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Posted 1 December 2022

STP GST62450EN06 Engine Flush for Petrol & Diesel Engines 450ml - £3.99 @ Amazon

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Engine Flush
For petrol & diesel engines
Allow the car’s engine to run until it reaches normal operating temperature
Turn engine off, then pour entire bottle into oil crankcase (treats 3-6L).
Start engine and run at fast idle for 15 minutes
Turn engine off and carefully drain oil whilst still hot
Replace oil filter and add appropriate oil that meets vehicle specification
For extra protection add a bottle of STP Oil Treatment
Engine Flush
Features & Benefits
Helps neutralise harmful engine acids
­Removes harmful sludge and deposits
Restores engine performance and efficiency
Stops/prevents minor oil leaks
Compatible with single, multigrade mineral or synthetic oils
Should be used every oil change to maintain cleanliness and performance of all vital engine parts
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    You would be surprised at the condition of oil drained on service in the majority of vehicles especially diesel variants. Any product that aids the removal of contaminant and sludge during drains is an obvious benefit as anything remaining immediately contaminates the fresh oil. Engine flush, quality oil filter and premium oil of the correct specification is the best choice.
    100% agree.
  2. Avatar
    Would you recommend this for my tesla 🙃😜🙃
    Don't worry, the Tesla won't live long enough to need anything like this so you're good.
  3. Avatar
    If left inside the engine, this can be very dangerous. More harm than good. I rather charge oil frequently than use this .
    This hasn't been made to left it inside engine lol
  4. Avatar
    Does this not damage the seals on the engine?
  5. Avatar
    change the oil more often, it will wash itself out as there plenty of detergents in oil, buy oil not this
    100% agree
  6. Avatar
    I cant believe there is still a market for this? surely people don't use this in modern engines and the classics are no longer neglected to the point of sludge? Who buys this?
    People who are desperate to fix their engine on a budget 😬
  7. Avatar
    I use this all the time and I will stock up on it ...amazing stuff...love it!
  8. Avatar
    Snake oil....