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PARROT MAMBO FLY drone almost half price £59.99 at (£40 off) and free shipping
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Learn to fly like a pro Discover the Parrot Mambo, the quadcopter drone from our range of robust and easy to fly minidrones. Considered one of the most stable minidrones on the ma… Read more

Does this come with the attachment to mount the phone on the controller?


Just a tip for anyone who goes for the FPV package; you need to push the camera on with quite a force to get a reliable connection. To help apply the right force always insert the batter before attaching and then squeeze with both hands (one on each side) using your thumbs on the camera and fingers under the drone (at the edges) while applying a slight rocking motion. If correctly attached it will be difficult to pull the camera off. If you can remove the camera easily then it is not on correctly! The same applies to the cannon and grabber accessories.


Thanks for the heads up! Have gone for the FPV package instead


Was just about to buy this then saw your post. Fantastic deal at Currys! Thank you.


Same drone but you get the Flypad and spare battery as well as the HD FPV camera and goggles for your phone. Sell the cannon and grabber on eBay if you don't want them.

Parrot Anafi 'Follow Me' & 'Flight Plan' Add-Ons for 99p @ Parrot UK (in-app purchase)
LocalLocalFound 13th Aug 2018Found 13th Aug 2018
Parrot Anafi 'Follow Me' & 'Flight Plan' Add-Ons for 99p @ Parrot UK (in-app purchase)
Parrot are doing a temporary promotion for their add on functions, "follow me" & "flight plan". Available for the anafi drone. Normally £17.99, they are on offer for 99p until… Read more
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Still available at 99p from within the FreeFlight6 app....


So you fork out £630 for the drone, and Parrot are still trying to squeeze more money out of you by making you pay for app features. Nice.


The Anafi is Parrot's answer to the DJI Mavic Pro. It's £630 price tag is closer to the £700 Mavic Air, but the spec is comparable to the £800 Mavic Pro's . What you don't get with the Anafi is the software, as they've made features the Mavic's include, as software DLC for their drone (you have to make money somewhere!). If you're thinking of getting a drone and the Anafi is more your budget, then getting the software for under £1 is a bargain as it's normally £17.99. There's a nice Mavic Air vs Anafi video here that will give you a taste:

Parrot Anafi launch price from Parrot for £629.99
Found 8th Jun 2018Found 8th Jun 2018
Parrot Anafi launch price from Parrot for £629.99
The new Parrot Anafi has just been launched. Usually £649.99 but on offer direct from Parrot or even from Argos at £629.99 Direct from Parrot would be best as earlier delivery dat… Read more
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Available for the same price at Amazon. I would always go with the due to peace of mind. Parrot aren’t great when it comes to customer service. The product looks promising though.


I am tempted, even though I rarely pay full retail and parrots own prices are always much higher than everywhere else before long.


Interesting development.... I think the 180 degree camera with HDR could be better than the mavic pro and air....however, the parrot drone lacks some of the functionality like front and rear sensors as well as the APAS system of the air... So I'd like to see a few reviews first before I buy ....but nice to see some competition to DJI


This undoubtedly looks a rival to the Mavic Air, and I say that as an Air owner.


Oooooo... up to 33mph.. ZZzzzzzz..... Is that with a full charge and the wind behind? Sorry I could never justify the cost.

Bebop 2 fpv pack £169.99 with code @ Parrot
Found 4th Jan 2018Found 4th Jan 2018
Bebop 2 fpv pack £169.99 with code @ Parrot
Another great deal using code xmas15 on Parrott uk website. Pack includes:- Long range Parrott skycontroller 2 for bebop 2 or disco Fpv goggles rrp usually £349.99 reduced to £1… Read more

And pay £100 more elsewhere?


I had really bad experience buying directly from parrot. Avoid!


This is perfect for those who have the bebop 2 drone with no controller. Using the skycontroller gives this great drone better reliability and is capable of over a mile range.

Best ever price for a great gps drone with 2 batterys long range controller and fpv goggles £467.49 - Parrot
Found 2nd Jan 2018Found 2nd Jan 2018
Best ever price for a great gps drone with 2 batterys long range controller and fpv goggles £467.49 - Parrot
Enter code XMAS15 for 15.00% off order taking it down to £467.49 inc free delivery Best price i have ever seen this at. Includes: 1 Parrot Bebop 2 Power GPS Drone1 Parrot Skycontro… Read more

I have a bebop 2 and love it that much I bought a spare for when the inevitable happens. Had nearly 2 mile range with fpv it's stable and although not 4k, it is great video quality the digital stabilisation is amazing. The only down side is the Low light video and shots are very grainy. -100c? this site just ain't what it used to be


I would like to know the same too. I am deciding between this and the dji spark. This has double the flight time but is larger. The dji spark deal is getting much higher heat when it costs more so wondering what I don't know regarding this deal?


Is there something about all the cold votes that I should know about. This is a deal in all respects. It's a £160 saving.


A perverts dream present.


I think I would choose that bundle over a spark. I just hope they've improved the reliability since bebop 1.

