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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY PC Steam £13.99
Found 15 h, 4 m agoFound 15 h, 4 m ago
The Witcher 3 GOTY for £13.99. Tons of hours of gameplay, fantastic world to explore, quests to fulfil and monsters to slay or spare. Great price for beautiful game. Promotion ends… Read more

Kudos to you sir for that username! The Tooms ones were some of my fave X-Files episodes!


Missed it! *shakes fist* This deal has my name all over it in the summer sale! On your marks...


@EugeneVictorTooms (y)


I wish they had cut down the size of the game and concentrated more on the gameplay. Side quests and story is fine, but from Geralt’s movement, to the combat, to the inventory it is lacking for a game of this caliber. That said this is a great deal, almost tempted to buy it again just so I can have it on steam instead of PS4 and GOG.


It'll also ruin other RPGs as they'll cease being good enough.

[STEAM] Cuisine Royale for free until June 25th [PC]
25/06/2018Expires on 25/06/2018Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Cuisine Royale is an all-kitchen-warfare Battle Royale game with the most honest system for Loot Boxes ever. Originally an April Fool’s joke from developers of squad based MMO shoo… Read more

Isn't stopping them from trying to sue epic over fortnite, they must know they don't stand a chance, I still remembered what happened to Dennis Dyak when he sued epic.


You can edit all controls and run a controller via steam. Although tbh you'd be better off with KBM.


Sorry yeah it does but glad you didn't take it that way!


Clones of games are acceptable. They won't be sued.


Can anyone post a link to the controls for this game? Also is there a way of using a PS4 controller?

Free Steam Key: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle + DLC
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Help legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees stalk and slay campers across 100+ puzzle levels in a hilariously off kilter puzzle game. Jason will terrorize victims from the campgroun… Read more
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There's no need to add episodes 2-8. They are always free and available in the normal game progression anyway. The only one to add is the package of 3 as those are usually premium.


Every time I click “download” on the package, it says “there was a problem adding this product to your steam account”


Thanx,great little game


Thank you..


The DLC's are unlockable levels in the game, you just get to play them without having to unlock them.

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Serious Sam 3 BFE on PC £2.99! 90% off plus other games by Croteam including VR Titles @ Steam, Croteams 25th anniversary sale!
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Steam has the Croteam games on sale with pretty good discounts, it’s Croteams 25th anniversary sale! Serious Sam 3 BFE is £2.99 (90% off!) Serious Sam complete pack (includes 11 … Read more

I'm not entirely sure, I thought Fusion was free if you owned any SS games. Though for some reason it seems to be bundled with Serious Sam VR: First Encounter, but not the other games. Don't think you actually need it to play the individual games.


So basically if you have the hub you still need to buy the game? They charge for the hub I cant see how but looks to be £7.49!


Fusion is a hub for all the SS games, I found it slightly confusing as it seemed to imply you could play the existing (2D) games in VR. That's not the case though, they're completely separate purchases. The Final Encounter VR is quite good, not tried the others yet.


What is Serious Sam Fusion VR and does it include Serious Sam 3 BFE VR?


I miss serious Sam. Had so much fun with first and second encounter. Never got around to 3

[Steam] Nioh: Complete Edition - £23.99 - Steam Store
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
It's an all time low! Beating the previous best on Steam (£27.99), Nioh: Complete Edition is now down to £23.99. I honestly don't think I've seen it cheaper (y) Ready to … Read more
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Fun game, but sieving through the mountain of loot tired me of it. There is such thing as too much loot.


I have a PSVR collecting dust, I regert getting it, and even more now since its dropped £100 in price. It's just the time it takes setting up and feeling sick doesn't help either. I have a PS4 pro and games look great in 4k and you can even notice a difference on regular games. I'm happy it has so many good exlusives, I feel justified in buying it, then I do with my Xbox one s because all the new exclusive you can get on PC.


Remember the few days this was big. ;X


This Was Hell @MrYorkshire


I remember that fight being very tense because she can stun lock you and you can be doing very well and then one combo and it’s game over! Had extra pressure as my gf was watching! (excited) Think the key with her was trying to keep as much distance between you as possible and taking the hits where the opportunity arises, trust me she was not easy! .... but the Orphan of Kos... almost snapped a controller over that one! Think I have a video of that one too and here are points where I don’t even know how I survived... literally a couple of pixels of life left haha! Think it was the game being kind because I was on my 99th attempt! I always make that mistake, have way too much to play on my PS4 and have not touched it for ages because of the PC and have now ordered a Pro so feel it’s gonna do a 180 and the PC will be out of favour for a few months!

