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Free Creative home learning with iPad
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Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Free Creative home learning with iPadFREE£0.01
Perfect for Children Creative home learning with iPad Free creative learning activities for children every week! How to design and draw digital art. How to create animation. How t… Read more
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Oh yeah, I agree that isn't literally what Trump's done, it was an exaggeration. The trouble as I see it is that without Antifa actually being a single organisation, the definition's created a situation where peaceful dissent could be described as terrorist activity. He could just label the activity as Antifa if he wanted - I'm not sure if he himself really understands what it is. And of course, the right to dissent or protest should be a part of any decent functioning democracy, so if they start calling it terrorism, not a great step!


You make it sound like they just stand around with placards saying "Down with this sort of thing", in reality the tactics they employ do actually fit the designation Trump has made. Obviously not a majority will act like that, the point is that the idea currently attracts people who will.


Yeah at first I was thinking "I know Trump's just made being anti-fascist illegal but I still didn't expect to see Stormfront on HUKD"


So, nothing to do with hiking, camping and firing air rifles then, well that's a shame


Oh yeah i didn't catch on lol

Apple AirPods Pro £229 @ Stormfront
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Apple AirPods Pro £229 @ Stormfront£229£2498%
AirPods Pro on offer from Stormfront.

Yeah I know I posted this comment like 3 days ago and this deal was previously expired ha, I’ll delete it


That Deal finished now


Huawei are releasing their version at the end of May so may be worth considering those instead of these. I believe they’ll be £80


Didn't see that post, fair point (y)


They’re available for £219 at BT Shop, so probably worth buying those if you want some Pro’s

Apple Watch Series 3 38mm - Brand New - 3 years guarantee included £189 @ Stormfront
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Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm - Brand New - 3 years guarantee included £189 @ Stormfront£189£1995%
Brand new Apple Watch series 3 at £189 for 38mm, cheapest price I could find. I bought in store but you can order online Also includes 3 years warranty. You also have option to ad… Read more

Stormfront are a 'Premium Apple Reseller'. They do have brick and mortar stores, but if you go onto their website, it's very Apple-ish. I use my series 3 for tracking my workouts, mostly. But I also find it very useful in glancing at my messages to see if it requires an immediate response. So a bit more than a fashion statement. Notch will go eventually. Just a matter of time. But a lot of companies seemed to follow suit at the initial release.


Never heard of Stormfront.. will these ever be sub £100? Also what do people use these watches for? Apart from maybe a fashion statement? I’m hoping next year Apple really step up their game with their products like their iPhones notches, (notch gone or reduced) their AirPods (smaller and in colour black) otherwise it’s going to be Android Pixels for me


I agree with above comments. Battery life is well over 24 hours for “average” use including 30 minutes exercise tracking. Series 3 at this price is a really good deal. I prefer larger screen (42/44mm for extra £30) and I like cellular versions (extra £100) so I can receive calls, stream music, send messages and access the Internet while running without my phone. You don’t need cellular though if you always have your phone nearby. New series 5 is better but twice the price - this is an excellent deal for a great product.


Apple refurbished - the official apple online store has refurbished series 3 for £159. None currently in stock at the moment, but I did manage to get one a week before xmas, so keep checking. Mine arrived in a brand new sealed box. (I think it is brand new but sold as "refurbished") Also got £3 topcashback


Series 1 and Series 2 Apple watches are still getting the latest updates, so I imagine the 3 will be supported beyond September 2020.

New MacBook Pro 16 inch - £2,249 saving £150 already @ Stormfront + 3 year warranty
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
New MacBook Pro 16 inch - £2,249 saving £150 already @ Stormfront + 3 year warranty£2,249
New MacBook Pro 16 inch £2,249 saving £150 already 👀 Also have discounts on Macbook air with retina From £1,024. Mac Pro’s from £1,199 All with 3 years warranty and fr… Read more

£2159 if you fine with 2 year waranty,


Still cheaper at BT Store and nowhere close to The Edu Store price (with 4 year warranty) if you have access to someone purchasing in education sector. 3 year Stormfront warranty is decent though.


