Stork Original Baking Block 250g for 55p @ Morrisons

Stork Original Baking Block 250g for 55p @ Morrisons

Found 11th Apr
Thought some people might want to try out Stork since the price of equivalent butter is nearly 3x.

Inspiring better baking since 1920. Stork in a block is a hard blend which can be used in place of butter in baking. Great for baking biscuits, crumbles, pastry and many other delicious treats.

Rub into flour to make a dough that's easy to handle and rolls out without cracking– the secret to a beautiful batch of scones and short crust pastry that's perfectly short, crisp and flaky. You can also cream packet Stork with sugar for feather-light fairy cakes, and its firm texture is especially good for rich fruitcakes, helping to keep the dried fruit evenly distributed. It can be a tad too firm to use straight from the fridge, so work with packet Stork at room temperature unless the recipe says otherwise.
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I like this, but only because i have 1 leg.
Excellent. I've got a stork in the freezer that i've been thinking about baking for a while.
This takes me back to home economics is middle school
"Which one do you think taste better"
"Taadaaa, it's Stork SB"
"It's got to be Stork SB from now on"

There i have just given my age away. lol
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random oils and emulsifiers so suitable for people with intollerance to milk or milk allergies, but......bluuurgh!!!

I thought it had disappeared forever. Maybe its unsold stock form 20 years ago

Actually much longer than that. I remember making pastry with it over 40 years ago. It was called margarine then. Whats different from it being labelled margarine now?
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Thanks OP A dog will eat just about anything except margarine.
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