Layers of Fear FREE @ Steam
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Add Layers of Fear to your Steam account before June 15 (15:00 GMT), and keep it forever. This is one of my favourite modern horror games. I enjoyed (and trembled) playing it to c… Read more
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Great game well worth playing if you like games like the amnesia games.


amazing, thank you! been meaning to check this game out for a while - free seems like a good time to do just that!


Looks good. Thanks


I want to dislike you for managing to get the meaning of literally wrong in both possible senses, but this sounds pretty good so we'll call it even.


Looks good

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Insurgency: Sandstorm - PC / Steam £23.39  Pre-Order price (plus Beta access if ordered).
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Insurgency: Sandstorm is a team-based, tactical FPS based on lethal close quarters combat and objective-oriented multiplayer gameplay. Sequel to the indie breakout FPS Insurgency, … Read more

That's a good idea :) The original still has plenty of active players and servers, some pretty good ones out there. :)


It's probably worth picking up the original game for £1.59 on Instant Gaming, bringing the price down to £20.79 as you get 20% off for owning the first game. Then you have the original to play while you wait 8)


Yep, I agree completely about the price too. But, like you said, good Dev team and they do deserve the support. :)


Love the original but can't see this staying at this price for long. Will be cheap as chips in a month. But they are a good Dev team and deserve your support.


ARK: Survival Evolved 67% off at Steam £16.50
21/06/2018Expires on 21/06/2018Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Seems like a good discount and significantly cheaper than other formats as far as I can see on Amazon. Includes ARK: Survival Evolved and ARK: Survival Of The Fittest Also AR… Read more
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Game is stable in my experience (185 hours), but it's still not optimized and never will be, just like it will never get the promised DX12 support. It's a fun game though.


Not when he is an airbus380


Wouldn't the cost of the flight make the total slightly higher?


Just over £5 on the Vietnam Steam store ... just saying in case anyone wants to save themselves £10.


First time I have seen that. Made my day. So much better than the deal. I'm still trying to think who send the "Hey McFly" to first

Smite Battleground of the Gods free to play @Steam
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Join over 25 million SMITE players! Wield Thor’s hammer, transform your foes to stone as Medusa, or choose from the other 90+ mythological icons. You’ll always have more to discove… Read more

Played this a while ago and is challenging and fun being a fps/moba. Worth a try for anyone interested.


Never knew that, it's great thank you, been buying tanks for a while. :)


Air is free too, if anyones not aware


I guessed it's a good deal for those who are unaware that it's free. :)


This is not a deal. It always has been free.

Yakuza 0 Coming To PC In August. Pre-Order At Steam £13.50
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
<3 Wow Im so stoked. Also Yakuza Kiwami 1 coming soon. Hopefully all the rest. Uncapped Framerate + 4K
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Yup night and day difference compared to PC ports 5 years ago. The amount of Japanese games on steam makes me very happy.


I'd also like to know. Been away from gaming for the last 4-5 years.


best of the series. Kiwami is not even close to it.


I need to go to Specsavers


Even cheaper on Fanatical - £11.99!

Killer Instinct on Steam £7.49
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Loved the original on the snes but haven't heard great or terrible things about this new version. Mixed reviews from what I've read so far on Steam. Info from game page below: Dis… Read more

Yeah the Windows Store version is arguably superior due to the larger online community, plus the option to install it on an XBox. Apparently it's £3.54 on the Turkish store. Voted hot though as it's a good game whichever version you decide to buy.


TotalBiscuit suggests trying... Killer Instinct


Games dead.... 60 players only....


Had a quick look online to see what the difference is between the windows 10 and steam version, and it seems like the steam version has all dlc already included just without ranked crossplay:


Doesn't say if it includes all the characters.

RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry! / PC / Mac / Linux @ Steam - £2.74
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Cheapest price ever. “A very serious candidate for the title Surprise Game of 2016” 9/10 – IGN Italia “Some of the most memorable moments in a shoot-em-up in years” 8/10 – Gam… Read more
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Decent price, though strictly speaking it was cheaper in the Humble Very Positive Bundle last September.


It looks great for the price..heat!


wow nice discount. Had this on my wish list since I watched the Mac WAB, it looked great.