Ordered one for my site work.

Apple Watch S3 2018 GPS 38mm-Space Grey + 3 years warranty £189 @ Stormfront
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Apple Watch S3 2018 GPS 38mm-Space Grey + 3 years warranty £189 @ Stormfront£189
£10 off all Apple watches with a 3 year warranty and free shipping

Great warranty although I hope it drops lower.

10% off Macbook Air & MacBook Pro plus 3 year Guarantee @ Stormfront for Students
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Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019
10% off Macbook Air & MacBook Pro plus 3 year Guarantee @ Stormfront for Students
Students, get 10% off MacBook Air and MacBook Pro this summer. And trade in a Mac, iPhone or iPad to get £100 additional credit + 3 Year Guarantee… Read more

This is a terrible store. Ordered and iPhone and waited weeks for it and never showed up so just cancelled the order


Thank you, I’ve messaged you.


Same. Bit surprised they had broadened out to tech.


Basically your swapping the beats for extended warranty (confused) beats sell for £200 and direct from apple they are pretty reasonable for manufacture defects for the full 5 years so I *think* the Apple offer is a touch better


Good work, keep up the positive contributions.

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TakeTwentyFour 24-months interest free finance on Mac @ Stormfront
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Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018
TakeTwentyFour 24-months interest free finance on Mac @ Stormfront
Buy a Mac from Stormfront in-store and get 24-months interest free finance. *Excludes iMac Pro.
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Why is this getting cold?


I see. Looked at the reviews and they are pretty bad but that's all to do with repairs


They're a chain of authorised resellers. As with @smithmr8 they're the closes to an official Apple store in Dundee.


They’re basically a reseller. I bought my iPhone 6s from them as they’re the closest thing Cornwall has to an Apple store. Excellent deal.


This seems pretty good! Never heard of them though...

Tado - Extension Kit £71.96 @ Stormfront
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Tado - Extension Kit £71.96 @ Stormfront£71.96£799%
The Extension Kit enables you to control your hot water. It is also needed to connect the Tado Smart Thermostat to your heating system if there is no room thermostat or if you have… Read more
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Thoughts on this vs the competition? I've had tado before, thought it was a bit flakey, but have no knowledge of the others.


Good to know they're working on promotions for the future. Happy if I see some good ones.


Forgot to add about existing customers - I doubt it would be exclusive for existing customers, but they have said (in the tweets) existing customers would be notified


Well they’ve been saying it on Twitter the last couple of days, for example this tweet; This deal at stormfront is a good price, it should be hot for the cheapest available now.


Any evidence of these offers? Also are they just for existing customers? ;)

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - £53.96 @ Stormfront
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - £53.96 @ Stormfront£53.96£599%
Cheapest I've found, and I've been tracking discounts on these for a while.
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Amazon refunded everyone as they didn’t have stock


They don't just work the one way up. It is the orientation of the digital readout that changes between the horizontal and vertical types.


Thanks - I ended up reaching out and getting the same. Their CS leaves a lot to be desired!


I had to ask last time as it was almost impossible to find otherwise. Just asked them again and apparently they’re not selling them at the moment. Real shame and they were even down to £158 on amazon in October and I (stupidly) didn’t snag some at that price. Must have happened recently though :-(


Very easy, but depends on you current TRV's. If you don't have TRV's currently, then more complicated, as you will need to drain the radiator.

iPad Pro 2018 with 3yr warranty £739 at Stormfront BLACK FRIDAY
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
iPad Pro 2018 with 3yr warranty £739 at Stormfront BLACK FRIDAY£739£7694%
Overview 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro features an advanced Liquid Retina display that goes edge to edge.(1) Face ID, so you can securely unlock iPad Pro, log in t… Read more
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The warranty is still apple worldwide so doesn’t matter who you buy it from can always go to apple if any trouble. One of the perks most apple haters don’t mention


Stormfront has


Interesting - every Apple product I’ve ever owned came from them -all no issues


If you have a Costco membership they are currently selling the 11 inch for £732, bought one a few days ago. 90 days return policy and 2 year extended warranty. Had to return items in the past, excellent service!


