Stormforce (Zoostorm) laptop with i3 6100hq and 950m - £499.99 @ Laptops Direct

Stormforce (Zoostorm) laptop with i3 6100hq and 950m - £499.99 @ Laptops Direct

Found 10th Mar 2017
The best deal I can find for a laptop with a 950m graphics card. I don't think the i3 would bottleneck it. I think it's FHD but checking with company.
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quite a weak processor, weaker than many of the newer i5/i7 U chips but yeah it does have a decent level of graphics though doesn't say if GDDR3or5 which makes a big difference too
only one review and it states 'good resolution' bit of a stupid review but surely it means it cant be base 1366*768?
nice 950m. tesco had one for 479. i got a 3nd hand 940m on ebay for 280 but that was a bargain. only use it when marketing so can play xcom. this is a good gaming pc on the move. but for home use best off getting a refurb i3 desktop for 100 on ebay and an rx 470 or 480 for 150 quid and make a 1080p ultra gaming pc for 250 quid. with the change buy a chromebook
Did a google search and this came up.…asp

Older version (?) with 1366x768.

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