STORMRISE PS3 & Xbox 360 ( Pre-Order) £29.93 delivered @ The Hut + 5% Quidco

STORMRISE PS3 & Xbox 360 ( Pre-Order) £29.93 delivered @ The Hut + 5% Quidco

Found 21st Mar 2009
Looks like a great sega game, played the demo and its very good, with quidco it takes it to about £28.30ish,

Stormrise is the first truly 3D, next-gen RTS that, via the 3rd person camera perspective, puts you directly in the action,

* Verticality: Players can use vast underground areas, rooftops and multi-layered vertical locations to gain the strategic advantage. Verticality combined with the third-person point-of-view marks a whole new way to play a real-time strategy game.
* Revolutionary Console RTS Features: Groundbreaking WHIP SELECT feature brings quick, intuitive, next-gen controls. A Tactical Playbook gives players all the strategic choice of a traditional RTS, but with the simplicity and accessibility of a playbook.
* The First Fully 3D RTS: Gone are the flat levels of traditional strategy games. Players will experience RTS gameplay in a whole new way on battlefields comprised of sprawling cities and towering skyscrapers in incredibly immersive 3D environments.
* Advanced Multiplayer Features: The ¿Join Anytime¿ feature enables quick setup, map rotation and easy matchmaking for multiplayer skirmishes.
* From The Creative Assembly, makers of the hit Total War franchise.


where did you get the demo?
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