapter pre-ordered. Scalpers got the Wii U version for ridiculous money on eBay.

Nintendo Switch Splat Pack £329.99 @ Nintendo Official UK Store
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Especially when you purchase this an have by the case separate..
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Nope, you don't have a clue what you're talking about. I'll leave it at that.


It would be the same whatever we were talking about. You need instant gratification. Not a nintendo fanboy btw. Just a games fan that owns just about every console made. I bid you goodnight


Haha, and you sound like a petulant Nintendo fanboy. Why do you get nasty when someone has a different opinion? Why do you get upset because someone doesn't like something the same amount as you do? Also, I'm not a millennial as it happens, I'm 38 but that's not the point - I'm a consumer and I'll buy games from companies that are invested in their user base. If Nintendo continue in this same vein then I will look elsewhere. Drop in the ocean of course and of little concern to most but that's my prerogative. I find your childish retorts typical of any fanboy. I mean, how dare I criticise the precious Nintendo


You sound like an entitled millennial that can’t wait for anything, sell your games collection and find a new hobby


So when are these games coming out? Am I supposed to hold onto the system for another year because a game or two might come out? Also, you can't assume that even though some of these are big titles for the Switch, it doesn't necessarily mean that I want to buy all of them because I'm not interested in them so where does that leave me? There's not really a lot of choice for the average gamer. Wolfenstein and FIFA are hardly third party support but I guess time will tell.

3 NEW Nintendo Selects to Preorder @ Nintendo UK £15.99 (+ a delivery cost)
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Had an email come through saying about these. Nintendo selects are basically the same as the games (I think) but cheaper and with a Nintendo selects border around it on the case. … Read more

Why isn't Zelda Majora's Mask a Nintendo select title. It's been £40 since forever


To see the 3DS off in style, it would be nice if Nintendo made a final last game for it in the form of a Mario Kart game. Not sure what it would be called, MK9¼ maybe? (because MK8D Switch was really just a quarter of a game at most and would be MK8D¼).


Donkey Kong sadly doesn't run as smooth as the Wii version and drops frames quite a lot. Still a good game though.


I've been waiting for a good deal on animal crossing and Mario maker so yeah this is great!


**** i only bought mario maker for 20 pounds a few months ago

Pre-order Nintendo NES Mini controller £7.99 @ Nintendo Store (+ £1.99 Del / Free wys £20)
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Nes mini controller back in stock. Not a deal just help for anyone that might want one & at just over half the original price. I forgot about the 1.99 delivery for under £20 as… Read more
Avatardeleted1924988Get dealGet deal

well... probably not the controller or I'll have to Mini my hands. :D


They might need to Mini that as well?


God if only Nintendo would release the old NES Advantage controller... now that would be amazing! (it was the only way I beat many NES games)


How will you reach the buttons? (ninja)


I just gonna hang it on my wall :P

Nintendo Classic Mini is £49.99 or Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System + NES Controller + Nintendo USB Power Adapter for £67.99 pre order, at Nintendo delivered
Refreshed 26th MayRefreshed 26th May
As per title, pre orderes from official Nintendo website including bundle with extra controller or and adaptor. NINTENDO CLASSIC MINI: NES CONTROLLER - £7.99. Nintendo Classic Mi… Read more

this is brilliant,big thank you for posting this deal. Brought one for myself, also have a mates bday coming up and i know he will love this <3


For switch owners, don't forget NES will be included in Nintendo Switch Online service.


I hate the Hut Group because I've had terrible service with both Zavvi and IWOOT. However, the Nintendo Store is the exception for me. No problems with customer service at all through here and my SNES Classic pre-order arrived in better (immaculate) condition than my Tesco Direct one.


try a different browser. plus you can use paypal to checkout.


That's ok, my bank balance is just fine haha, it just I've pre-orderd things in the past and paid straightaway and then there's been issues on release day. So nice for them to take payment when they actually send my item.

Splatoon Amiibo -Off the Hook Set (Pearl + Marina) (Splatoon Collection) £21.89 delivered @ Nintendo
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
For any Splatoon fans, these preorders just went live. Grab em before the inevitable scalpers/sold out etc. Add say a £3.99 keyring or similar cheap item for free delivery over £20… Read more

Honestly I only put it on here cause I found it while browsing the coming soon section, and got it, I don't think one pound cheaper is that huge of a deal, maybe £4 or £5 cheaper. but its just in case anyone want to save £1, its there.


