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    Is this any good?
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    Fantastic game in my opinion. Pretty underrated. Try before you buy, but also consider what you want to see in a game. Maybe watch some playthroughs and browse the subreddit to get a feel.

    The combat is star of the show and there's huge variety due to the job system and various weapon options. The main game and story is relatively short, but its punishing if you don't respect every ebemy encounter as is the case in this genre.

    I've not had huge experience with too many soulslikes, but it scratches an itch coming from playing tough AF character action games like the 3D Ninja Gaidens. Its got the same engine and a few animations from Nioh, but from what I've heard it simplifies certain areas and develops in others (like the job system... I suppose this is a substitute to the stance system in Nioh). You can get very elaborate and expressive with the combat and the game makes an effort to teach you the mechanics, even seemingly esoteric stuff like job switching to trigger animation cancelling in order to make combos slicker. There's also 2 parry systems which are fun to use - "soul shielding" will be the cornerstone of your gameplay unless you go for a purely gunner build. There's the opportunity to get lost in stats and minmaxing if you're into that, peep the subreddit for some ridiculous builds.

    It does get quite grindy and loot focussed when playing at higher levels and difficulties, especially for the DLCs.

    The story is goofy but actually comes together nicely at the main capaign ending and even better once you complete the final DLC.
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    Welcome to HUKD congratulations on your 1st deal
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    Heat added; great first post
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    Definitely worth it at this price.
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    I may actually go and kill chaos now
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    Good price
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    The only thing I know about this game is the guy shouting CHAOS constantly, pretty much a 10/10 in my book.
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