Lawbreakers was £29.99 now Free to Play on Steam
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Lawbreakers now free to play on Steam. This game was originally a full priced game and released in August 2017
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Well, I was referering to PC gaming mostly, but I can think of at least 10-20 multiplayer games, off the top of my head, for consoles.


I love playing multiplayer but would say theres a real shortage of multiplayer games. I played this game at the start and it was just plain rubbish. Its that bad at the minute im looking forward to black ops lol


It is, Justin Roiland is the voice of the ball (y)


anyone play the trailer in steam? im sure thats Mr. Meseeks' voice lol


The servers are being shut down in September.

RAGE 67% off £2.63 @ Steam
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
ABOUT THIS GAME RAGE is a groundbreaking first-person shooter set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid impacts Earth, leaving a ravaged world behind. You emerge into th… Read more

Gun changing colour could just mean a loot system ala Borderlands. I'm hoping this is just stupid marketing department in action, and not reflective of the game, but that trailer left me totally cold, I'm one of a few who really rates Rage on things other than graphics, but what I saw in the trailer wasn't Rage. To me it's Rage made by a millennial Hipster vision of what the apocalypse will look like.


In the trailer the gun changed colour which shows there's customisation and it's bethesda/id so I think they will defiantly have crafting,mods and scavenging. I get what your saying with the feel of the game, seems more like doom but I think they just went for a fast paced trailer


I really liked this game, and I played it the inferior way (ie PS3). I would say play it before the sequel drops but the sequel doesn't look right to me at all. The first was a Mad Max style FPS, with a great atmosphere, while the second seems to be going more for the all out shooter experience, they didn't show any signs of scavenging materials or crafting, hopefully it's still in there and they just didn't show it.


You have to turn texture detail off or low i believe for a constant 60fps. otherwise it stutters a lot


It's beautiful game. HOWEVER! Even on a blazing system the compression techniques used for the graphic textures (I assume to keep the file size down) still don't really hold up - it's quite irritating. That's my only qualm and with Rage 2 being announced it's worth the purchase at this price.

[Steam] Quake Champions - Free - Steam Store
Refreshed 11th JunRefreshed 11th Jun28/06/2018Expires on 28/06/2018
Bethesda announced sometime during the night that Quake Champions would be free to claim from now until the 18th. Claim now to own forever :) Developed by id Software, in… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Oh and those rail gun kills !


Remember dozing off and waking up in the early hours hands still glued to the mouse and keyboard and the 56k modem still racking up the 1p a minute bill. Kids dont know how good they got it now lol.


Cheers, think I gave this a go in Beta what must've been easily 18 months or so ago, but can't really remember if it was this incarnation. It was no DoD, but free's free!


I played qw for back in the day, loved it. I think it helped that I could stay up late playing it knowing I was only going to school/uni the next day... And I wasn't going to get screaming kids waking me up at all hours then have to goto work :( Easy times. Yeah 56k modem... getting out lightening gunned by a 'lpb'. And dreading the phone bill!


Cheers Mr. Duraband you legend

The Elder Scrolls® Online Base game + Morrowind @Steam - £7.49
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
With the new Summerset expansion on the way, it's a good time to try out the game. I haven't had a chance to play the game since its first release in 2014, but it is supposedly wa… Read more
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Morrowing dlc alone is like 15 quid... even though i own ESO base game its cheaper for me to buy on steam and get morrowind included? Makes no sense haha ahh well heat either way as game and dlc for 7 quid is bargain!!!


Hm, I'm going to jump on this, I played the beta way back so would be interested to see where they've taken it and the price is right. Thanks. *edit* Holy Crap. 74gb download. (horror)


Good price, thanks for sharing @sandueugen92 (strong)

PC - Tomb raider sale on steam from 69p for the old ones, 2013 is £2.24 and 2016 is £11.99
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Tomb Raider 1 69p (69p ey... saucy Tomb Raider 2 69p Tomb Raider 3 69p Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation 69p Tomb Raider 5 Chronicles 69p Tomb Raider 6: Angel of D… Read more
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Just the Blood Ties dlc and it's available on both PC and PS4 for those interested. It's a pretty cool mode where you just explore Croft Manor, no combat, simple puzzles but a nice addition nonetheless.


got tomb raider anniversary and really enjoying it all on the max pc settings, And for such little money you cant go wrong here, A Proper HUKD bargain this!


Is the whole game playable in VR or just a gamemode or something? :/


Just purchased the original, haven't played since the Saturn days, can I still use my Saturn controller! :D


The science says otherwise.