Just ordered this from Nintendo too! Typical! You should post it as a deal to make others aware :)

AnimeDude92 for £1 cheaper


Nope, but it felt good to call you out for your snarky comment.


To be fair, your comment wasn’t really necessary, was it?

Atlus sale up to 50% off Nintendo 3DS eShop
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
4 titles on sale for 1 week until Thursday 3rd May 7th Dragon III Code: VFD 50% off £17.49 Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth 50% off £17.49 Radiant Historia: Perfect Ch… Read more



It's still worth having one. If you lose the console Nintendo unlink the nnid (and games) with the device. Without one if the device is gone so is everything else. You have to actually call them but it's an extra layer of protection.


Nope :) You need in order to download demo's, and to use mynintendo discounts/offers. It locks the system to 1 region, with only way of unlinking being system reset. Having an NNID linked means downloaded games are tied to both the console and the NNID. Without it they are tied to just the console :)


Don't know much about how eShop works, but don't you need an NNID to get onto it and use it in the first place?



Nintendo Switch Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Collectors Edition £64.99 @ Nintendo Store
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Not really my thing, but I know people love Collectors Editions for some reason: For the first time ever on the Nintendo Switch, jump into the world of Harvest Moon and immerse yo… Read more
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Why so expensive?


£62.99 on Amazon if you have Prime


Thank you.


Who cares about the game......£64.99 for a Harvest Moon mug is the way I'm seeing it. (y)


Really wanted this (would of been my first HM) buy everything I've seen and read about it screams awful. Looks like a shit mobile game.

Shovel Knight - Treasure Trove [Nintendo Switch] - Norwegian eShop for £14.45
LocalLocalFound 15th AprFound 15th Apr
This method would be buying from a foreign eshop to get it so cheap. On the UK eshop the game is also on sale, but only from £22.49 to £17.99 On eshop-prices, it shows the US, Jap… Read more
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Supposedly on until 19/04/2018 Yes Shows as 186Mb on my switch :)


What's the download size? I already own it on pc but as I never play games on my laptop I've only complete the original version


Is it really that good?


Heat added. How long is the deal on for


One of my favourite games ever, with the final DLC campaign coming out soon - makes the deal even sweeter. Heat.

Owlboy (Russian Nintendo eShop) £14.16
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
"Owlboy is a story-driven platform adventure game, where you can fly and explore a brand new world in the clouds! Pick up your friends, and bring them with you as you explore… Read more
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Well, I look forward to a great Celeste deal being posted by one of the fans in this thread (cheeky)


I'm about halfway through the game after getting this deal and it's honestly not that interesting of a game nor challenging...I think I spoilt myself by going straight from completing Celeste to this (embarrassed)


Price now approx. £14.04 from Russia store


Yeah I am


You still at it???

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition + Green Rupee or Triforce Light £49.99 @ Nintendo Store
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Enjoy the Definitive Edition of Hyrule Warriors, which has been enhanced and expanded with all the content from both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions, now on the Nintendo Switch… Read more

Cool! I wish I had seen this deal before ordering mine. I've seen the triforce light version before, and wasn't that impressed with it, but I quite like this rupee one. How is this one peowered btw? (is it abatteries or mains operated?)


It's the wii u and 3ds with all dlc for both joined into one game. In my opinion it's really worth the price.


Is this a complete new game, or another WiiU game released on the Switch at an extortionate price with an extra map or a couple of new characters?


Had the triforce light which was very weak also so will steer clear of this one too


Yes I made the foolish assumption I’d actually get my product ^_^

Nintendo (EU) special offers - 5 Apr - 11 Mar
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
A few more deals... as usual quite average Nintendo Switch Xeodrifter (Atooi ) now €4.99 / £4.49 until Fri 20th Apr, normally €9.99 / £8.99 Grand Prix Rock 'N Raci… Read more
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Yes, that's right, but honestly, I don't properly understand what your problem is in this regard. What, not every game you're interested in is discounted by 80%?


Maybe not choose these prices, but they absolutely have a pricing structure in place.


People who seem to enjoy complaining about Nintendo doing poor eshop discounts - They have literally JUST had a pretty decent easter discount period! Actually I think it is still going until the end of today! Moan moan moan :p *Yes all the discounts are still available until tonight! so SHAADDUUPP!! (devil)


Can anyone recommend Skyrim if you have never played it but own it on x box 360, ps4 and steam? I kept buying it and just never got around to it. Don't know if it would happen again but for last day at sale in SA need opinions lol.