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ModernMix for Windows 8  - Try the beta free for 30-days
Found 8th Mar 2013Found 8th Mar 2013
What is ModernMix ? ModernMix is a revolutionary new program that lets you run Windows® 8 "Modern" apps in a window on the desktop. Windows 8 Modern apps, also known as Metro or R… Read more

I've bought it. Its quite good. Not having to run all the apps in metro mode and to be able to save the programs to the start menu


Not exactly a freebie...


Is it cold in here?


Run Windows 8 apps in a window with ModernMix Video

Stardock Software Brings Start Button, Old Control Panel and more back to Windows 8 for $4.99 (about £3.20)
Found 2nd Nov 2012Found 2nd Nov 2012
A great bit of software by stardock, it brings the start button from windows 7 back and the style of the start button/ menu can be customised, it makes day to day usage of windows … Read more
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Thank You finally someone with some sense :)


The apps do show promise, but why MS decided against a 50/50 split is a mystery to me.


Loving Windows 8, although I had to install this because I missed the good ole start button. Can't really complain so far, it does everything Windows 7 did plus a lot more and with all the new "metro" mode etc makes it a lot more enjoyable. Very easy to navigate around after 2 minutes of using for the first time.


I have also found that, i use no less than 10 replacement programs over the ones Microsoft provides, i even have one to replace the dull & boring clock....but overall, I'm just glad that we have the option to change to an alternative product or feature that Microsoft decided we didn't need or care to improve...but having to buy the same products all over again...I think not. Long Live Win7 (as did/ does XP)


I've had enough of Microsoft's iterative f*cling up of the desktop ui; ever since XP I've been needing 3rd party applications to make the ui usable in an efficient manner. I refuse to do the same for Windows 8. Since the big publishers have ruined mainstream pc gaming, and most indy devs support Linux anyway, as far as I'm concerned Windows is no longer a necessity.

Stardock / Object dock - Mac style shortcuts for PC.
Found 1st Sep 2011Found 1st Sep 2011
Organize your shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an attractive dock. Very cool piece of kit, and very customisable. ----- Position dock on any monitor edge ● Supports mu… Read more
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Great App. Heat added.


i used to use this before i got a mac, not quite the same but still pretty good :)


been posted before very good program i use it head added

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Free Object Dock For Netbook | Laptop @ Stardock
Found 3rd Feb 2011Found 3rd Feb 2011
Managed to bag the excellent Tesco netbook deal and installed this excellent app, works great on the netbook better on a laptop It basically makes our humble PC's imitate the appl… Read more

Pointless as Windows has a taskbar so why have yet another useless app running in the foreground?



alternative: yzdock


No, I'd googled 1024x600 wallpapers got the sw image for my background and as I've always been using od just thought I'd share It's a great product with some really nice skins and best of all it's free!


did you find this while googling star wars :P

Fences - Desktop Organizer
Found 2nd Oct 2010Found 2nd Oct 2010
Fences Is a program that helps you organize your desktop and can hide your icons when they are not in use. Clean and organize your desktop by creating shaded areas which become m… Read more

Yes me too - so simple I can't believe it took so many years for it to become apparent to me. I'm sure the fences are great but for me the double click is brilliant :)


Was going to make a daft comment, but I'll give it a try first. EDIT: Seems good, I don't think I'll put icons into fences but I like the double click desktop to hide all icons feature


Thank you for sharing. I've just cleared my messy desktop.


I have been using this for over a year now and it works great, just wanted to share with you guys :), and yes it would be nice to see something like this built into win7


Yes I agree, my most annoying computer habit is an awfully messy desktop - I have just accepted that as how it is over the years. Cheers OP!

THQ Ultimate Bundle- The THQ Ultimate Bundle comes with every THQ title currently available* on Impulse at a discount of over 70%
Found 28th May 2010Found 28th May 2010
The THQ Ultimate Bundle comes with every THQ title currently available* on Impulse at a discount of over 70% Digital Download: was £177.83 now £25.79
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Buy this and you wont see natural daylight for a couple of years.


includes: Company of Heroes: Gold Edition- Play Company of Heroes and its award-winning expansion Opposing Fronts, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor- Full Spectrum Warrior- Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers- Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights- Red Faction- Red Faction II- Red Faction Guerrilla- STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl- Supreme Commander- Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance- Titan Quest- Titan Quest: Immortal Throne- Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War: Gold Edition- Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War: Dark Crusade- Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War: Soulstorm- World of Zoo-

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Demigod (PC) @ Stardock - £4.60
Found 4th Feb 2010Found 4th Feb 2010
Purchase Demigod directly from the developers for ~£4.60 List price is $29.95 - use code DG-4355237 to recieve 75% off. A god has fallen, leaving an opening in the Pantheon. Beco… Read more

I too got a 75% off code (DG-4328342), for those who are wondering this game does recieve free updates with maps and new characters on impulse (like tf2 on steam).