Parrot Mambo Fpv drone £111 with code £111 @ Parrot official site
Found 24th Dec 2017Found 24th Dec 2017
Parrot Mambo Fpv drone £111 with code £111 @ Parrot official site
£111£15930%Parrot (UK) Deals
Using xmas15 code brings the price down on this first person view drone. Supports phones up to 6" and provides an physical controller. Flight time 8mins with 720p and 10 without it… Read more


Parrot Zik 3.0 (all colours) + wireless charger + case £159.99 from Parrot Black Friday offers + other deals from them
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Parrot Zik 3.0 (all colours) + wireless charger + case £159.99 from Parrot Black Friday offers + other deals from them
£159.99£303.4147%Parrot (UK) Deals
Parrot are having a Black Friday event, selling The Parrot Zik 3.0 (best price I found was £230 on Amazon) with a case (best price I found was £38.42 on Amazon) and charger (best p… Read more
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I had first generation of these headphones for couple years (till last week, stolen) and build quality is the best you can imagine. Steel frame, good noise cancelling and sound quality was very impressive ( I am sounds quality geek a bit). After one hour on your head you can feel pressure tho. It was about first generation. Those fake leather crocodile designs on third generation just scares me off ;/


Possibly. I was referring to the "verified" reviews. (people who have paid money and purchased them. Yes, they could all have been purchased by people who work for Parrot to leave good reviews, but you need to draw the cynical line somewhere! :) )


Thought the reviews were q average. And suffers from poor build? Anyone have experience of using these?


Good reviews on Amazon. Good price. Probably worth a punt if looking for good quality NC Headphones. (highfive)

Parrot Bebop Drone - Direct From Parrot £199.99 @ Parrot
Found 16th Dec 2016Found 16th Dec 2016
Parrot Bebop Drone - Direct From Parrot £199.99 @ Parrot
Found this whilst looking for a drone, not as good as Curry's £189, but this is in stock free delivery - 2 to 3 working days from France. Parrot BEBOP DRONE Film and take pictur… Read more

I've been using a Bebop in New Zealand...and had been absolutely loving it. Until it flew away for no good reason (and is now swimming with the fishes in Lake Fergus). Even though it lost control, I'd still buy it again. It's really intuitive and has v.good range, even with just the smartphone app. Just make sure your return to home position is always loaded - and be ready to press the home button. I wasn't, and couldn't correct the inexplicable change of direction... Here's a video I took next to Franz Josef Glacier;


I've gone for it. Thanks. I was tempted by some offers with the sky controller but I found that you can get similar results with your own controller (ps3, ps4 or similar) portable WiFi range extender


Doesn't state what version it is....


6.6% Quidco cashback or 6.9% TopCashBack. Not to be sniffed at.


Its a good drone with not bad video quality but I would recommend a skycontroller if you are a beginner as the judgment that you make on the onscreen controller on your ios/android device is really hard to judge.

Bebop Drone £349.99 at Parrot (UK)
Found 27th Jul 2015Found 27th Jul 2015
Bebop Drone £349.99 at Parrot (UK)
The price has just officially dropped by £50.00, closing the gap between this and the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. Was £399.99. Just thought I'd let everyone know. Worth considering if yo… Read more
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​professional photographers, land surveyors etc buy drones, Mount a camera under them and use these for ariel footage.


Why will one buy something like this??


Just a heads up that these are £312 on or £555 with the special long range controller

Parrot Zik by Philippe Stark Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones £129.00 @ parrot UK
Found 26th Jun 2015Found 26th Jun 2015
Parrot Zik by Philippe Stark Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones £129.00 @ parrot UK
Save £190! Down from £319 and on the official Parrot website- other sites such as Amazon still priced around £200. " The World's most advanced wireless headphones". Bargain! I've b… Read more
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I haven't seen any reviews below 4 stars, can you send me a link to those bad reviews?


Yeh poor reviews these are dated even the Zik 2.0 has issues with the build and battery life


Not really. I own the Studio beats 2014 wireless and they are better made and sound so much better than the Ziks. I've read review after review of people and blogs praising the Ziks, more so the Ziks 2.0 but they are not good IMO and I dont see why they get this love and Beats get so much hate? And yes Ive owned and returned the Ziks and Ziks 2.0. Heavier than they need to be, sound quality was lacking and the isolation / noise cancellation was poor - far too driven by the EQ app which actually spoils the sound recording of most tracks. I could tell they had weak points where they would likely break in the future. Meanwhile the Beats are light, punchy sound (if your into dance and Hip-Hop) and decent noise cancellation. Also the battery lasts and lasts. I cannot speak of older Beats models or the cheaper shiney plastic models they push towards kids but the Studio beats 2014 wireless are excellent for portable music. Also they are already posted here: Parrot Zik price reduced


At last - Beatz has a rival for overpriced c@rp ;)


I missed the original deal post and saw yours so thanks. Just bought a pair as this looks like an excellent deal.

Parrot Zik headphones reduced from £319 to £129 at Parrot UK
Found 3rd Jun 2015Found 3rd Jun 2015
Parrot Zik headphones reduced from £319 to £129 at Parrot UK
Been searching for these headphones for a while. They are currently £189.99 - £299.99 on Amazon depending on colour. All colours are £129.00. These headphones are marketed as "the… Read more
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This deal is dead. I placed my order last Sunday (5/7/2015), but received an email saying that they are out of stock and that I would be getting a refund. Very disappointed.


I just received mine today after taking the plunge on these to upgrade on my AKG 50. Made the right decision as so far, these are outstanding. I'm hearing things in the music I listen to that previously went unnoticed. One question - it says the firmware is up to date on the Parrot app but I've heard that the are 'making improvements'. V1.1 is my firmware version. Is that the most up to date?


If you want a good balance between good sound (better than bose) but still good noise cancelling, (not as good as bose, but almost no one else is close) then have a look at these.


surprised this hasn't gone hot, cracking price, ordered.


Unlucky, didn't think they'd price match but it was worth a try anyway.