If you have unidays apple is slightly cheper

iPhone X 64gb £200 off and 3 year guarantee at Stormfront for £799
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
iPhone X 64gb £200 off and 3 year guarantee at Stormfront for £799£799
Great deal from an official Apple dealer, furthermore all their Apple kit has a 3 year warranty, I have bought and also used their repair facility, excellent service and quick turn… Read more
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He’s not. Never existed.


Ah bugger. I’m not a new cust


This is a good deal. Device is still better than a XR, better display, not as chunky. Plus service based in store and a 3 year guarantee that others don’t offer.


Ok that's good


The XR is £750 on very with 10% off for new customers so £675

24 Months Interest Free - Across Most Mac Range @ Stormfront
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Posted 2nd Jul 2018Posted 2nd Jul 2018LocalLocal
24 Months Interest Free - Across Most Mac Range @ Stormfront
Just found out that Stormfront nationwide is offering a 24 Months Interest Free Finance on almost all iMacs And MacBooks. This offer seems to be in store only and also comes includ… Read more
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Storm troopers


The 3 year warranty is the plus point. Other than that you can get the MacBook Pros cheaper elsewhere and get a 0% credit card over 2 years.


Stormfront... reminds me of a white nationalist group


I can certainly say I've not had any of those issues as of yet. You've got a 12 months warranty so if you are thinking of getting one, I wouldn't worry. My main issue is just I'm still to get use to the new Trackpad and keyboard - I still prefer the older Macbook's keyboard and trackpad.


0% for 10 months on Apple Goods and free 3year Guarantee - Stormfront
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
0% for 10 months on Apple Goods and free 3year Guarantee - Stormfront
Stormfront have an ongoing offer for 10 months interest free on Apple goods, and they offer a free 3 year guarantee

what? 20p in a air pump at local petrol station


strange name for a shop... isn't stormfront a neo nazi group?


Won`t go in a Stormfront store since they tried to charge my wife £10 to air dust a charge port on an iphone!



Apple watch series 3 42mm - £319 @ stormfront
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Posted 21st Sep 2017Posted 21st Sep 2017
Apple watch series 3 42mm - £319 @ stormfront£319
Apple watch series 3 (Nike edition) for £319, cheaper than Apple direct. Also 38mm for £289. There will always be those who think this is too expensive for a watch but as it's a f… Read more

Time waster


Went into the nearest today but no one was available to ask.


I always thought Stormfront was a white supremacist neo Nazi website. Surprised this site has kept that name.


Anyone contacted to confirm


Ah sorry I completely missed that bit...thanks for pointing out though.

Iphone 7 128 GB - any colour - Stormfront - Apple premium resellers - £699 with 3 years guarantee @ Stormfront
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
Iphone 7 128 GB - any colour - Stormfront - Apple premium resellers - £699 with 3 years guarantee @ Stormfront£699
Just purchased this from the Luton store. Comes with 3 years guarantee/warranty and you can purchase additional accidental cover for 2 years for £89.00 which i have purchased also.… Read more

nonsense. serious flaw? lol get out of here fanboy.


Very true I was just joking :p


Yeah Just very, very poor battery life. S7 Edge is the best handset at the moment, my wife has this iPhone 7 and it's a serious flaw.


​At least there's no pink line ;)


​in what way?

Stormfront - 3 year warranty included at no extra cost
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Posted 30th Apr 2015Posted 30th Apr 2015LocalLocal
Stormfront - 3 year warranty included at no extra cost
First post so be gentle. Visited my local Stormfront store yesterday to buy a new iPad and was pleasantly surprised that they now include a 3 year warranty and no extra cost. Incl… Read more

I asked about the warranty in-store yesterday. I was told the first year is Apple's obligatory warranty as the manufacturer and the additional two years is with Stormfront. As they also offer 10 months' interest free credit, I'm tempted.


the 3 year warranty is NOT an Apple warranty. It is offered by Stormfront to consumers only as it is relies on them making a claim to Apple for reimbursement of the cost of repair under UK /EU consumer law which allows for UP TO 6 six years for a consumer to make a claim for a failed product. Consumer law states that it is up to the consumer to prove the fault was existing at the time of purchase (after the first 6 months, when the onus is on the retailer). However, Apple do not enforce this need to prove it and any Apple retailer will be able to offer the same compliance. The only reason to purchase the AppleCare extended warranty is that it provides telephone support and worldwide coverage, plus the ability to take you repair to any Apple reseller.