Impulse: Demigod 75% off @ £4.60  ** PC **
Found 17th Dec 2009Found 17th Dec 2009
Add the item to your cart to see the price at £4.60 on the next page above the "Check out" button. ------------------- A god has fallen, leaving an opening in the Pantheon. Becom… Read more

Yeah, I don't much get on with it either (although for me it's the whole needing to know the best ways to play that puts me off) but Warcraft 3 has a button called custom games where the vast majority of games are maps like tower defense or AoS (like Demigod) that have no relation to the strategy game except using the same visuals and interface.


Now I love tower defense games but never got on with Starcraft and found warcraft too hard. I was never allowed to play defensively and just wall myself in in warcraft. You had to get out there fast to win. Maybe thats it. For instance I love Company of Heroes precisely because you could play very defensively and bide your time sending out clever sorties and playing that way. But the sequel to Company was opposing fronts which you pretty much had to go all out at the beginning, forget any kind of defense and I hated that. I'm glad I've come to terms with it. I suck at offensive games. hehe


It's copied from a series of Starcraft and Warcraft 3 maps, much like Tower Defense. I'm still waiting for who's the vampire/alien to make the transition, those are a lot of fun.


I hated this game. It has the strangest play mechanic. I usually fall for anything strategic but found this very confusing and gave up after a while in disgust never to return. Big fan of Stardock too. A tiny company that manages to put out some really great games.


So bought, already on my Impulse client. Thanks!

Impluse Thanksgiving Sale
Found 25th Nov 2009Found 25th Nov 2009
Impluse is having a Thanksgiving Sale. Seems like they may have a couple of good deals. Sins of a Solar Empire for £6.13 Resident Evil 5 £14.99 Worth checking out.
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being in pounds sterling it looks like they are a uk company, but im sure your right


Well they are an American company so it makes sense to make a sale during a country holiday and even more sense to pass on the benefits to other countries even if they don't celebrate the same holiday.


Not complaining - been meaning to pick up SoaSE for a while - I played it back around v1.1 when there were balance issues aplenty and they seem to have been really consistent in fixing stuff and expanding the game. Great game for anyone who likes Civilization-style gameplay. It's good looking as well - being able to seamlessly zoom from viewing a single ship to a galactic overview is really cool.


Thanksgiving Sale Thats a great way to try and sell stuff in the uk !

Impulse: Demigod  £9.20  ** PC **
Found 13th Nov 2009Found 13th Nov 2009
For those not familiar with Impulse it's a digital distribution platform like Steam. ----------------- A god has fallen, leaving an opening in the Pantheon. Become a Demigod and … Read more

Just read this on their weekly email. Had a demo version for a while and like the game, but just bought the overlord set from steam... Should I splash some more cash? (counting the overloard stuff as 1 game, that'd give me three games in the 'to be installed and played' queue...)


I really like Impulse. Such a shame they don't get more worldwide distribution rights.


Impulse is pretty good, typical digital distribution model with weekly discounts etc, much like steam. Looks an interesting game as well.


Good saving on the boxed retail copy :) Not heard of Impulse before, will have a poke around their site.

Impulse: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut @ ~£12.27  ** PC **
Found 30th Oct 2009Found 30th Oct 2009
For those not familiar with Impulse, it's like Steam -------------------------------- The Witcher, which was released in October 2007, has won more than 90 awards and has sold mo… Read more

I think this is still £11.49 on Steam though. Can't connect at work, but maybe someone else can confirm. Excellent game, but I got mine on Steam the other night.


This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Jsut wanted to make that clear for peeps :) Shima

Impulse (Stardock) weekend deal: Sins of Solar Empire + Entrenchment Expansion Pack only £12.28
Found 4th Sep 2009Found 4th Sep 2009
Impulse is Stardock's equivalent of Steam, learn more about it here -> --------------------- Sins of a Solar Empire is an innovative re… Read more

Last few hours to grab this deal :thumbsup:


Good deal. Hot. Low spec too.


Good price for package. Price of this game has been high for quite a while. Nice to see it coming down.


This is a bargain. Very good game.


Any good for an RTS noob?

Impulse (Stardock) weekend deal: World of Goo ** PC ** only £6.11
Found 4th Sep 2009Found 4th Sep 2009
Impulse is Stardock's equivalent of Steam, learn more about it here -> ----------------- World of Goo is a multiple award winning physi… Read more

I do love the game. I found it much better than other indie titles like Braid. Can't remember where I read it but a reader of a mag posted a letter saying Steam had high prices. The mag replied saying that's the price people pay for convenience. I don't view digital downloads as convenience stores. I view them as a way to save money by cutting back on postage, packaging, etc. I would always prefer the packaged product to a download unless the price of the latter was better. You gotta love these weekend deals though.


Free demo? Just athought... Shima


It's £16.99 on Steam...


