STOREX CLUB MPiX-355 500 GB USB 2.0 £118.50
STOREX CLUB MPiX-355 500 GB USB 2.0   £118.50

STOREX CLUB MPiX-355 500 GB USB 2.0 £118.50

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The external hard drive CLUB MPiX-355 is a high-capacity storage device that allows you to save your data and enjoy your multimedia files without being directly connected to your television, Home Cinema system, or HiFi.
The CLUB MPiX-355 plays the latest video and audio formats, including DivX and XviD.
It comes with a USB 2.0 connection and has a high data transfer rate, making it a really high-performance device!
The CLUB MPiX-355 is both a multimedia console that will guarantee you hours of fun and a powerful external storage unit for all your personal data!

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Neve mind... silly me...

its agreat deal for massive 500gb


Neve mind... silly me...


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Neve mind... silly me...

Whats up Babbler????

LOL - thought Id found it cheaper at pix pro but it was for the lower model... :whistling:

Not heard of this thing before, but it sounds quite good to be honest, 500Gb for music storage is massive, no need for the computer to be on which is good. Might think about getting one of these, was looking at some WD stuff without the streaming for smiliar price if I remember correctly. Whenever I search for this on google, its all in french, so no idea what sort of ratings this gets?

My French isn't great, but it looks to me as though the reviews conclude that image and sound quality are poor and its only plus-point is low price. In other words, you gets what you pays for.

Storex Do Not Support
i have written a few emails to Storex and they don't care. I have an mpix355 multimedia hard drive and it stopped working with the PC
it works only as an external hard drive
with the pc it gets blocked in endless search

I sent them this email last week (3rd time I write to them)

I believe they might have a bug that the product does not work when the hard disk is fairly full,

Dear Storex

I am really diss-appointed with the MPIX-355 and by the fact that it is the third time I write to you and never got any support.

I hope your pride in your product will make you answer this time.

At a certain point my had disk does not work with the TV. It remains fixed in auto-searching.
I have about 350GB on it.
and it works perfectly with my PC


I tried scanning and repairing with windows XP andwasted a lot of time

I emptied it, e-formatted fat32 with swiss knife and placed some files on it

Result: It worked

3- I reloaded it with 350GB

Result: it does not work with the TV anymore and the autosearch image appears correctly but remains fixed in auto-searching even after 8 hours.

Possible causes:

Are you sure it can work with 350gb loaded on the 400gb version ?
Perhaps there is a limit on the number of files ?

What can I do ?
Obviously as you can see from point number 2,it probably it is not broken (I hope)
And it works perfectly with my PC.

I hope you will help this time

Can anyone help. how the hell do you get the TV screen menu into English?:x
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