StormForce Wildfire Core i7-6700HQ 8GB 1TB + 128GB SSD £699.97 - Laptops Direct £699.97

StormForce Wildfire Core i7-6700HQ 8GB 1TB + 128GB SSD £699.97 - Laptops Direct £699.97

Found 3rd Jan 2017
Been looking for decent laptop with good processor + 1TBHard Drive + SSD.
I thought this looks good value. I'm presuming it is FHD, although I cant see it mentioned so Id prob check with them before ordering.
What do you think ?

•15.6" Screen
•Intel Core i7 6700HQ Processor
•1TB Hard Drive + 128GB SSD
•Windows 10 Operating System
•DVD-RW Optical Drive
•NVIDIA GeForce GT940 Graphics
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good specs but not sure of the brand
I think for that kind of money a gtx950-960 is a must, wait another few weeks until the current 9 series laptops come down in price as the 1050 is coming out
I wouldn't really trust a Zoostorm, but if you want a better graphics card you can get a Zoostorm GT6 on Ebay for £629.99 with a 2GB 960m, however, it has a lower processor i5 4210H. Or if you can wait for a Dell Inspiron 7559 to pop up.
Jay is right, 940m for that price is awful. The 1050 laptops will blow it away in a matter of weeks.
Cheers, I'll hold off until a better value one appears.
I don't see what is wrong with Zoostorm. They use the same components everybody else uses and I'm sure they're better putting them together than I am and I had no issue building a PC first time. People need to stop paying for a brand name. As long as the return policy is good and no issues with returns then everything will be fine.

I wouldn't pay £700 for a laptop at those specs however.
Poor specs to price. If someone is really desperate look at the used market, friend of mine just picked up a MSI i7 6700HQ with 256gb ssd and 970m for 800 off Gumtree, was basically new as only used up 4 months of the warranty and hadnt been registered so mate registered and basically got as new.
£700 for a 940m?

That's one of the worst value laptops I've seen on here!!

The i5/950m version is better for games and costs £50 less!

And even there are / have been better value i5/950m laptops for around the £549 mark (use the search facility!)
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I am still trying to work out where he said the gpu is important to him. I'd be interested to see a laptop with this cpu, the 1tb plus the Ssd and 1080p ips screen. Heat added.

good specs but not sure of the brand

Zoostorm laptops are Clevo, same as PC Specialist, most "I don't know about that brand", and about 90% of build-to-order laptop brands.
Very good driver/bios support (direct from Clevo), great upgradeability & spares availability.
Up to Haswell-M, they were a great idea, it allowed you to underspec some parts to meet a budget, planning for future upgrades.
But after Haswell, all Intel laptop CPUs are BGA (soldered), so a lot of the benefits of Clevo aren't there anymore.

For example, my PC Specialist 17" Optimus V is a Clevo W370SS, it had 2x hdd bays + 1 msata sdd,
I chose the cheapest CPU possible, left out SSD, "just enough" ram, and then I could afford GTX 860M.
Later I added ram, SSD (when offers were good), and found i7 4900MQ's (new,boxed), going stupidly cheap on eBay.
On my laptop's "final form", I saved about £300, and got it 9months earlier than my budget would have allowed.
It's a shame Intel "spoiled the fun" with their newer stupid soldered CPUs.

back to the point: Clevo (and therefore Zoostorm) are a decent brand.
If you're planning on gaming, the 940m makes this laptop a terrible deal.
If you're planning "serious work", the i7HQ makes this a good deal.
not worth it for 940m. mismatched. i got a 940m second hand from ebay for 290. was in poor condition but plays xcom 2 well. you can get a 950m from tesco for 470
What about the HQ processor?
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