Its a fantastic game. To be honest i'd probably pay this just for new levels. Hope they'll have some addon soon.


Great game. Difficult to say it's worth more than a fiver though.

Demigod (PC) £12.28 @ Impulse (Download)
Found 3rd Sep 2009Found 3rd Sep 2009
A god has fallen, leaving an opening in the Pantheon. Become a Demigod and wage war in spectacular arenas to ascend to godhood in this real-time action/strategy game from the creat… Read more

It's had quite a few patches, fixing the online connection problems, etc - you can play offline, but the bots are pretty crap to be honest. Really good fun online and new content due out with new demigods. I paid £15 from PC World for it and it was well worth it, so at this price it's a steal.


I read it's really a multiplayer game. But when launched the multiplayer servers didn't work. Has all that early stuff been fixed? Is there an enjoyable game in here?


It looks good on the Gaspowered games website, their other games have all been good (well, I think so)...


Is this game any good? The demo won't work for me....

Paradox Interactive 50% off sale. Europa Universalis III - Complete (PC) on Impulse £9.13 @ Stardock
Found 25th Jul 2009Found 25th Jul 2009
The most recent paradox newsletter announced that they're offering a tenth anniversary discount 50% off their entire range except East india company/Hearts of Iron III until the 26… Read more
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The newsletter gives links to GamersGate, Steam, Impulse and Direct2Drive but the D2D UK site doesn't appear to be participating. It's unclear whether the boxed versions are discounted. List of Paradox Interactive titles on GamersGate: List of Paradox Interactive titles on Impulse: List of Paradox Interactive titles on Steam: Other notable titles that are cheaper than normal as a result of this deal: ]Kings Bounty The Legend ]Mount & Blade (lots of fun, if rather rough around the edges) ]Hearts of Iron 2 Complete ]Sword of the Stars Complete Collection (Including Argos Naval Yard) Oh yes, and the link to the Europa Universalis III ]Demo. I'd assume the deal ends at the end of sunday rather than the start, but the newsletter didn't say.

Impulse (Stardock) weekend deal: World of Goo ** PC ** only £6.08
Found 16th Jul 2009Found 16th Jul 2009
Impulse is Stardock's equivalent of Steam, learn more about it here -> ----------------- World of Goo is a multiple award winning physi… Read more

Stardock are not a small company. They've been around longer than most people have been on the internet.


Is this the same as steam eg login to play the game etc if so I wouldn't trust a small company like this during these economical times.


brilliant game


[COLOR="Blue"]Big Fish Game Club™ saves you money on games. Only $6.99 per month, and includes 1 game of your choice. There's no commitment — you can easily cancel online at any time! * Receive a game credit each month, good for any game on our site * Buy as many additional credits as you want; they never expire * Access premium Customer Support * Play Tomorrow's Game Today!™ * Earn special rewards and gifts for members only[/COLOR] Seems like you can pay the $6.99 and get a free game of your choice including World of Goo and then cancel your membership straightaway!


That site appeares to have a $7 a month membership you need to sign up to before you can buy that though.

Impulse (Stardock) weekend deal: Braid ** PC version ** only £6.06 @ Stardock
Found 16th Jul 2009Found 16th Jul 2009
Impulse is Stardock's equivalent of Steam, learn more about it here -> ----------------- Braid is a puzzle-platformer, drawn in a paint… Read more

Minor bump for this before this deal is over in the next few hours :thumbsup:


Superb game, nice price ;-) Impulse sounds like Steam the way it should be.


Decent price. Nice to see some competition to Steam. Recommended.

Xbox 360 Sale at Impulse (train stations)
Found 24th Oct 2007Found 24th Oct 2007
We just popped into Impulse at Liverpool street and they are clearing out all (except Halo 3) of their 360 games at £9.99 each. We got: Need For Speed Carbon Call of Duty 3 Viva … Read more

So I told my cousin who has an xbox 360, and he got all excited and went to find the shop at dinner. Spent an hour looking, and then asked Customer Services in a station where Liverpool Street was. Turns out it's London.....not Liverpool. Oops... :)


Yeah there the ones i we all seen there. I picked up Call of Duty 3, Need for Speed:Carbon and Pro Evolution 6 all for £30 that £10 each. I think call of duty 3 was the best deal :thumbsup:


hi again, I picked up a few - i got Hitman Blood Money, Tetris Evolution and Just Cause i know they're all available at roughly that price but hey its a few xmas bits out the way. They're all new, discs flawless, just kept behind the till like they do in alot of shops Ones i saw left were - meet the robinsons, all the various 07 manager games, world cup 06, PGR 3


Seen these last week at the same shop. They looked like used to me. But i guess as long as they work, who cares.


There wasn't many of the games we bought so best be quick. There were maybe 20 games left in the basket. Football mamager, old fifa, pro evo 6, just Cause, GRAW, COD 2. I don't know if it is on at their other stores.