Why would you need an extended warranty on a premium quality product? Equally, why would the manufacturer of a premium quality product not have sufficient faith in the longevity of its product(s) to include an extended warranty as standard?


just got my new 5k imac because of this great "at no extra cost" warranty. peace if mind at no extra cost unlike apple care.. no brainer for me. the guys spoke to me for at least an hour. alot more time than apple direct gave me. top marks from me.


Regardless of the naff name opinions and the fact that the ip to Stormfront belongs to someone else already.. the company behind Stormfront, is going nowhere and have traded and refreshed their brand for over 15 years.. Plenty of cash swilling around, award winning customer service and they actually, being an apple premium reseller keep the stock in stock.. unlike most apple stores! This is a brilliant first thread Marty! Well done :{ Not being an apple fanboy and having never actually bought anything for personal use by apple.. bought loads for business/commercial resale use, this is a brilliant bit of info, as a 3 year warranty is a 3 year warranty with apple, once you have bought the item it is of no interest to apple, where it came from in the uk, as long as you have bought it from an apple dealer or reseller that apple have on their list. Can see this catching on with other apple buyers and fanboys of the hardware, as 3 is always better than 1.. unless you are running a marathon of course! :D

Stormfront deal iPad mini 3 £249 instead of £319
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Posted 30th Mar 2015Posted 30th Mar 2015
Stormfront deal iPad mini 3 £249 instead of £319£249
I've just had an email from Stormfront saying that they have a sale on iPad mini 3's. This offer currently isn't reflected on the website, but should be available instore. Let the… Read more
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Price now showing on the website. You have to select the model of ipad to see the offer price. £249 is the 16gb wifi only iPad mini 3. Other options available at various prices.

10% off Bose/B&O/B&W @ Stormfront stores
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Posted 29th Dec 2013Posted 29th Dec 2013
10% off Bose/B&O/B&W @ Stormfront stores
In my local stormfront store today and they have a 10% off of 'accessories'. Seemed to be pretty much everything other than computers/iPads.
Ex Demo Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air £275 @ Stormfront -RRP £500
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Posted 26th Jul 2013Posted 26th Jul 2013
Ex Demo Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air £275 @ Stormfront -RRP £500£275
At Stormfront (Apple Premium Reseller) I have stumbled across this clearance website. I have called in store and they have confirmed that it is a site for ex demo/ end of line pro… Read more
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i thought the neo nazis were selling electronics for a moment


23 stores across the UK, each have their own contact details Can be found here


Where are stores and other details? Ie contact info


As long as it's in decent nick this is a real bargin. paid full price for mine and it's well worth it. At this price it's a real bargin. The sound quality is streets ahead of any other similar item i listened to.


Includes 30 day warranty. RRP £500

£100 Off a New mac when you recycle old computers at Stormfront Stores
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Posted 7th May 2012Posted 7th May 2012
£100 Off a New mac when you recycle old computers at Stormfront Stores£100
First deal so go easy. Saw this offer in my local Stormfront Store (its like an Apple Store). £100 off a new mac when you bring in your old computer to recycle. The guy in the stor… Read more
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Seen a store when i was in durham last week,exact same look as an apple store.had never heard of them before that


Not too bad a deal if you've got a cheap netbook to trade in.


Stormfront is an Apple franchise (or "channel partner" I think the term is). My friends brother works for them.


It seems a weird name for a computer retailer even if you try looking at it on it's own.


Subsidiary of Super Saver.